What's in the Box?

The mission began with the crew of Beta.Six.Two gathering in the meeting room. There they met Douglas, there mission specialist, as well as the newest member to their team, Crusher. She was introduced to the team, and the briefing began.

"It has come to our attention," Douglas stated, "that the company known as, Cyrix, was involved in a major cover-up involving the accident in Colorado. Normally this would not get us involved. What got us interested is that they where hosting a meeting for The Brother Hood. We began a greater investigation, and learned that they where having some strange artifact, possibly alien, moved from an unknown location.

"Your mission is as follows, we want you to get the artifact for us. We know it will be leaving by airplane from a small privet airfield in Fargoth, North Dakota. We also need you to capture the leading scientist in charge of the object, Dr. Charles Vargon. The airfield is owned by a small juice company called Citriz Inc. They make all kinds of strange and different juice drinks. We do not know when it is arriving, we just know that it will be leaving in a little over a week.

I can not stress the importance of this mission. It is very important that you have as little confrontation with the enemy here. We are unsure at exactly how strong their forces are, or they're number. We do know the lay out of the airport, as well that the storage buildings are all refrigerated. There is also some construction going on at the far corner.

If you are unable to get the package before it leaves, we are prepared to shoot down the aircraft, and destroy it. We would rather get the object, and not have to destroy it. This is a very populated area, and would like to avoid any collateral damage. Good luck."

The team arrived at the location, and began to set up surveillance of the area. From there observations they where able to learn of the three out of seven possible hangers that the artifact might be shipped from. Unsure as to what plan of action they should try next, they team decided to try and infiltrate the airport as new employees. The only jobs offered where a secretary, data entry, and a job in the mail room. Crusher applied for the secretary position, and was given the job a day later. Menagerie applied for the data entry position, but was turned down.

An attempted to enter the complex at night, during a rainstorm, by Mephisto and Menagerie as a cat, failed when they where spotted by a guard, who opened fire on Mephisto as he ran off.

Crusher was told to dictate a letter, and letter contained information that she believed was important to the team. The letter spoke of the new special mango drink leaving in two days, right on schedule. Crusher took this to mean that the artifact had arrived, and would be leaving soon. Crusher also took a call for the VP from a Reverin Thomas Barton, she didn't know who this was at the time, but the rest of the team did. He is the leader of the Brother Hood. She tried to listen into the call, but the VP seemed to know that she was listening, and quickly cut the Reverend off, and started to talk about something different. She quickly covered and told him there was a call for him from someone he had talked to before, and that he would just call back

The two days later there was a lot more movement, as well as many packages moving from the holding area to the three hangers they where convinced that the artifact would be at. Mephisto was watching the monitors at the surveillance cameras that the team had set, and saw a man that looked exactly like Dr. Charles Vargon leaving a building in a golf cart with three guards, moving into one of the selected hangers. There was also two other golf carts with men in white lab coats moving to the other two hangers. Menagerie took flight as a bird, and began to look around. He saw the doctor talking with a large man in a dark suit. Menagerie knew this man, and was convinced this was the right spot. He saw was the metal man, Spike, a heavy hitter they had met before. The crew told Crusher that they where going to hit the hanger, and that she should be ready. She took this opportunity to cause a distraction. She called to the VP that she was working for, that there was something wrong with the copier. He came over and bent down to have a better look at it, at this point she pulled her gun on him, and said that she was from a secret mob organization, and to tell her everything he knew about the "special package" that was leaving.

The rest of the team took this time to attack. The crashed threw the rear gate, as Mephisto and Captain shot the guards in the booths as they drove past. Menagerie launched a grenade at the back of the hanger and the team was ready to drive in. Crusher's hostage had fainted, and she had now moved the copier in front of the door to the main hall, and was going to shoot out the large window in the VP's office, when she saw a man with a rifle running toward the building. She shot him, but he kept coming. He took a shot at her, and she dove back into the room, and positioned herself with some cover and waited. She saw a different man at the window, and called for some help.

At the same time Menagerie, Mephisto, and Captain had jumped out of the van, leaving Hacker and Viper to go help Crusher. As Viper and Hacker drove off in the van they could see about 20 screaming troops come rushing out from under the construction sight, along with a two jeeps from two of the hangers near by. They radioed for the attack choppers to come and help them.

Menagerie fired his SN-17 at Spike, and hit, but Spike kept running at Captain saying, "Oh look, my little punching bag!" Menagerie fear effect caused most three of the four guards there to stop in the tracks, as the other one fired at him. Captain took a shot at Spike, but stumbled and fired into the van hitting Hacker in the back. Captain then dropped his gun, and pulled his swords. He and Spike exchanged blows for some time, as Menagerie fired on Spike, as well as some of the guards. Mephisto threw grenades and knifes at the guards, as they would shoot and sometimes dodge his attacks. Menagerie ran up to one and tried to knock him out, but did not lay a hit on him.

During this time, Crusher had managed to ready herself. One man jumped threw the broken window and tried to shoot her, but hit the door. At the same time two men from the other door tried to break in, they didn't know at the time, but the door was blocked, so they spent there time trying to move the copier. The second man jumped in the window, fired, but missed. She now moved into the room and started fighting them pointblank hopping that she could kill them fast. The two men fought, but she managed to take one down without getting hit.

Viper and Hacker where on there way to help Crusher when they saw a second plain begin to leave the hanger and move down the runway. Viper began to speed up and run strait for it. Hacker had jumped in the back, pulled out a grenade launcher and has hit one of the jeeps causing it to loose control and crash, killing the two men inside. Viper took the van and side swiped the side landing gear, under the wing, causing it to collapse, and it came crashing down. Viper was not able to get the van out in time, and the plane came crashing down on him and Hacker. The two agents where not hurt very badly. Almost all the people in the plain had been knocked out. Pete then jumped out of the van and ran for the side door.

Captain was taking a great beating, and decided to make a run for it. He quickly scooped up his gun, and ran from Spike. Mephisto had used his powers of invisibility to make Spike not see him, and began to throw grenades at him. Spike quickly turned around, and didn't see anyone attacking him, he was confused, and turned again and saw Menagerie close by, ran, and jumped on top of him. Menagerie was busy shooting and killing one of the guards and didn't notice Spike right away. Menagerie tried to dodge out of the way, but Spike crashed down on him faster then he thought. Spike's weight had crushed Menagerie's gun. Mephisto threw some more grenades at the guards that where trying to surround him. Captain shot at Spike as he was on top of Menagerie. Spike brought himself up, and then came crashing back down on Menagerie, who was crushed. The force of Spike's impact the second time caused Menagerie to pass out. One of the guards started to shoot at Captain sense Mephisto had made himself invisible to him as well. At this point Agthork had arrived with the three combat choppers and fired a volley of missiles in front of a third plain that was trying to move its way onto the runway. His missiles destroyed the runway in font of the plain, as well as the hanger next to his teammates. Little did he know at the time, but a large number of troops had been working there way around this hanger to come up behind the agents. He killed them all with the three volleys of missiles. He then took out the main tower with the auto-cannons on the choppers. Spike, ran off into hanger for cover, seeing that this battle was going very bad. He entered a Jeep along with the man the team thought was the Doctor. The team didn't hear the jeep because of all the explosions that where going on.

Viper got out of the van and took his SN-17 and shot apart the wing of the airplane, making it easier to get the van out. Hacker and Viper got back in the van and drove around the side of the hanger, going to get Crusher. The van hit an uneven part of earth, and skidded and then flipped onto its side. Hacker climbed out the top and took positions to defend from attack. Crusher was running around the hanger that the van was on. When she saw the van she used her remote access to activate her power armor that was in the van. Hacker used his great strength the flip the van back onto its wheels, and they got going again. As the three of them went around the corner they saw a second jeep that had been following them. The gunner opened full up with his M60, but Viper managed to jink out of the way of the shots. The driver of the jeep, tried to fishtail it and turn around fast, he managed to roll the jeep killing himself and the gunner.

The three guards moved up on Mephisto and each tried to shoot him, and to get him into a crossfire. Two of them could no longer see him, so they took off running inside the hanger. Captain took some more shots at the remaining guard, as Mephisto ran to help out Menagerie. Mephisto slapped on a Bio-Pack. This woke him up very fast; he was still feeling groggy, and hurt very much. Some of his bones had been broken, but he was going to live.

Agthork spotted the jeep and the good Doctor moving fast down the runway toward the construction sight. He told everyone this, and Viper put the van into over drive, and went strait for the jeep. Crusher flew out the back, and decided to check out the other plain. Agthork tried to get the jeep to stop, but it wouldn't.

The rest of the team had moved out and around the hanger, trying to get a good look at what was going on. Captain and Mephisto had moved on one side of the hanger, and saw that the choppers had the other plain under control. Mephisto thought it was odd that everyone was jumping out of the pain, and going in every direction. Menagerie went threw the hanger looking for the other two guards who had run before. As he was about to enter the pain, one guard jumped out and froze in his tracks. At this point the cargo hold of the plain exploded, knocking both Menagerie and the guard out. Everyone heard the explosion. When Captain and Mephisto looked into the hanger they saw Menagerie and believed him to be dead.

Crusher had made her way to the other plain, and quickly went in. When she got inside she was shocked and frozen in her tracks when she saw a large 7 foot talk man, who looked just as dead as Captain did. The man was busy trying to carefully remove this large metal box from hanging straps. The straps looked like they where there to keep the box from moving around, and damaging the cargo. The man saw Crusher and started to shoot her with his pistol. The bullets just bounced off her armor. She moved in so that she could get into hand to hand range. She radioed that she had found the box, and someone that looked a lot like Captain. Captain and Mephisto both went running across the runway toward the plain.

Agthork ordered the choppers to try and cut off the jeep's escape. He ordered one of them to land and pick up their fallen teammate. Before the chopper could land the third plain's cargo hold exploded. The chopper was able to land and pickup the fallen crew member, as well as the guard that had fallen with him. The jeep sped off and into the construction sight. The choppers could no longer see them inside, and Agthork landed his chopper and went in on foot. He began to move down a small ramp to the foundation of the building, when he hit a trip wire and was blown forward. He wasn't killed but took a good deal of damage. Viper and Hacker where on there way in the Van.

Crusher was fighting this man, hand to hand when two guards came from behind her, threw the open door. They began to shoot at her, when she turned around and ejected a tear gas canister from her suit. The two guards did not have on gas masks, so they both jumped out, one was gagging, and coughing. The strange undead man didn't seem to be effected. At this point Captain and Mephisto arrived. Captain had a strange feeling about the plain, something familiar, but unsettling. Mephisto was slightly effected by the gas do to his exposed skin, but it didn't really bother him because he had on his gas mask. The gas did not effect Captain because he didn't need to breathe. The undead man saw Captain, and said "Hello Cap, it has been a while hasn't it? Its good to be working with you again."

Viper and Hacker got to the construction sight, and began to help Agthork search threw the rubble and other things to see if they could find where they went.

Crusher and Captain began to move up on the man, when he pulled out two large swords, and began to attack Crusher. Crusher used the claws on her suit, and Captain used his swords to attack back. Crusher, with her advanced audio equipment, picked up the sounds of a jeep starting up. Mephisto decided to run threw the plain to the other door that Crusher had come in from, and where the two guards had left threw. When he got to the other side he could see the jeep. One of the guards was in it, as well as a scared looking Doctor. There was the other guard, puking his guts out because of the gas. The jeep drove forward, trying to his Mephisto, as well as hitting the other guard who was in the way. Mephisto tried to stop the jeep with his body; this how ever did not work. The jeep drove off, and Mephisto radioed to the chopper to try and stop it, but not to destroy it because it had the Doctor in it.

The undead man in the plain, fearing for his existence, cut the cables holding the box. The box came crashing to the floor, and Crusher grabbed it, and flew out one of the open doors. The undead man moved back and closed the door to the cockpit behind him. Captain went moving after him. He took his swards and tried to hack his way threw the door.

At this time, the choppers had been trying to get the jeep to stop, when Mephisto took out a gun, and shot out its front tires, luckily the jeep did not loose control, and was brought to a safe stop. Mephisto quickly moved up on it, sense Viper and the others had not found a way threw the secret door they found, they got into the van and drove toward the jeep. At this point Captain had hacked his way threw the door, but found that the undead man had escaped threw an emergency hatch in the floor.

The team regrouped and opened the box. Inside they found a strange metal looking disk, slightly larger then a Frisbee, but about an inch and a half thick. There was a large silver disk in the center of it, which had three branches that spread to the edge of the disk. This kind of looked like a radiation symbol. At the sides of the branches their where cables that seemed to run around and under the branches. Along with the disk, there were several test tubs of what looked like blood samples, as well as some tissue samples. Captain pushed down on the center of the disk, where the silver disk was. Quickly, even faster then anyone could blink, the disk opened up, and these tentacles jumped up, and rapped their way around Captain's arm, up to his shoulder. He quickly took his sword, and cut off his own arm. The disk seemed to eat his arm, and then return to his normal shape.

After several days of interrogation of the Doctor, and the guards, who at first time interrogation of some, would bight down on a poison tooth and kill themselves, and examination of the samples, they learned that the tissue was that of the frog race known as, Sollreotin. The Doctor told all he knew, which was not much. What he did know was that the disk was a bio-weapon that the Brother Hood had taken from the Sollreotin, he didn't know where they got it, but what he did know is that they knew about as much as he did, and that wasn't much. Do to Menagerie close call with the exploding plain, and the fire that happened afterwards, he now has an unrational fear of fire, luckily there was no scarring or other burn damage. 1