Can I have a Cherry Squishy?

The next adventure took place when the group was off duty. They where given about a month of down time to recover from their last mission. S.N.A.I.L. felt bad that they had suffered such a bad experience on there first mission and felt they needed the time off, as well sense Agthork was recovering from the operation.

Mephisto and Viper where driving around New Hope and enjoying there time off, when they stopped for gas at the local Quickie Mart. As the car was filling up the two went in to get some coffee as well as to pay for the gas. Mephisto went to get the coffee. Viper was looking for some kind of snacks to munch on in the back of the store. There were a total of eleven people in the store. There were three women, the storeowner, two businessmen, one man in sweats, and four teenagers all in sunglasses moving around the store. The basic shape of the store was a large main front window that runs the length of the store. There was an area in the center for the clerks. Four isles that come up to about eye level, a refrigerated section across from the main door, and a special rack of donuts by the coffee and sodas which were on the far wall across from the main windows. The four teenagers pulled weapons and demanded money from the storeowner. One teenage was at the main entrance armed with a shotgun; two were at the counter one with a German pistil, the leader, and the other with a revolver. The last guy was at the corner of the refrigerated section. The six normal people where arranged as such. One businessman and a woman were at the counter trying to pay for things. One woman was in the very back corner. The man in sweats was near the door, but more in the corner. The other businessman was looking at the drinks in the refrigerated section. And the last woman was in the adjacent isle to the donuts. The owner was behind the counter.

The two teenagers at the counter demanded money from the owner or they would start shooting. Mephisto moved back behind the donuts so he could have cover. Viper moved to between the isle to block himself from view. He then took out his cell-phone and called for help. Not turning it off, he placed it on the floor so it would continue to broad cast. The punk at the door was yelling at everyone not to move or there would be trouble. The punk with the forty-five was waving it at the businessman and telling him to move. He was moving him toward the middle of the store, where most of the people where gathered. Mephisto decided to move down the isle to try to get a jump on them if they came down, but he failed to see the bag of chips on the floor and smashed them with a loud crunch. The leader yelled down there and said “Who ever is hiding down had better get up to the front now!” The woman in the isle quickly stood up and moved forward.

The man in sweats decided sense the punk at the door wasn’t looking his was he might have a good chance to get out here. He ran for the door, but before he could even make it out the punk took the butt of the shotgun and smashed in his brains. Mephisto decided this was the best time to act and threw a stink bomb in the middle of the group. Sense he couldn’t exactly see them perfectly, he over shot to his right at just hit the leader and one of the innocents. They started gagging and throwing up all over the place. The storeowner took this distraction to advantage and tried to blow away one of the punks with a sawed-off shotgun he had stashed under the counter. He couldn’t see to well and missed the punk and killed the businessman.

Mephisto took several steps forward and was going to do a back flip and land next to the punk with the forty-five and take him out. Unfortunately he didn’t notice that the ceilings in this store where far to low, and only made it about half way when he hit the top, and fell on his face. The punk heard this and ran around the corner, when he got there Mephisto used his ninja trick and turned himself invisible. At this point Mephisto could see that the punk had some kind of crystal rubbed on his forehead. When the punk saw him turn invisible he turned around and ran.

While this was going on the leader had shot the owner, and he had fallen. The leader then jumped over the counter and went for the money. The two other punks moved their way to the back of the store to round up the rest of the people. The guy with the revolver was the first to find Viper. Viper lunged for his gun, and the two where struggling with the gun for sometime. Mephisto followed the guy with the forty-five around the end of the isle, knowing that he could only be invisible to one guy at a time, he decided to threw a smoke bomb into the middle of them. The punk with the shotgun was getting closer to Viper and he knew he had to act fast. He held onto the gun and with his other hand hit the punk, but when the punk fell he took the gun with him, and shot Viper. The punk with the shotgun came up and started shooting Viper.

Mephisto turned invisible to the guy shooting the owner and jumped on the counter top and kicked the punk. The punk started shooting wildly at where the kick had come from, and Mephisto just parried the gun away. The punk with the forty-five ran threw the cloud of smoke, and saw Mephisto and started shooting at him, and telling the leader where he was. Mephisto then turned invisible to them both, and did a knockout strike and the leader went down. The punk with the forty-five just took off toward the door.

Viper was getting shot up pretty bad at this point, but they where running out of ammo. Mephisto took out his derringer and tried to shoot one of them in the head. He missed and shot open a bottle of orange soda. The guy with the shotgun had run out of ammo and took a swing at Viper with it, slipping on the orange soda and falling on his face. The punk with the revolver pulled a knife and moved to grab a hostage.

Soon the cops showed up and chased down the punk who had run out the door. When they entered Mephisto bend down and wiped the prints from his gun and dropped it as he looked to see if the storeowner was alive. The storeowner was hurt really badly but was still alive. One of the cops jumped over the counter and said a code phrase to Mephisto so he would know that they where S.N.A.I.L. agents. The punk with the shotgun moved back toward his friend who had grabbed one of the women, and was using her as a human shield. Viper had gotten up and was getting in the shotgun guys way, but the shotgun guy body blocked him and knocked Viper to the ground. The police managed to maneuver around them and take the two punks down.

The cops seized all the video footage that was taken during the event. Mephisto and Viper where taken to a special hospital where they received treatment, as well as a briefing on proper hostage procedures.