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Taking what was great and making it better! 4 and a half stars4 and a half stars4 and a half stars4 and a half stars4 and a half stars
This is a must have book for any Gamer. The second edition of the great and popular Heroes Unlimited has been a long time coming! It takes you to new extremes. If you can think it up, there is a way to make it within this book. You can go from a secret agent trying to stop the end of the world, to a Super Hero saving the day. Good or bad, they are all the same in the end. The system is easy to follow, and anyone who liked the first edition will love the changes. This one has a bit more power to it, but thatís where the fun lies. Get this book, plus the weapons and equipment guide, and you are set to do what ever you need to, in order to save the world, or take it over!
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So much stuff. So little time! 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
It has a good listing of new weapons, equipment, and Aliens! Aliens are great if you want to spice up a Rifts game, or add something extra to your Heroes Unlimited game. I find it a great source for new and better high-tech weapons.
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A new world of wonder! 3 and a half stars3 and a half stars3 and a half stars3 and a half stars
This book is great if you want a new Heroes world, or Rifts world to play in. It has a lot of need ideas, characters, equipment, and weapons. It lists some of the conversions for taking Heroes powers to Rifts, but leaves out most of the new ones. It would have been better if they would have just added the conversions for the new powers, and not reprinted the conversions for the old ones. The do offer the idea that you can use the ones given as a bases of the powers that where not converted. Over all it is a good book, with only some minor problems. It does have one new power that was left out of the Heroes Unlimited 2nd Ed. book.
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