Kryadiac Armitage Triumvirate O.C.C.

First Appearance: Plays from the Past
Alignment:Most are Aberrant, but some are selfish. 10-15%
Hit Points: P.E.x2 plus 1d6 per level, S.D.C. 1d4x10+10 plus that gained from skills.
Weight: 120 plus 3d4x10 lb., Height: 5 ft. plus 4d6 inches
Average Life Span: 80 years
Attributes: I.Q. 3d6, M.E. 3d6, M.A. 3d6, P.S. 4d6+2, P.P. 5d6, P.E. 3d6+2, P.B. 3d6, Spd. 6d6
Disposition: They are free thinkers, but will not disobey the orders of there leaders, unless they know it to be a bad move made in haste. All of them have a great sence of honor, and tradition. The Warriors will always try to prove themselves in battle. They will often enter a fight with less then normal protection or weapons, just to prove that they are truly stonger then their enemy.
Super Power Category:Warriors; Physical Training, Special Training, Bionics or Military Specialist. Scientist; Hardware, Special Training, Robotics, and Bionics. Religious; Magic, Psionics, and Techno-wizards.
Natural Abilities: Nightvision 300 ft, Heightened Sense of Hearing, Heightened Sense of Smell, and Claws; 2d6 SDC + PS Bonus plus +25% to climb when using there claws. Because they are from a Vegetation World, they gain a +10% to climb and +2 to roll, as well as having a natural acrobatics skill at +10%.
Special Weapons & Vehicles of Note: They use a combination of Plasma and other special energy weapons. They use Energy Swords for hand to hand combat. (See Special Weapons)
Body Armor: Special Non-magnetic Ceramic Armor, SDC: 100/200 AR: 17
Familiarity with Earth: Most people know of the religious implications of Earth, but few members, out side of the Religious groups, know very little about Earth.
Appearance: They look like large huminoid cats. Their colors range from a light grey to a dark brown. They most have stripes, but the colors and paterns are not unlike most earth house cats. (See Image)