The Big Hunt

After there last adventure in the mall, the group had to take several days off to recuperate. Mephisto had been extremely hurt in the last adventure and would require a great deal of more time. The group was brought together in the meeting room, and introduced to the new members of the group.

Douglas introduces Menagerie, as well as the man they met before called Captain. Douglas told them that the event that happened at the mall was not an isolated event. It had also taken place in four other towns, New York City, LA, Dallas, and a small town of Kemswick North Dakota. It was importance that the five cites formed a pentagram. The man that got away from them at the mall was known as Reverend Thomas Barton. He was said to be the leader of a cult group called the Brotherhood of Boheas. The Brotherhood took responsibility for the "Dark Day", their goal was to bring back the age of demons, and plunge the world into eternal darkness.

The team's mission was to go to this town and see if they could find out exactly what had happened. They also needed to gather any information that they could. The team loaded up the van and head out. It was going to take about eight hours to reach their destination. They choose a two-man team of navigators, Agthork and Menagerie. Viper was the driver, sense he was the only one who knew how. They had to leave the highway and travel on a two-lane paved road. Most of this road was surrounded on both sides by large trees and woods. As the team was about three hours away from the town, with Agthork as the navigator, they hit a large stretch of strait road. They traveled on this road for an hour when as they made a turn and a large explosion, which caused the flue tank to explode and send the van sliding into tree line. This kind of explosion would have destroyed any other kind of vehicle. The van flipped onto its side. The van was stopped sliding when it hit something very large and metal, just inside the tree line. The crew inside was shaken, but not really hurt. The two in the cab could see two men, armed with M-16s behind a large wooden bunker about forty feet away. Two more explosions rocked the van, as it was hit with grenades. Agthork used his plant control powers to have the van flipped back onto what should have been its wheels. Hacker and Menagerie both jumped out of the back of the van as Captain opened the door. The three of them saw another group of two men armed with a shotgun and a Thomson. Hacker and Menagerie took shots at the two men before the man with the shotgun threw a grenade at the group. Captain turned around a quickly shut the van doors protecting the others inside. Menagerie was hit by the explosion, as well was Hacker. Hacker used his teleportation powers to move behind the two men. Captain took out a knife and threw it at one of the men. When the knife hit, it shattered killing the man almost instantly, because of his great strength.

Viper took this time to jump in the back and grab his gun, as Agthork used his powers to have a tree try and take there guns, this didn't work like he planed. Viper opened the driver's side door and began to shoot at them. Agthork used his powers to have the tree grab the two and lift them into the air.

Hacker exchanged shots with the remaining man, as Menagerie ran up to help. Captain saw a pickup truck about eighty feet away, backing up down the road toward the group. The truck had an M-60 mounted in the back with a man at the gun. Hacker and Menagerie finished off the last guy there. The men that had been lifted into the air had cut themselves free, and had fallen to the ground. The M-60 fired a long burst at the van trying to get at Agthork, but couldn't get threw the heavy armor. Menagerie ran up to the pickup and went to shoot the gunner point-blank. The man was able to knock the gun away so it didn't hit him. The driver of the truck drover forward so that the gunner could get a good shot at Menagerie. He fired a long burst into him, doing great amounts of damage to him and his armor. Captain ran to the truck, and flipped it over. The gunner was crushed under the weight of the truck. . Agthork moved to the back and got his M-16 and waited to see when the men would come out from behind the wooden barricade. Captain then ripped the door off the truck. The driver was inside hanging upside down by his seat belt. Captain could see him messing with something next to the driver's side door. The two men with the M-16s rolled out from behind cover and began to shoot at Viper and Agthork. One of the guys emptied half a clip into Viper taking him out of the action for a little wile. Agthork fired a concussion grenade at the man and he was knocked out. Menagerie ran over to take out the other guy, hitting him in the back of the head with the butt of his gun, smashing his brains on the ground.

Captain ripped the man from the seat-belt breaking his legs. Just then the truck exploded, doing great amounts of damage to Captain and killing the man. Captain's armor was totally destroyed, but he was not seriously hurt, due to the fact that he was already dead.

Agthork used his powers to take the man he knocked out and hang him up with vines. The men all had on the same kind of uniform, with the same kind of patch. Each man also had a special tattoo that looked like the patch, indicating that they where part of the Brotherhood. Hacker and used his skills in first aid to keep the last two remaining guys from bleeding to death. The team ties them up with quick-strips so Agthork would not have to concentrate and keep them tied up. The group quickly went threw what was left of the van and got out anything left they could use, including weapons, food, and the computer equipment from the van. The group tried to call back, but their signal was being jammed.

Agthork found a truck out in the woods and went to look and see if they could use it to get out of there. When he got in the truck he went looking into the glove box for a map of the area. Menagerie noted that he thought they should look for a bomb, sense the last truck exploded. Captain moved over to help Agthork search, when as soon as he opened the door, the truck exploded. By all rights, Agthork should have died, but if Captain hadn't opened the door he would have been. Agthork was thrown clear of the heart of the blast, but lost his entire left arm, plus a good chunk of his left shoulder and his left lung took a great amount of damage. Hacker quickly used his limited medical knowledge to keep him from bleeding to death, if not for the morphine, he would have died of shock.

Menagerie changed into a bird and flew up and north looking for someplace to get help, or at least get the equipment they needed to get a signal out past the jamming. He saw two houses, one to the north west about a mile and a half, and one to the north east, about a half mile away. He went toward the closer one, and did not see any people there. There was a barn, a corn field, a small farm house, and a car. Menagerie went threw the barn looking for anything useful, but found nothing. Believing it was a good place to stop, he went back.

When Menagerie returned he told the others what they found. The group decided to detonate the van using the C4 that they had brought with them. Agthork was the only one who could set the charge, he was still heavily drugged, but they had no choice. They set the charges, and where trying to decide what to do with there two prisoners, when they noticed that one had gotten away. Menagerie quickly changed into a wolf and began to track him. He didn't want to run too fast thinking he might loose the trail. He lost the trail several times and had to back track many times in order to find it.

He tracked him to the same farm he had seen before. Menagerie scouted forward to see if he could find him. He went into the barn looking for him, but could not find him, even though his sent was so close. Menagerie could hear someone talking at the house, so he quickly went back and told the others. Captain was getting sick of all this sneaking around, and wanted some action, so he jumped over the barn and crashed down on the front porch. Captain had been dragging around the other prisoner and stealing his life force. Captain punched down the frond door, and cough a shotgun blast in the chest. Captain moved up on him and turned him to past. Menagerie came to the door, this time as a panther. A grenade then rolled from the other room, and detonated at Captain's feet. Captain then moved and found there missing man holding a rifle. Captain quickly killed him.

Hacker and Agthork moved to the side of the house. While they where waiting there, the cellar doors opened up. Agthork pumped up on drugs fired a blast from his eyes and blew a hole threw the door and into a older woman, killing her. Hacker moved to see what was down there, and fired on a sixteen-year old girl, killing her. Hacker just stood there frozen, he couldn't believe that he had killed a kid. The rest of the group searched the house finding no more people. The other man had the same tattoo as the others, but the women did not. The group pilled into the car, and flipped the switch to detonate the bomb. Nothing. The signal that had been blocking their radios was blocking their bomb.

The group was very messed up, and so they decided that Menagerie should go back and try to see what he could do. When he got there, he found out that there where ten to twelve armed men moving around it stripping it for what they needed.

Menagerie, in the form of a bird, swooped down and went for a grenade on one of the guys chests. He pulled the pin, and nothing. Most grenades have a pin and an extra safety. He took a shot and swooped down again, getting shot twice, but he pulled the pin, and the man blew up, as well as some of his friends, but it wasn't enough to take out the van, for the men had found the C4 and had disarmed it. Menagerie regrouped with the rest of the team, and they got out of the dead zone, and where picked up by a recovery truck.

Menagerie noted that they men where using walkie-talkies and seemed to have no problems. Agthork was given a completely new arm, as well as a replacement lung. He also has a permanent limp do to the explosion. The rest of the team spent many days in the hospital.