Kryadiac Armitage Triumvirate
Laser Weapons

The K.A.T. use laser weapons as an alternative to plasma. It there travles though the univers, they have come across several races that are uneffected by plasma, so it has become standered practice for all troups to have a laser pistol as a side arm. What laser weapons lack in damage, they make up in ammo, and flexability.

Laser Pulse Pistol
Range: 800 ft.
Gun Damage: 3d6 or 1d4x10 from a triple pulse.
Ammo: 24 rounds per clip, (a triple pulse uses 3 shots).
Rate of Fire: Single or three round burst.

Laser Pulse Rifle
Range: 3500 ft.
Gun Damage: 4d6+5 or 1d6x10+20
Ammo: 24 rounds per clip, (a triple pulse uses 3 shots).
Rate of Fire: Single or three round burst.

Lasers are about the most common weapon, as well as the easiest to modify. This became apparent when the K.A.T. fought a group of aliens that possessed a great deal of understanding of lasers, and their creation. With this groups destruction, the K.A.T. took their knowlege of energy weapons, and adopted their use of the Laser Energy Sword.

Laser Energy Sword
Game Terms:
Size: Varies with the user, Normally about the size of a flashlight.
Skill: W.P. Energy Sword (Same advancements as Sword)
Bonus: +1 to Strike and Parry.
Damage: 1d6 to 5d6, PS damage bonus does not apply. Without a real physical presence, there is no way to add the extra force. They come in several sizes, from a light pen to an oversized flashlight but each E. Sword has only one damage setting.
Payload: 30 minutes per special power cell.
Note: Because it is just a beam of light/laser it is really impossible to parry any physical object, (i.e.. pipe, sword, club, ect.) The object that the energy sword is trying to parry will take the damage from the sword. (Roll damage of the energy sword, and apply one fourth, minimum of one point, to the SDC of the object.) The attacker rolls damage as normal, give that his weapon is not broken. Energy Swords can parry any other energy based attacks. (Sonic, and Microwave attacks can not be parried.) Trying to parry an energy blast is -6 to parry as normal. It is posible to block an energy sword if the object is large enough, (ie. table, chair, car, shield, person, ect.). The object must also be able to take the damge from the energy sword. Any remaining damage is transfered to the person. Unlike energy swords in the movies, you will most likely not be able to just cut threw anything without problems.