Kryadiac Armitage Triumvirate

Kryadiac (Kree-a-deek) Armitage Triumvirate is a race of humanoid cats. There planets is not unlike Earth, but it contains more forests and jungles then it does open spaces. Only one third of the planet is covered in oceans, the rest is filled with a vast rainforests, large hilly regones, and other types of grass lands. There is almost no desert regon on there world, nore do they have anything like snow or winter. They have a climet that will fluxuate, but never so far as to bring more then a heavy rain. Before the end of "The Great War" the world lost more then two thirds of its forests. If it hadn't been for the unification of the houses, and the creation of there sentral counsal it was beleaved that thier world would have beem lost.

They are not here to take over the world, but to redirect it. They first made contact with the human race, in the ancient land of Egypt. The Sphinx was built at a tribute to them, and they where worshipped as gods. But during time, and hardship, they left. Leaving behind a portal, an entryway back to there second home. To them Earth is the second home of there forefathers. Among the religious members, Earth was thought to be heaven. Apon there return they found Earth covered with these ape-descendants. They need to find out what happened, and what needs to be done. They have taken up and are beginning to establish a base within the country of Egypt as well as branching out to some of the other oil rich countries. They first returned in January of 1992. There are three main factions of the race; Warrior, Science, and Religion.

The Warriors are the main fighters, they would enter an area and fight. They are good tactician, and planers. They know the art of war and the honor that it will bring. They have brought the art of hand to hand combat to a new level. They pride themselves at there great hand to hand abilities. They use a combination of specially treated metal blades and armor, as well as personal energy swords. (See Energy Swords for rules). They also have specialized plasma and other energy weapons. (See K.A.T. Weapons). They will also use robotics, and bionics. The warrior's body is weak, but the mind is stronge.

The Scientists are the ones that are responsible for there great technology. The K.A.T. have developed an ability to travel through space without actually moving. They can open a dimensional pocket, and "fold" space. With this technology they have become one of the most feared race. Once they have established a secured area they can bring in troops and equipment from halfway across the galaxy. The scientist also use a mixture of magic with their science, they are in effect Techno-wizards. This is what brought them to create the dimensional portal technology. Two portal devices are required for them to move over such great distances. They also have a great knack for being able to unscramble complex equipment. They are known for taking the technology from one race and adapting it into there own. They also use a specail Holographic technology that alows them to hide themselves, and there operations. But the holographic generators take up a good deal of space and power.

The Religious group are the rulers. They command and run all of the planets within there empire. They also have a great deal of magical knowledge. They have been looking for the Earth for sometime, but once they found it many of the religious members do not believe that it is the right world. This is the only thing that keeps them from trying a full all out war agenst the Earth. They plan to watch and study the Earth, as well as taking hold of areas they feel are important. They know of several other alien races that see Earth as a place of either a toxic dumping ground for their unwanted, or a new planet to take and try and add to there empire.

The K.A.T. have rooted themselves on Earth and will not let any other race, even human, take it back from them. They plan on announcing themselves to the people of Earth, but from there studies they see that humans have a great fear of aliens. They know of what the Sollreotin are planing, and they will slow them down, but they are still not a friend to S.N.A.I.L.