Super Who?

The team was shown into the meeting room, and Douglas went over their objectives for their new undertaking. Douglas explained that they where going to watch some footage of a news interview before he stared with the mission briefing.

The video played showing a well-dressed woman standing in front of an electronics store. She began to talk about how there had been a attempted robbery by two armed attackers, but that it had been foiled by the new local super hero known simply as Super Guy. The store was owned by a little old man named Melvin Cragnics. He was about five feet tall, with thick glasses, and looked very week. The woman asked him what happened.

"Well, I was working at the store, with my assistant that day, " Melvin said, "When these two men came in, and started asking about one of the floor models, its a lovely Sony system, very expensive and very large. We don't keep it out, and the only one I had was in the back. Well I went to the back to get it, when I hear my assistant scream and they two men pulled guns and demanded money from him.

"Not being a very brave man myself, I quickly ducked under the desk and hid. Next thing I know was Super Guy was there to defend my store, he wasn't able to stop them from shooting my assistant, but he did manage to keep them from killing him. I was so excited by what was going on, I completely forgot to call the police, until he left. I really hope my assistant is ok."

Douglas stopped that video, and started to play the camera footage from the stores security tapes. The tapes showed Melvin moves past the cameras toward the back room. It then showed the two men pull their guns on the clerk, and demand money from him, when suddenly Super Guy showed up. Super Guy was dressed in a red, blue, and yellow outfit, with a blue and red cape. He had very large chin, and a HUGE smile. His hair was also very large. One of the men shot the clerk when he tried to hit Super Guy. Super Guy was shot several times and it seemed that the bullets just bounces off of him. The fighting was off camera for a bit, and Super Guy returned with the two men, dropping them on the floor tied up with electrical wire. Super Guy then stopped and poised for the camera. He then ran out the door, and down the street. A short time later Melvin came crawling out, and moved to his assistant. There was no sound on the video, so it's unsure exactly what happened off camera.

The video was shut off, and Douglas spoke, "Ok, we want your team to go to Springfield and investigate this incident. We want to know all you can about this Super Guy. Who is he, how did he get his powers, where did he come from, and if he will work for us. Normally this would be a job for Tom Nipple, but he is busy on another case. If he will not join us, it is believed that he would be too powerful to be left alive. Do what ever it takes to bring him in. Good Luck on this one."

The team was short Mephisto, who was still recovering from his near death experience (See Terror in the Mall), and Hacker who was under observation because of what he had done in the last mission (See Big Hunt). When the group arrived at Springfield airport, they where met by the delivery team, who dropped off their van, as well as the equipment inside. The team's first stop on their trip was to the police station to get any information that they could from the cops. When they got there, Captain stayed in the van, and waited as the team entered the police station, and asked to talk with the chief, as well as the officers in charge of the Super Guy case. They introduced themselves as members of the FBI looking into this strange encounter. At the police station they learned that Super Guy had shown up several times before the incident that they had seen. He had shown up at bank robberies, purse snatching, little stuff nothing that big. Most people thought of him either as a joke or a crazy man. Agthork had noticed that the police chief has slid something into his top desk draw when the team entered. Agthork had sworn it looked like a Super Guy comic book. After the team got copies of the police reports, and a copy of the unedited video footage, Agthork mentioned what he had seen to the rest of the team. The group drove around town, hopping to spot Super Guy. As they where stuck in traffic because of road work, one of the members saw a cardboard cut out of Super Guy in a comic book store window. The brought the team to investigate quickly. Inside the shop they found a man working there, his name was Harold. He clamed to be the definitive expert on Super Guy.

"You see, Super Guy was the creation of Way Out Comics, " said Harold, "they never were really good at making up there own stuff, basically they would do spin-offs of really popular comics. They had Super Guy, Spider Dude, Captain Stupendous, Metal Man, and some other ones. They didn't survive at all. But now with this guy calling himself Super Guy, the prices of the comics have just jumped, as well as someone bought up the company and is trying to remake all the comics again." Harold then went on to try and sell them everything he could from the Super Guy collection that he had. They did buy The Complete History of Way Out Comics written by Harold. As well as buying some of the comics, but they didn't reveal anything that could really be used.

The team then decided to head back to their hotel rooms, and go over some of the information that they had gathered. Captain had become very agitated, and really wanted to fight with something, he had made the comment that why doesn't he go out and cause some trouble and then Super Guy would be bound to show up and try and stop him. They others didn't really like this idea, and decided that they should go talk with Melvin the next day. Captain has sat himself on top of the van and was watching the sky, when he noticed a car sitting there across the street from their hotel, watching them. He got himself some night goggles, and took a quick peek at the guy. He could see one man trying to hide down in the car, with the car still running. Captain moved around back and tried to sneak up on the guy, but he saw him, and raced off in his car. Captain returned and told the others what he had seen, so they ran a trace on the car, and its plates. The trace led to a rental agency a state way, and it had been rented to a schoolteacher from California. This prompted the group to take watches, incase someone else might show up. No one else did.

The team got up early and ready themselves to go meet with Melvin. The team was heading down the street to Melvin's shop, when they got stuck in traffic because of this water main that had broken. There were construction crews working on it, causing traffic to be really slow, in the direction they where headed, but not in the other. The team pulled the van over and decided to walk. As they where headed down the street, Menagerie saw three men all dressed in dark blue suits, at a bus stop. They seemed to be watching the group, as well as watching the bus that was coming down the street toward them. One of the men was very large, and didn't seem to fit into his suit very well. Just before the bus got to them, a large explosion happened under the bus, causing its wheels to be blown out, and for it to slide across the ground. The largest man in the suit stopped and pointed at the group, screaming and running toward Captain. As he ran he transformed. He was now over seven feet tall, covered with spikes, and he looked to be made totally out of metal. Captain ran toward the man as well, the rest of the group was kind of surprised, and unsure as what should be done. At this time, one of the other men jumped up and burst into flames, flying above the group, shooting fire down at them. Agthork fired back at him with his own energy blast, the third man pulled a gun from his jacket. Menagerie fired at this man, hitting his bulletproof vest.

At about this moment, Super Guy was on top of a building he shouted, "Do not Fear, I am here to Save You!" He then jumped from the building, and landed right on his face. Super Guy can not fly. Captain and Spike began to fight each other, each taking great amounts of damage, Captain more then Spike. Without warning, Viper elbowed Agthork in the face. He then pulled his energy pistol, and shot Menagerie's right leg off. Menagerie hit the ground in complete pain, and past out. Agthork didn't know what to do, so he took a shot at the man with the gun, hit him under his vest.

Super guy managed to get up, and stop the bus from crashing into another building. He saw Captain and Spike fighting it out, and ran over to make them stop. Super Guy managed to push Captain back, but not Spike. Spike started hitting and punching at Super Guy, but it didn't seem to have any effect on him. Captain, who was almost dead at this time, pulled back and waited.

The Phoenix took shots at Agthork, from time to time, more watching the fight, then acting in it. The Charmer, fired some kind of canister at Agthork, he tried to deflect it with is cane, but only managed to have it go off in front of him. The canister was filled with some kind of metal eating acid, which began to do a great deal of damage to Agthork's armor, and his artificial arm. After Viper saw what had happened to his friend he some how managed to snap out of the mental control, and fight back. Viper shot the gun out of the Charmer's hands. The Charmer began to run across the street at them. Viper had begun to shoot at the Phoenix, and did a great deal of damage to him. When the Charmer got close to Agthork, he sot him and he went down. The group turned its attention to the Phoenix.

At this point a man on a motorcycle came driving in, armed with a cold-pack, that he used on the Phoenix, this caused him to go out, and came crashing to the ground. The man jumped off the motorcycle, and it crashed into Spike, and Super Guy. The Charmer took this time to zap Agthork, and cause him to go unconscious. Viper was still very upset with the Charmer, and shot him in the head. Charmer went out again. Captain and the rest regrouped around the Phoenix, he was very unhappy about being put out. Spike picked up Super Guy and threw him. Captain and Phoenix where fighting, when Viper was shot in the back of the head by the Charmer, he had some how managed to say alive after being shot. Viper went down. Power Force, shot the Charmer, and hoped that would be the end of him. Power Force and Captain had regrouped around the Phoenix, who had been knocked out. Spike had now moved toward them, with Power Force hitting him with the cold-pack. Spike then jumped up, and landed on Captain. Captain had moved Phoenix to block spike, but failed. Super Guy ran over, picked up Spike, and threw him across the street. Unfortunately, Captain was still attached to Spike at the time. Spike peeled Captain off, and was going to jump at them again, when the street below him collapsed, and he fell down. Power Force shot several times into the hole, hoping to hit him, but all he heard was Spike running off. Captain picked his arm back up from off the ground, and just looked at it.

Power Force, when over to the two fallen bad guy, and he could see that the Charmer was moving, and pulling out a gun. He told him to drop it or he was a dead me. He took the gun, put it under his chin and blew his own head off. The moved over to the Phoenix, he was just sitting there, when he erupted into flame, that started to get really hot, really fast. Captain ripped the gun from his back and fired at him, killing him. But this also caused him to exploded, doing some damage to the people around him.

"Well done, We have Done a Great thing for this City, and Have Vanquished The Evil Here," said Super Guy. Power Force, pointed the cold-pack at him and told him to freeze. Super Guy looked puzzled, and began to walk off. Captain grabbed him, and tried to stop him. He couldn't hold on. Super Guy suddenly ran with great speed, and got away. The fallen team mates where taken back to the van, and given some medical help.

The group never learned who Super Guy really was, but they did learn that the team that attacked them was from the Brother Hood, and that the acid they used was designed specially to eat threw flex steal. The Charmer, and the Phoenix where both taken back to study, it would seem that the Brother Hood has great advances in genetics, unlike S.N.A.I.L. who works with machines and technology.