Handler R.C.C.

The Handler R.C.C. is a special training program that only special members of the Brotherhood will go through. The people will be subjected to a magical and chemical transformation that would enhance there already latent psionic powers. From the transformation the person would gain a great and overwhelming link to animals of all kinds, as well as a great devotion to the Brotherhood and it cause.

Each Handler works with and is involved in the training of their "pack". They become very attached to their pack, but they understand that they are just a tool to be used in the recreation of the world. They are but the foot solders of the new power. If a Handler was ever to loose his pack or a member of it would be killed, he would then begin to train its replacement from those animals available.

1. Psionic Empathy with Animals. The Handler automatically has an affinity with animals of all kinds. Domesticated animals will treat the Handler as a friend. Wild animals with leave the Handler alone, letting him pass without any problems. Example: A Handler in a forest will not frighten a flock of birds, or cause rabbits to run fleeing.

2. Master Psionic, pick 6 Psi powers from sensitive, and two from physical. 10 or better to save as a master psionic. +4 to save vs. mental attacks.

3. Mental Bond with Pack. The Handler is with his Pack from every step of their development. This forms a special bond between the man and the animals. A Handler might have one or more packs that are under his control, but each pack will compete to try and become their Handler's favorite. He knows the packs location and their current emotional state. This special bond gives them a limited telepathic link, letting the Handler send simple commands and orders to his pack. It also lets them communicate back with simple responses. ("Yes," "No", "Attack", "Stop", "Jump Over", "Run", "Come", ect..).

4. Special Handler Language. This is a language known only by the Handlers and their pack. Very few people other then the Handlers, and those who create the animals know this language, it is not taught to people outside of the Brotherhood. Starts at 82% +4% per level.

5. Magic Bonus: +2 to save vs. magic, +8 vs. horror factor.

6. Physical Bonuses: Starting SDC: 40, +1d6 ME, +1d6 PE, and +2d6 Spd.

Radio Basic (+15%)
Tracking: Humanoids (+10%)
Detect Ambush (+10%)
Detect Concealment (+15%)
Concealment (+5%)
Escape Artist (+5%)
Body Building
Climbing (+10%)
Prowl (+15%)
Pilot: Truck (+10%)
Pilot: One of Choice
W.P. Auto Pistol
W.P. Two of Choice
HTH: Expert

R.C.C. Related: Select four "other" skills.
Communication: Radio Basic Only.
Computer: Computer Operations, Computer Programming. (+15%)
Domestic: Any. (+10%)
Electrical: Basic or Jury-rig Only. (+10%)
Espionage/Military: Any. (+5%)
Mechanical: Basic, Locksmith, Jury-rig or Computer Repair. (+10%)
Medical: First Aid Only.
Physical: Any except Wrestling and Acrobatics.
Pilot: Any. (+10%)
Pilot Related: Any. (+10%)
Science: Mathematics: Advanced and Chemistry. (+5%)
Technical: Any. (+10% to Languages)
Weapon Proficiencies: Any except Energy.

Select six secondary skills, two more at 3rd, and 6th, one at 9th and 12th. All secondary skills start at their base level. 1