Crash Landing

The team is brought into the meeting room. Douglas McGatherd, there mission advisor and commander of all Beta squads, was waiting there for them, with another man. "Welcome Gentlemen, glad to see you are all doing well. I would like to introduce the newest member to your team," Douglas said as he motioned to the other man, "this is Pete Smith, aka Hacker. We felt that your team was lacking in certain aspects, and we feel that he would be of great help to you, as well as in your next mission."

The teams mission was to investigate a suspected space craft that had crashed near the mountains of Wyoming. The ship was not discovered because it was coming into the planets atmosphere, it was seen when it was leaving, and that was only because it seemed to have had some kind of accident, and was crashing to Earth, trailing smoke behind it. The team was to be flown to the crash sight, where they would be met by an Alpha squad to enter the space craft and bring back any survivors and gather as much information that they could about the creatures inside.

When they landed at the crash sight, the Alpha squad was there, and ready to take them in. There was also a Gamma squad there to make sure that the area was kept under control. There were six members of the Alpha squad, each was dressed in heavy flex steal armor, with a standard mission pack of one survival knife, six smoke grenades, two green flares, helmet cameras with four hours of tape, two fragmentation grenades, gas mask and thermal image eye peace. Each member of the Alpha squad was armed with a 9 mm pistol, as well as they had two M16, two Laser Rifles, and two Cold-Packs. The team moved closer to the ship moving in on the right side of it. The left side of the ship looked like it took a large amount of damage, and there was strange green and black smoke poring out if it. The ship was a very basic shape, very symmetrical looking. There were two large cylinders, one on each side they looked like nacelles from Star Trek. Most of the gas seemed to be coming from the back of them. Agthork moved up to what looked like the main hatch. He could tell this because there was a gap about a foot wide running from each side. The door seemed to be stuck part way open. When he looked inside, he could see more of that green gas flowing threw the chamber, there was also some kind of body laying on the ground near the other end of the hall. They planed some explosives and tried to blow the door open. This had almost no effect. The group organized itself around the opening and planed to pry it open. The team managed to get the door open, with a little force.

As they entered they could see the one body, as well as a very large passage way leading toward the center of the ship. The shape here, didn't mach what was on the outside. There seemed to be a large amount of space missing. The team looked over the body, and found that it was a man sized frog, in some strange kind of uniform, with something that resembled tools. The writing on the uniform was nothing like they had ever seen before.

The team set up positions so that half of the team was ready for anything that came down the hall, a fourth of the team took the body back to the van for transport back, and the rest began to search the far wall looking for some kind of passage. They found four button, or indentations each about the size of a penny. They tried pushing them, one at a time, then all at once. Finally Mephisto placed his hand across all the indentations and the panned slid open. Inside they found many glowing and pulsating cylinders. Also inside was a living frog man in the same outfit. He seemed very scared and was trying to hide behind one of the cylinders. Mephisto suggested that they try and talk to him, rather then try to kill him. The frog man was speaking in some kind of strange language. Pete tried every language he could think of, and he didn't seem to understand anything. The frog man pulled what looked like a laser pistol on them, but didn't seem to confident with it.

They worked there way to try and get behind it. Mephisto took Agthork's dart gun, and was going to try to knock him out. The frog man didn't like this idea and began to fire on the group, they took little damage before the group could hit him with a Cold-Pack and Mephisto hit him with a dart. He was frozen and put a sleep. Agthork took him back to the Van, and him and two of the members of the Alpha squad and went to the other entrance at the other nacelle. The passage way split and went left and right. The group split up and Viper stayed with Pete while Mephisto and two of the Alpha Squad members went of to the left. Viper and Pete began to move toward the right when they found a body under some rubble. As one of the Alpha members went to look at it, a strange water creature jumped down on top of them. They fired there M16 but nothing seemed to happen. Pete fired his gun, but with no effect. Viper fired his laser as the other Alpha member fired a Cold-Pack. They managed to freeze it, and where able to take it and the other body back. Right before the fighting ended, Mephisto and his group came back running to help. Agthork's group found another body, but this one had body armor on, and a very large gun. He also found a body within what they had decided to call the engine room. It was just like the one frog man they had found alive, same outfit and same equipment.

The Viper and Mephisto's teams continued on there way, they decided to move toward the left, as see what they could find. Agthork's team made a small error, thinking they would be going on the left side as well, but they ment the other left, and they ended moving on the opposite side as the other. But this turned out to be a good mistake, because Agthork found half a frog man.

It seemed that he was growing out of the wall, but it turned out that he had just been cut in half when a door closed on him. This door was like the other one they had found. Viper and Pete moved threw a door they found on the opposite side from where Agthork was. Mephisto and his team moved around the passage way, finding there way to where Agthork had found the body. At this time Agthork and Viper's groups had moved threw the doors and had found each other inside a largest chamber with more rooms and doors. In four of the rooms they found several large tubes that seemed to have this strange clear liquid in them, kind of like a slim or gel. Samples where taken of it. Many of the tubes had been cracked or broken open, some of them had humans in them, some had some kind of unknown aliens. None of the tubes seemed to be working. The room in the center had a strange square drawn on the floor and ceiling. But before anyone could take a good look at it, one of the team found two more frog men.

The two frog men seemed to be watching over some large canisters with clear domes that had this light blue past in it. The past was very shinny and the light reflected off of it very well. A fight began between the frog men and the teams, resulting in the death of one of the frog men, and the capture of the other. One of the canisters had some strange black goo floating on top of the blue paste. The group saw that some of the lights on the canister started flashing bright red, and blinking in a very rapped pattern. Mephisto feared that the frog men might have set this to self-destruct and it was in there best interest to run, and have the sight destroyed by bombers.

The team ran for it, leaving behind the two frog men, and the half of one. When they got out, Mephisto dropped a smoke bomb on the ship and called for the air strike. As the team was driving off in the van they could see the great explosion as the ship was taken down by the bombers.

It was later learned from analyzing the video tape, and from what they could get from the water man, who later turned out to be some kind of half crazed plant creature, that the stuff in the containers was some kind of drug. The paste was the raw form of Crystal Rose, and the flashing lights and black goo was just the indications that it had become contaminated, and needed to be cleaned. The team itself was rewarded for a job well done, but told not to become so paranoid with things they do not understand. 1