Laurax Lightfoot
Director of New Sciences

Laurax Lightfoot was born sometime in the future. The world that he came from was ravaged by a long ago war. The continent of North America is being run by a heartless group, with no love for anyone other then human. They fear magic, and psionics, and seek out to destroy all who possess it. Because of this coalition, he was forced to hide out, and attempt to do what he could for others, as long as the pay was worth the risk. During his years out in the wasteland of what was once America, he met several travelers, and adventures. He also had the misfortune to make several enemies as well. One of the friends he made was Dr. Jerry Lynch. He was an expert in medicine, as well as cybernetics and bionics. The two worked well together, and found each had something to offer the other. One of the things the two men had in common was the same enemy. During a confrontation with this man, Laurax attempted a spell he was not completely familiar with. The spell was supposed to teleporte the two away to a safe place. Instead the two found themselves in what they believed to be the past. This world was totally unlike their own, people seemed live in happiness, and had freedoms that the two had never seen before.

Laurax made contact with S.N.A.I.L. when he heard rumors of a secret organization that kept a look out for mutants and other such strange occurrences. Laurax introduced himself as the man that would be able to help them save the world, and keep it free and safe for all. Of course they did not believe a word of what he said, until he used his magic and gave them the first real insight into what he might truly have to offer. Laurax and Jerry have come to believe that this world is not their past, but an alternate dimension. They have decided that they will do what they can to keep this world from suffering the same fait as theirs.

Real Name: Laurax Lightfoot
Alias/Code Name: Laurax Lightfoot
First Appearance:
Alignment: Unprincipled
Hit Points: 00, S.D.C. 000
Weight: 000 lb., Height: 0'0", Age: 256
Attributes: I.Q. 00, M.E. 00, M.A. 00, P.S. 00, P.P. 00, P.E. 00, P.B. 00, Spd. 00
Disposition: He is a clever elf, he would rather play mind games then fight it out, but he has the skills, and the drive to see his way through any confrontation. He is not greedy by nature, but by necessity.
Experience Level: 13
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand Basic.
Attacks Per Melee:
Other Bonuses:
Super Power Category: Techno-Wizard
Educational Level: Special
Scholastic Bonus: Special
Skills of Note:
Secondary Skills:
Appearance: His is a tall slim man, with pointed ears, like all elfs. He wears jewel encrusted gloves, as well as several other jeweled items he has made for himself. He has dark black/green hair that he likes to keep neat and short. His eyes are a very light blue color.  (See Image)
Occupation: Director of New Sciences
Body Armor:
Money: 1