Gomer Grey was a brilliant child prodigy. He loved math, and the sciences. Growing up, Gomer spent more time with his nose in a book then he did out side. He would go to a good school, and be a part of several important research experiments held by the government, and other leading industries in science and technology. Gomer became fascinated with trying to find a way to improve the world, and when he was offered a job by SyroFlex to be a member of their R & D department, he jumped at the chance. He spent most of his life working for them, developing this and that. One day his boss came to him saying that they had a very special project for him, and several of his research team. But the one truly important thing was that this was not to be like any other project he had worked on. His team would be taken to a remote sight in the mountains, away from excess radio and other waves. His team was to try and develop a working, and functioning copy of a device that had come into the company's possession.

Gomer loved a challenge, and agreed to the assignment. The project he was given was called "Project Tardis". He would spend the next thirteen years of his life working, and living on that mountain top. He would come to know everything there was, and could have been written on the subject of temporal physics and dimensional theory. He would come to know that the device that he was to copy was just a fragment, or a part of a once larger portal device.

On June 27th, 1997, Gomer's life would forever change. The original portal had been built around the idea of a very large, opening, possibly used for moving large amounts of supplies or maybe transports. Gomer had started out small, he wanted to get the basic model working before they went to the larger one, but SyroFlex wanted the large one built and working. Their model was build using five smaller portal generators to create the one large opening that would be required. The first tests of the smaller portals worked according to the projected outcome. They where able to send threw small objects, and probes to gather some data. On the evening of June 27th they switched on all five portal generators, and all hell broke lose.

At the moment the fifth generator switched on, a gigantic flash of green white light seemed to blind and cover over everything. Once Gomer could see again, he wished he never had, because at the moment is when he saw them for the first time, and he would wish for his last. They stood almost seven feet tall, huge bat like wings, and bony features. They had the bodies of men, but the heads of a vulture or some other demonic creature. Gomer went to switch off the portals, but none of the controls seemed to function. A great gust of wind seemed to be blowing over the area, picking up the people, and tossing them around. The creatures would swoop down, and kill his associates as they ran screaming. He could see one, and then another come from the glowing green vortex. He knew they had to be stopped. Several of the armed guards began firing at them, but the monsters just ripped them down. Gomer began to work on the smaller portable unit he had first been constructing. His thinking ws, that if he could get this smaller one to resonate at the opposite frequency as the larger portal, maybe he could disrupt it enough to cause the system to shut down temporarily to run its safety protocols.

Gomer moved himself to a closer, but safer position, and began the calculations. He was so afraid that he might be caught, that he was rushed through some of the most basic steps, this would be the second to last mistake he would make that night. The last is when he switched it on. He hadn't set it to the opposite, but the same frequency, and this created a small ripple effect that made him, and the device "bounce" between the vortex, and the real world. Gomer was trapped in a faze like limbo. He could see what was happening around him, but was powerless to do anything about it. One of the last things he remembers seeing of his world, was he thought was a seven foot tall man, punching his way threw the monsters, he saw an explosion as one of the portal generators exploded, and he was knocked loose of his limbo.

Gomer woke to find himself in a very dark work. A place between the dawn and dusk. He would later come to call this place Dark Earth, but to him, this place was hell. He stumbled around for a few moments, when he saw one of the flying monsters again. He quickly hid. That is when he saw it, just a few feet away, his portal device. But it might have been miles away, because there was nothing he could to do stop the monster, and get his device. The creature swooped down toward him, Gomer believed his life was over, he closed his eyes. Waiting. Waiting, and nothing. Slowly he opened his eyes, and to his surprise he was still alive, but the portal device was gone. He got up, look around and could see the monster flying off with it. Gomer ran after it, and followed it to a small town. He ran between some buildings, and knocked over several garbage cans, each time, he would turn, thinking the monsters had heard him, and that he was done for. Once he got out from between the buildings he saw what looked to him a group of soldiers or something, and he begged them for help. Gomer would later learn to ask these people for help on many adventures, as they where really secret agents of the government agency known only as S.N.A.I.L.

Real Name: Gomer Grey
Alias/Code Name: Gomer
First Appearance: Ashes to Ashes
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hit Points: 26, S.D.C. 33
Weight: 180 lb., Height: 4'11", Age: 44, Sex: Male
Attributes: I.Q. 23, M.E. 21, M.A. 23, P.S. 5, P.P. 9, P.E. 14, P.B. 11, Spd. 4
Experience Level: 5
Combat Skills: None
Attacks Per Melee: 2
Bonuses: None
Other Bonuses: +9% IQ bonus, +3 vs. psionics/insanity, 75% trust/intimidate, and PER: 70%.
Super Power Category: Scientist
Educational Level: Doctorate or Ph.D.
Scholastic Bonus: +35%
Skills of Note: Time Machine Mechanics 64%, Temporal Physics 54%, Pilot Time Machine 74%, Cross-Dimensional Trans-Location Device Mechanics 94%, Cross-Dimensional Piloting and Navigation 59%, and Pilot Time Machine 74%, Surveillance Systems 98%, Computer Operation 98%, Electrical Engineer 98%, Robot Electronics 59% Computer Repair 98%, Astrophysics 98%, Biology 98%, Chemistry: Analytical 98%, Math: Advanced 98%, and Math: Basic 98%
Secondary Skills: Computer Programming 74%, Cook 89%, Basic Mechanics 73% First Aid 74% Climbing 83%, Prowl 95%, Swimming 98% Automobile 98%, Boats: Sail 89%, Read Sensory Equipment 79%, and W.P. Revolver.
Appearance: He is a short, over-weight, bearded man. (See Image)
Occupation: Temporal Physicist
Weapons: None
Vehicle: A broken Temporal device.
Body Armor: None
Money: None 1