One Boring Night

The team was gathered together and told that they were to stake out a man named Michele Brooks. He was an antique dealer. He was also known for sponsoring unusual digs, and expeditions to unknown parts of the jungle. The resin he has got our attention was that our spy within the Brotherhood has told us that he was going to be selling off some artifact to the them. Our informant told us that the Brotherhood has paid Michele four million dollars just to talk with him, and that the fine sale of the item could be some place over one hundred million. The meeting was to take place in Michele's home town of Schamburge, IL. He has been known to stop by there and visit his mother's grave from time to time. The last time he was in town was over two weeks ago, and this was reported to be about the time he first made contact with the Brotherhood. We were unsure as to where in Schamburge it will take place, but that Michele will be staying at the Red Roof Inn.

The team has two days before the deal will go down. They requested that they had the rooms on either side of him as well as the room across from him. This Red Roof has three levels, and was in a horse shoe shape. Michele was staying on the first floor. The team uses the room across from him to set up the surveillance cameras, and the rest of there equipment.

When the team arrived, a light rain fell. Before the team got to the hotel they rent a car, so that Glory and Agthork can drive in and get the room across from him. Mephisto deceased that he wanted to bug his room, so him and Hacker disguise themselves as exterminators. They also set up the van to look as if it was a exterminator van. They got to the front desk saying that they where called to this sight to clean out a reported cockroach problem. The manager on duty takes them to the room they requested to spray. When they knock on the door Michele was already in his room. The manager explains to him what was going on, and he agrees to leave his room for two hours so that the chemicals can set in, and return to a safe level. He takes one briefcase with him, and goes for a walk. Menagerie changes into a bird and follows him. Mephisto and Hacker go about the room and set the bugs in several places that will most likely not be found.

As Michele walks about the town, he makes a stop at the Divine Dairy Delights Ice-cream shop. This building has a large ice cream cone on top, and was well known for its great ice cream flavors. Michele then walks about another block or so till he reaches a car rental place, and rents a blue Saturn. He then drives around the town for a little bit. Menagerie rests on a building as he waits for Michele's car to go again, after stopping at a red light. When he was on the building he sees someone dart into an ally way. He takes a little time to get a better look at the person. From what he can see in the ally was a blond girl about eighteen to twenty in dirty jeans and a brown jacket going threw a dump stir. Menagerie moves a little closer to the edge of the building, hopping a bit, as a bird would do. The girl looks up, sees what she thinks was just a bird, and throws something that looks like a black marble at it. Menagerie quickly flies up and away trying not to be hit. He manages to move in time, but when the black marble hits the brick ledge that Menagerie was sitting on, it explodes in a huge radius, throwing bits of rocks ever place. When Menagerie manages to look back to see if the girl was still there, she was gone. He then realizes why he was there, and quickly goes to see if Michele was still at the light. He can see Michele's car has moved on, and can no longer find it. Menagerie then remembers that Michele likes to visit his mother's grave, he goes to the cemetery, and sure enough, there was Michele's car. Menagerie makes a quick change, and calls back to the group telling them what has been going on.

Agthork, Hacker, Glory, and Mephisto had now set up surveillance to monitor all incoming calls, as well as anything that goes on with in the room itself. Glory and Mephisto went to look at the incident that occurred with the strange girl, and the explosion. When the two got there, they where met by Menagerie. He told them that he looked over the grave of Michele's mother after he left, and that neither the grave, or the flowers he left behind were anything but normal. As the group looked around the ally way, Menagerie moved to the top of the building, along with Glory, who then moved to the roof of the building next to it.

As the two looked out over the roof, they could see a group of four people walking on the side walk, all dressed the same. Each of them had on large dark raincoats and their hoods' where drawn up. This new group seemed odd to them. Three of the men where all about the same height, and walked in front of the other man, in almost perfect formation. Glory moved off the roof, and began to try and follow the group, she followed for about a minute, when the man in the back said something to the rest of them, in a strange language that no one understood, and they all stopped. When they stopped, Glory quickly moved into an ally way, the man, then turned around, looked behind him, and they all moved around to the other side of a building. After that Glory gave up the chase, and returned to the real job at hand.

Mephisto knew that Michele would be meeting with the buyer from the Brotherhood, so he decided to make reservations for 7:00 p.m. at the Russian restaurant in town. He made the reservations for two, because he plans on having Glory go as an escort, hoping Michele would think she was setup by the buyer. At 5:30 p.m. Michele left the hotel, still taking the briefcase with him. Menagerie quickly started to follow the man, as the rest of the group tries to figure out what to do next. Menagerie told them that Michele has gone to the restaurant. Menagerie tried to get into the restaurant, but the man at the door said he did not had a reservation, and sent him away. Mephisto and Glory went to the restaurant, and had a small problem, none of them could speak Russian. Hacker was able to translate for Mephisto. The two of them got a table that was across the restaurant from Michele, but they could still watch him with little problem. The two of them ordered, and waited for Michele's contact to show. They all waited until 9:00 p.m., the entire time Michele kept looking at his watch, about every ten minutes. Finally Michele got up, paid his bill and began to leave. Mephisto got sick of waiting, and took this time to act.

Mephisto quickly got up right after him, letting Glory take care of the bill. As Michele was waiting for his car to be brought around, Mephisto came up behind him, and put his gun in his back. He told him to act natural, and get into the car. Mephisto made Michele drive. Glory waited for there car, and followed the two. Mephisto had Michele drive to a parking garage. When they arrived, Mephisto took the briefcase away from Michele. He then told him to open the trunk, at this point Michele tried to shoot Mephisto with a small pistol he had been hiding in his jacket. As he tried to shoot him, he screamed that he couldn't let him had the case. Mephisto easily knocked the gun away, and pushed Michele into the trunk, locking him inside.

Shortly after this Glory arrived, with Menagerie who she picked up on the way. He had been hiding outside the restaurant waiting for them to leave. The group talked for a while trying to figure out what they where going to do with Michele. They didn't want to open the case yet, just in case it was rigged in some way. As they talked, Michele banged on the trunk. The group decided they needed to talk to him, and find out who was buyer was, and exactly who was involved. They all agreed that they may have to kill him. Mephisto opened the trunk, while Glory and Menagerie covered. Michele was still inside, not looking very happy. The group questioned him, and from what they told him, he did not know who his contact was, just that he was going to meet him at 6 p.m. at the restaurant. Even the date was not confirmed. It was going to be sometime between today and three days from now.

As the group went over what he had said, the decided that they might be able to get more information from him, but they would need to take him back to home base. Glory called Hacker and told him to bring the van, that they where taking Michele in with them. As Michele got out of the trunk, they heard a man say, "No one betrays the Crimson Overlords!"

With that, Michele chest opened, and he coughed up blood, his arms and head bent backwards as his body was raised off the floor. And just as quickly as it was happening, his body slumped onto the floor. A force pushed Glory to the side, and they could hear someone running. Glory could see a blip on her radar, and she began to run after it, with Menagerie chasing behind. Mephisto went and looked over Michele, and he knew that he was dead.

Glory rounded the corner, and looking strait at her was a strange glowing portal. Coming from the portal was about a dozen or more tentacles. They reached out and grabbed at Glory and Menagerie, trying to pull them inside. They two of them managed to shoot down several of them, before they decided to pull back. At this time they knew that the man had gotten away. Hacker and Agthork arrived, and they decided to through the body into the cold chamber, and leave as soon as they could.

Back at the hotel, the group ran some tests on the case, and determined that it was not booby-trapped, and it also didn't have any tracking devices on it. They opened the box. Inside the box they found a small package, a note pad with a list of things to do; get rental, visit mother's grave, meet friend at 6 p.m., get plane ticket to Bahamas. They also found a small hand gun, a copy of Mad Magazine, and three different passports with several different names. The package was about as long as a video tape, but about three times as thick. It was rapped in heavy dark blue paper. Agthork used his skill with bombs to take a look over the box and found nothing. He opened it, and inside was a small jeweled box. The box looked very old, but not very expensive. The lid to the box came off with no problem. It was not attacked with hinges, rather it could just lift off. Tapped to the underside of the lid was a small key, about that of a house key or maybe a bank lock-box. Inside the box was a plastic zip lock bag filled with a white crystal powder. When they took the bag out of the box they found a pair of 3D glasses.

The white crystal powder turned out to be sugar. When going through the sugar they found a small note inside the sugar. It was folded in half, and had a very strange poem written on it. The group spent several hours trying to figure out the note. During this time, Glory was trying to find out where the key might go. It was determined that the key belonged to the local bank, but that it was one of the older versions that they no longer used.

Mephisto was getting restless, and went for a walk. On his walk he saw the ice-cream shop that Michele had stopped off at on his first day there. Look at the sign he realized that Divine Dairy Delights, 3D. He went back, got the 3D glasses, and took a look over the sign, and the place. He climbed up onto the roof, and began to look over the sign. On the back of the sign was a small hatch or door. It was most likely used to gain access to the light on the cone so they could be repaired. He opened the panel, and found a small green ammo box. Inside the box was a strange electronic device. It was about the size of a large calculator with a number pad, and a display screen. on the back was about six metal pins, each about an inch and a half long, and about as think as your adverse Bic pen. Mephisto returned with the item. It was getting late, so the group went to sleep, leaving Glory to take watch.

That next morning the police reports of the abandoned car, and the possible murder of a man named Michele Brooks. They said that his car was found, and that there was blood on the ground, as well as on the back of the car. Mephisto's descriptions where given as the last person to be seen him. Glory's description was also give because she was seen with Mephisto that night. Menagerie wanted to know what evidence they had on Mephisto and Glory, so he went down to the parking garage where it had happened. When he got there he introduced himself as a Fed, and that they had been watching Michele, and wanted to know what they had found. Well the sergeant there told him what they had, and that it was almost as odd as the body they had found at the airport. He told him that they found a body of a man, his heart had been removed, but not before someone had shoved a large sword, or metal blade through it. The really odd thing was there was over 10 million dollars in cash in the car. Menagerie figured out that this man must have been the real contact, and that their was a third party in town.

Glory had gone out and gotten access to Michele's bank lock-box. Inside the box was a collection of receipts, and a copy to the deed to his mother's old house. The receipts where for a large gun case, several plain tickets, and credit card slips for car rentals and hotel reservations.

Menagerie returned to the hotel and told everyone what he had found out. The group was still going over the poem, when Menagerie was reading the Mad Magazine when it hit him. He took the note and folded it into thirds, just like the back of the Mad. It was a message. The New Foundation. BD. This led the group to the new building that was being build by B&D Construction.

When the group arrived, they went to the lowest level, and found a storage locker. In the base of the locker, they found a secret panel. Inside the panel was a large gun case. This was the same type of gun-case that Michele had bought several weeks before when he visited here. There was a strange set of holes in the front of the box. Hacker figured that this must be where the object that Mephisto found should fit. Before the group could try to open the case, a woman's voice spoke out to them. "Thank you for retrieving my stolen property, please return it to me," said the woman. She was about six feet tall holding a large curved blade. "I am Lady Death, and that package belongs to me. Return it to me now, and there will be no trouble."

Behind her could be seen about twenty or more pairs of tiny red eyes. The group took up positions on either side of the case. The group asked what was in the box, and the woman told them, what was inside was none of their concern, and to give it to her or face the wrath of the Crimson Overlords. Agthork fired on her, trying to shoot the blade from her hand. He hit the blade, and she dropped it. She waved her arm forward and commanded her little demons to attack them. A massive horde of short gremlins came from behind her, rushing the group. They all began to fire on them, slowly cutting one or two of them down at a time.

Mephisto moved to the box, and placed the "key" into the case. It started to buzz and the numbers started to click and count across the display screen. It looked like it was searching for the correct numbers. As Mephisto was working on the box, something grabbed it, and started to lift it into the air. Mephisto tried, but could not keep a grip onto it. As the case floated away from them, it moved toward the woman. Mephisto pulled the small bit of plastic explosives that he had hidden on him, and did a jump flip over some of the gremlins, and planted the charge on the case as he tried one more time to get it. Hacker teleported away. The group started to move back, and regroup as the gremlins started to attack them. Glory, Viper, and Menagerie kept shooting at the gremlins, while Agthork took shots at Lady Death. Mephisto tried to do a death blow on Lady Death, but hit some kind of force field in front of her.

The group began to pull back as a portal opened behind Lady Death. The groups black van came plowing through the front of the building, screaming to a stop after running down several gremlins. The group climbed in, as Lady Death moved through the portal. As they drove off, Mephisto detonated the explosives, but nothing happened. He was unsure if the charge just didn't go off, or if they where just too far away for the signal to make it.

It was unknown exactly who or what the Crimson Overlords where, but that they were not friends of the Brotherhood, but they were also not too pleased with S.N.A.I.L.. The arrival of the strange group of people that seemed to be searching for something, as well as the mutant that tried to attack Menagerie were also mysteries. This mission was not as successful as they would had hoped, but they did manage to keep the Brotherhood from gaining the artifact. 1