Night of the Body Snatchers

The group was gathered together in the meeting room for their next mission. Douglas was there, and so was a blond woman, about 5'6", fairly well built.

"I'm glad you all could make it so quickly, I know some of the team will not be here, because they are busy working on other things. But I would like to introduce to you the newest member of your team; her code name is Glory. She will be here to replace Captain, as he has deserted and was considered to be a threat to the organization. And contact with Captain should be met with force, shoot first, ask questions later," said Douglas.

"You mission was one of importance. A shot time ago we received a call from one of our agents planted within the FBI, and he has informed us of a strange incident in a small New England town, called Prosperity. The town was about two hundred years old; it dates back to the beginning of our country. Most of what was once the original town still exists, only old farm fields had been taken over for housing, and the location of the old grain mill was used for the location of the hospital built last year. What was happening was that the local people were coming up dead, killed by some unknown creature. Well, unknown to them. We had seen something like this before when your group was in the mall incident some time back. (See Terror in the Mall).

"We want you to go investigate, and do whatever you can to eliminate the problem as well as bring back any evidence that you can. And as always remember that the use of your powers in the line of sight of non-agents will not be tolerated. Do you understand, Agthork?"

The team, Mephisto, Agthork, Hacker, Glory, and Menagerie were flown to the town, where there were given their van, as well as other miner equipment. As the team drives into the town they can see an old house and a far away hill, as well as the high school, and the old church. The team drives in, and up to the police station. Glory and Agthork stay in the car, as the rest of the team entered the building.

Inside there was no one to greet them at the front desk. They can see several officers gathered around what looks like a map. Mephisto and the others move toward their position, when one of the officers motions them closer. Mephisto introduces himself and the rest of the team to the officer who introduced himself as Sheriff Steve Davies. The sheriff explains to them that a total of 6 people had come up dead within the last two months, and that each one has been killed by what looks like the same weapon, but each one was mutilated slightly differently. The one other thing they had in common was that each one has had their liver removed. They believe that the weapon was something like a hand held farm or workman's tool, with a two inch curved blade. Hacker volunteers to go to the morgue and look at all the victims, as well as to talk with the person who did the autopsies. The team asked the sheriff if anything like this has ever happened in this town before. "The only thing that has ever been like this, and I only say that from the files I have read, was a string of murders, fourteen in all, that happened seventy-five years ago," said the sheriff. "But them murders where all the same. Each victim had been hung up, their throat's cut, and let to bleed to dead, not a drop of blood was left in them. But the really odd part was, that each victim was cleaned after they was killed."

Menagerie went to the hall of records and begins to look into any possible lead connection this string of murders with the one that happened 75 years ago. The only person that was still alive from back then was the old priest, who was only fifteen when the murders took place. One of the victims was the priest's older brother, Angus Smith. The rest of the team went to the first murder sight, that was at a storm drain that lead to the river by the hospital. The body had been found by two hospital guards who has seen the body leaning up next to the drain. They had thought it was just someone resting, but when they investigated they found that his face had been cut off, as well his eyes missing. Later it was found that he had also lost his stomach, and small intestines.

At the first sight there really wasn't much to see, the area had been rained on several times, and there wasn't much there to begin with. Mephisto checked the storm drain, and found that the cover to the drain was loose, and came off easily. Glory decided to go an explore the tunnel, sense it was easily big enough for a person to walk down. As she went down the tunnel she would look out sewer drains, and man hole covers to try and see where she was. The first place she saw was the old church and the cemetery. She also saw the police station, as well as the hospital. She had been gone for several minutes, and Mephisto went in looking for her, sense she was under so much concert and piping, there radio would not work. As Mephisto moved down the tunnel he could hear someone in front to him. He drew his gun, and called Glory's name. He waited a few seconds, and moved forward, past the bend where he had hear the person, all he saw was some rats moving about the wall. Glory had heard him call her name, sense she had started moving back. She began to move a bit faster. She could see his flashlight shining in front of her, and he could hear her moving. Mephisto called out for her, and she responded. The two of them returned to the entrance of the tunnel, and went to talk with the priest.

Menagerie had discovered that the town had a reputation for kids running away. It would seem that at least once a month several children would disappear, sometimes there would be word from them from some other town, or city, but nothing more after that. But strangely at around September 22nd every year, five or six children would end up missing. And their body would be found later in the woods. It would seem that they had all taken part in some strange ritual and killed each other off.

Agthork came up with the idea that they might want to put some kind of tracking device or small implant into each person so that they could be located at any time. When Agthork went to tell Hacker about his plan, Hacker was calling the group to tell them that he had discovered what was really happening to these people. Some kind of creature, most likely smaller then a man had killed the people, maybe about three feet tall. It was the same things that had attacked them in the hardware store at the mall. (See Terror in the Mall).

Mephisto and Glory went to talk with the priest. His name was Father Jonathan Smith. He was a ninety-year old man, with a hearing aid. When Mephisto entered and started to talk with him, he could hear the man wheeze with each breath. Mephisto asked him about his brother murder. This made the man very uncomfortable, and he would grab his cross that hung around his neck. He explained that he was the youngest of three brothers, there family at the time, was not much, just a normal businessman's family. His father worked for his rich uncle who own the mill and several other smaller business in this town, and several others. When his brother was murdered his uncle decided that he would bury him in the family crypt. He also explained that his brothers murder has driven him over the edge and he was taken to a hospital to received treatments and while within the hospital he decide to become a priest, so that in some way he might be able to help others. He also explained to Mephisto that the church council was looking to replace him, and that he didn't mind. He knew that he was getting very old, and that he needed to take his rest. Mephisto asked him if he would give him a tour of the cemetery, and the priest gladly agreed. He asked him if he had been the one to find the body that had been draped over his eldest brother's wife's grave. He said yes, he had been the one to see it and call the police. Mephisto also wanted to know why his brother's wife was not buried in the crypt. It was because she has divorced him, and in those days it was considered very wrong, so she was not allowed to be burred in the crypt. The priest also added that his brother, Angus, was very jealous of his oldest brother, because he had also been in love with her.

As Mephisto and the father went out to look at the graveyard, the priest started to cough and wheeze, he quickly moved to a air tank that had been hidden behind a panel in the front of the church. He began to take deep breaths, and told him that he didn't think he would be able to give him that tour. Mephisto went to look at the grave year anyway. While him and Glory where looking over the graveyard, they say an open grave. As they got closer, they saw the name on the grave read "Benjamin McGuinnes", this was Captain's real name. The two of them quickly looked around to see if there had been any tracks or anything, but it looked as if this had been done several days ago. Glory jumped into the hole, and into the coffin. She found a bit of flesh, and he swallowed it. Mephisto saw this, and was disgusted. She came back up saying that it was defiantly from Captain. Mephisto called Menagerie and the rest, and started talking about digging up the bodes of some of the victims, but decided to wait a bit, and see what other information they could get.

Mephisto went to talk with the parents of one of the missing teenagers; her and her boyfriend had been missing sense shortly after the murders started. Mephisto questioned the father and the mother about what had happened several days before their daughter had left. What they told him was that nothing strange had been going on, the night she left she had told them that she was going over to a friends house, but when she never returned that night, they called the police. Mephisto went through her room, looking for clues. The parents had said she had her backpack with her when she left. Mephisto found the girl's diary, and started to flip threw it. He thought it was odd that if a girl was going to run away, why wouldn't she take her diary. The last entry mentioned going to see her boyfriend the night they disappeared. It also mentioned that they where going to go to there special sport, that they had gone to several times before. But the diary never mentioned where this place was.

The team, minus Menagerie, regrouped and went to the teenager's favorite hangout, this small open field in the middle of the woods. One of the bodies had been found on the side of the road, not too far from there. Glory entered the clearing, dressed in a short dress, and miniskirt. She was instantly let into the group. Two guys, Biff and Hank became instant friends with her, and gave her a beer. As they talked, one of them, Biff said he knew of this great spot where not too many people went, but several of the teenagers would go to be alone. Glory asked where it was, and he said it was the old Mayors house, at the edge of town that they where going to restore. Glory gladly went with Biff, and the rest of the team followed.

As the Biff and Glory drove up to house, the could see a car coming down from it, it was Norman, the Sheriff's deputy. Biff pulled his car to the side of the road, and parked it next to a covered bridge. Norman drove right past and never saw them. The rest of the team in the van, where waved down as Norman started to pass them. He got out and asked where they where headed. Mephisto said that they where headed for the old Mayor's house. Norman insisted that it was just fine, and that he had just come from there. They said that was OK, and that they would still take a look. Norman looked a bit upset, but agreed and they drove off. Glory's date, Biff started to get a bit fresh, and she decided it was time to quiet him up. She leaned in and gave him a big kiss, and then she grabbed his arms, and rapped him in the seat belt. Biff began to scream, and yell that she was the killer. She just smiled and used his belt to tie him up more. At this point the rest of the team stopped, and Agthork used his knockout darts to put Biff under.

The team moved up to the house, and started to look around, when Mephisto's cell phone went off. It was the sheriff, saying that the boy who had disappeared a couple of days before the murders had been found. He was being taken to the hospital, and was going to be treated there. Mephisto called Menagerie and told him to get to the hospital and get any information he could from the boy. Mephisto found a path leading down the hill away from the house; the same kind of path that was described by the girl in her diary. He followed the path, down the hill and into the woods. The path lead past a large rock that had also been talked about in the girl diary. It then led him to a creek, and down farther into the woods to several other places mentioned in the diary.

The rest of the team entered the house. Agthork used his powers to make the wooden floor in the main entrance stronger. The team saw three doors in fount of them, one to the right, one on the left, and one right in front of them. They picked the door on there right, and entered. Inside they found a sight that made Hacker lose his lunch. This room was the dinning room. Around the table were, what could only be described as four "people". The people where all dead. It was easy to tell that each one had been build or pieced together from different body parts. There was a man at the head of the table, a "wife", a teenage girl, and a boy. The table was set for five people though.

The group moved into the room after a few minutes. Glory went first, with Agthork behind. Hacker stayed at the door, still not sure if he could take the smell, or the sight of it. Glory could see a door at the end of the room, and went to open it. When she did, an undead dog jumped out, and knocked her to the ground, biting and clawing at her. Glory quickly flipped the dog up and over toward Agthork, who fired eye beams at it that showed little or no effect. Before Glory could stand again, a undead man was standing over her. He screamed, "You will not hurt mmm-mmy fammmily. They are m-mmine. I built them! I'm am a smart Ventrail!" He then tried to hit Glory. Agthork called back to Mephisto and Menagerie, telling him what they had found.

As Mephisto started his trip back, he was jumped by five goblins. The first thing he did was become invisible to one of them, and began to shoot, and punch at them. The ones that could still see he, clawed at his legs, and jumped onto his back. Mephisto took a good beating, but was able to get them to run off into the woods.

Menagerie got to the hospital, and went to talk with the boy. He ran into some police, and told them that he wanted a guard posted at the boys room, and that he wanted to know where Norman was. He said that he reported in not log ago, and that he was off duty. Menagerie said that he wanted hit arrested as soon as he was found, because he was wanted for questioning about the murders. The policeman, reached for his radio, and was about to make the report, when Menagerie grabbed it, and said, "Do you really want to tell him we are looking for him? Are you really that stupid?"

The man looked at his ready, and then realized what he almost did. He said that he would just tell people, and that they could phone in the request. Menagerie managed to talk with the boy, who was very week from not eating for several days. He told Menagerie that he and his girlfriend went up to the old mayor's house on the hill. But when they got there this strange undead dog attacked them. It had the girl, all he could do was run, and run. He ran for several days it seemed, until he finally stopped, and found his way back home. The policeman Menagerie had been talking to before, said that Norman's police car had been seen outside of his house. Menagerie left the hospital, transformed, and went to Norman's house.

Back at the old mayor's house, the dog got back up, and started to bight Agthork. Hacker took sever shots at the dog, doing some damage to it. Agthork fired several shots at it, but the dog bight into him deeply, and Agthork began to feel very sick, and passed out. Glory was able to block the punches from Ventrail, who pushed his way past her, because she was of no interest. He moved his way toward Hacker, who kept shooting at him, and the dog. Glory managed to jump the dog, and kill him. Ventrail had managed to cut Hacker, who was starting to feel the effects of the poison. Glory then went on to beet Ventrail into a messy pulp.

Menagerie went to Norman's house. His police car was outside, the engine was still warm. Entering his house, through the unlocked front door, he moved toward where he thought the bedroom would be. When he entered that bedroom he could see several of the dresser drawers where open, and what ever was in them was gone. Menagerie looked through the rest of the house, and was sure that he was not there, and had taken servile things with him. He was leaving town. He called back to the group to tell them that Norman was gone. He also called in for a cleanup crew, who said they would be there within the hour.

Shortly after Menagerie's call, Mephisto managed to arrive back at the van, where Glory was trying to fix up Agthork and Hacker with some anti-toxin shots. The group then went to regroup with Menagerie when they heard over the radio that Norman's personal car had been spotted outside of the church. Mephisto said that he though the priest might be hiding something, and that this was the key.

The group gathered by at the church. As they entered they could see the priest kneeling in front of the alter, praying. Mephisto walked up to him, without him knowing. Mephisto grabbed the old man by the shoulder and lifted him up. The old priest could not stop crying, he said "I never ment to do it, I only wanted to make sure my brother was safe. He was my older brother, he died too soon. I never ment for anyone to be hurt."

Mephisto started yelling at him, trying to get him to calm down. The man went on saying that his brother was such a good kind man, and that he hoped God could forgive him. Mephisto yelled at him one more time, as the old man grabbed his shirt, and died, clutching onto Mephisto and onto his cross.

The group moved into the back of the church, and found a secret passage leading underneath the church. The group found a small, stone room. The church was very old, and the group believed this must have been a room used to hide escaped slaves. At the far end of the room was a old wooden door. When the group opened the door, they found Norman, laying on the ground, blood on the floor. When the group looked over the boy Hacker was able to tell them. that he had died from two puncture wounds to the neck. Vampire bight. Mephisto quickly staked him. They also saw a coffin at the far end of the room as well. Mephisto quickly turned it over, and smashed it.

The group was never able to find the possible vampire, but what they learned from Norman's journal was that he had discovered Ventrail at the old mayor's house, and the two began to talk. Norman wanted to become immortal, and Ventrail said that his master could do this for him. His master, Angus Casanova, said that he would give him immortality, but he would had to do some things for him. He wanted him to make sure that the police never found out about him, or Ventrail. Ventrail also wanted him to bring him dead people so he could build his family. Norman found out about the five gremlins that had decided to help Ventrail in his body gathering. It was believed that when Norman returned and told Angus what was going on he gave him his "reward" and killed him. It was also discovered that there was a secret passage that lead into the sewers. They believe that the vampire went out this passage, and then out a sewer drain that was almost right overhead. 1