Plays from the Past

The group stayed at the village for almost eight days. Fu Tung had snuck out after the first few days, his feeling was that this group could not do him any good, and that his team was somewhere out there, and that he must find them.

The villagers gave them food, and what little gas they could spare for there trip. They had gas enough to get them almost all the way there, but they would still need more near the end of their trip. Eric decided that he would join their little trip. Mostly because he had gotten board with the village, and wanted some adventure. They set off on the trip early in the morning.

Several hours into the trip the group saw a second car coming straight at them. The car was going to crash into them, if Viper hadn't made a quick move to the right. The car also tried the same thing, but the drive was not as lucky as the group. The car flipped over, and rolled along the road for what seemed like forever. The car rested upside down. Viper stopped the truck, and the group got out to see if there was any survivors. The group was unsure of the car, and make sure that there was not danger of it exploding. Crusher looked inside, and checked on the man. His neck had broken when the car crashed. They looked through the car, and found the man's wallet, and his identification. In the trunk they found a suitcase. Inside the case there was a large purple bag with a strange symbol on it that looked a lot like a cat. (See Image). Inside the bag was a giant orb of some kind. It was a little smaller then a bowling ball.

The orb itself was green in color, and had a dark black slit that went from one apex to the other. There were actually two slits, one on either side of the orb. The slits would pulsate, getting larger, almost overtaking the green o the orb, and then shrinking down to just one continuing line. They placed the orb back in its bag. Glory gathered up as much of the gas as she could. Crusher and Agthork buried the man in a shallow grave in the desert, just off from the road.

Hacker and Gomer spent a good deal of time trying to understand the orb, but they where unsuccessful. As they drove down the road they came across a large fence, that would have been blocking off the road if not for the fact that the section the crossed over the road had been knocked down. From the looks of the section of fencing, it seemed as if it had been knocked down from the inside. They guessed that the guy driving the car must have done it. Attached to each ten foot section of fencing was a wooden sign. Written on it, in several languages were the words "Keep out KAT Domain". They group understood at least four of the five writings, but the last one, and most prominent one, was totally alien to them. Their course to Area 51 was to take them through this section. They taught about going around, but as they looked, the figured it would add maybe a day or more to their trip, and they didn't have the gas for that. They hoped what ever was in there wouldn't mind them crossing through.

The area they passed through looked like a desert ghost town. There where cars, and buildings, all very run down. As the group looked out over the desert, the landscape began to move. As they looked closely at it, they could see that it wasn't really the land   that was moving, but hundreds or thousands of cats. They cats started to come out from under buildings, out from the inside of cars or other wreckage that was out there. Their tinny glowing eyes sent shivers down their spines. One by one, these cats started to line the sides of the road as they drove down. Without warning, three cats jumped in front of the truck. Viper tried to get out of the way, but each of the cats struck the truck doing more damage to themselves then the truck. Viper slowed down so not to hit anymore, and that is when two tried to jump in the back. One totally missed the back of the truck, and the other tried to land, and Eric swatted it away. Each time the group would slow down to try not to hit a cat, one or more would try to get in, but the members in the back would stop them. Eric felt sorry for them, so he yelled "I hope this help" and then threw a bottle of aspirin to them as they drove off.

The cats seemed to give up their attacks, but still seemed to watch them as they drove down the road. The group came across what looked the the sphinx from Egypt. As they slowed to get a better look, that car moved over the road as if to guide them to the parking lot that was just in front of it. This sphinx was just like the one they knew except for the fact that it had a parking lot, a canapé that covered a walkway that lead between the front legs to a door. There were also lights that ran with the walkway on the ground. The group got out of the truck, and did a quick look around. On the the left side of the sphinx the ground and sand showed the marks of a great explosion and fire, but there was no visible markings on the wall of the sphinx. The cats seem to want to push them toward the entrance.

The inside of the sphinx was more like an old English thrown room, then Egyptian. There was a large dark red carpet that ran from the entrance up about six or seven steps to the top of a platform. About every four or five feet along the wall was a golden stand. At the top of each stand was a glowing ball about the size of a softball. These glowing ball gave off a soft white light that lit the room. At the end of the carpet, at the top of the platform, was a large thrown. Its back was facing the group. Just beyond the thrown were two large hangings. On then was the same symbol that was on the orb's bag. As they moved down the carpet, the thrown turned, and sitting in it was a large humanoid cat. He was gray in color, with darker gray stripes running along his face. He was dressing in dark blue and purple robs, with gold and silver armor plates cover his shoulders, legs and across his wrists.

"Welcome, am I glad you have come. Please my I have what is mine?" he said in a calm purring voice. The group talked with him for some time, and tried to understand what he was, and what was so important about the orb. He told them a story or how is people where all dead, except him. He was trapped on Dark Earth, and how the orb told and showed a story of his peoples greatest heroes. He told them the story of his heroes. The story was not unlike that of King Arthur. The story told of a great war between the houses, and how they always fought for land, and power. He also told how a great wizard had shown himself one day, and challenged each of the great kings to a contest of strength and power. And who ever could won would be given all the land he desired, and power over the rest of the kingdoms. Each king agreed, believing that they where the strongest and that no one could defeat them. The story went on the tell of the test of strength, and skill, and that how a smaller king, not really a king at all, more of a boy, he had lost every contest, but had tried his best, and never cheated, even when all the others had. The story went on for a great long time, and it ended with the boy becoming the ruler of all, but not wanting to be the only one in power, broke the power into three groups, the Warrior, Religious, and Science. These three groups would rule the world, and all the worlds that they would hold in the future. One of these worlds was their birth world. A world that had become lost thousands of generations ago. Earth was their real home.

After he finished his story, the group decided to give him the orb, but they asked if he had any gas that he could give them in exchange. He told them of a gas station within his lands, and that they could take all they needed. The group thanked him, and placed the orb on a special golden stand. As the group left, the man came from off his thrown and held the orb, smiling happily.

The group found the gas station with no problem, filled all of their gas tanks and head out again. Once they crossed out of the KAT domain, they saw a bright light coming from high in the sky. They could see the flames the poured off of it like water, and then the crash as it cut its way into the Earth. The group quickly drove toward the crash sight. The object had crashed in the remains of some kind of abandoned town. It had dug a deep crater as it landed. From what the group could tell, it was some kind of alien space craft. As they moved closer to the craft, they could see most of the fire on the outside of the ship had gone out when it crashed, but there where still small fires here and there on the ground. The group took up positions not far from it, and watched to see if the owners of the craft would come out. As they watched an entry ramp lowered. A single man came out, he seemed to look around as he pointed a large dark black pistol around. He could have been a normal human if not for the fact that he had no real facial features. His skin was a light gray color, his eyes where large and totally black. They showed no signs of a pupils or anything like a human eye. His face was lacking a mouth and even a noise. There was a slight bump or ridge that might have been a noise. It was as if had a cloth covering his noise and mouth. When it seemed that he was satisfied that no one was there, he went back into the ship, and began to drag out a second person. This one was more female in shape. She seemed badly hurt, and he was trying to get her away from the craft. Eric told them that he knew about these aliens. He said they where called the Nurani, and they where gun runners. He also said that they would show up and start selling guns to what ever side could pay the most. Gomer said they would easily have the technology that they needed to get them home, and that they should go and take it.

Crusher could see that they needed medical help, and she was the first to stand and raise her hands, offering them her help. At first the alien just pointed the gun at her, and then as she talked to him, saying that all she wanted to do was help, he looked at his hurt friend, and let her help. Crusher gave the woman a Bio pack, and started to work on her burns and broken bones. The alien told them that he and his crew had been shot down by some strange energy beam, and had crashed. He said the his people had come to this planet almost 125 years ago. They felt that it was of no value, but when word came to them about how the entire planet had seemed to be plunged into eternal darkness, they sent them in a scout ship to find out what happened. As the two groups talked and learned about each other, the aliens offered to help them with their temporal device, and give them what ever parts they could use. Gomer and Hacker quickly started working on it with the alien.

The rest of the group was standing watch when Glory saw the headlights of on coming Jeeps. From what the people had said had happened in their time here, as well as what happened to the space craft, they didn't want to take any chances. They took some of the damage craft, as well as some of the broken down cars and set up make-shift bunkers or barricades to give them some cover from enemy fire. Hacker and Gomer worked as fast as they could.

Two Jeeps pulled up about thirty yards from the space craft and the group. There where five people in each Jeep. Eight of them where dressed in robes. The one of the other two was only dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. He looked a lot like Spike did when he was in human form. The last one scared the group most. This was a deformed human, his face was old and look as if his flesh was decaying. At once the group realized who this man was. It was Captain, or at least this worlds version. He looked far worse then he had in their time. The man in the jeans seemed to be in charge. "I am David Smith the third, and by my birth right, I claim this space ship in the name of the Brotherhood!" said the man in the jeans. "All who stand in our way, will be destroyed!" As he said that he motioned to the eight people in the robes. Five of them ripped off their robes revealing humanoid dogs. Each had on a strange collar, and special looking armor. They charged at the make shift bunkers.

Glory took a shot at David, the energy blast struck him, but seemed to do nothing to him. He seemed to get very mad, and as the anger filled his face large bony spikes filled his body, covering almost every inch. The Dark Lord, and Spike Cubed both charged the bunkers as well. The eighth man stood his ground by the Jeep. The team set up around the bunkers to give cover to Gomer and the other alien. The female alien moved back inside the space ship. The pack of dogs moved toward the far side, away from the ship, toward where Viper and Eric where. They all fired on the dogs as they charged, hitting them, but unable to stop their charge. several of the dogs jumped over the bunker and started bighting, and clawing at the group.

Glory was fighting with Spike Cubed at point black range. Ever time she would hit it with the energy blast he would either, deflect it away, or it would not seem to do anything to him. Agthork had the misfortune to have to be fighting the evil version of Captain, or as he was called here, Dark Lord Benjamin McGuinnes. He was using his large ax to try and cut Agthork in half. Agthork was using his wooden clubs to block and parry the attacks, as he would try and hit him with a second. Agthork took a great deal of damage, but was able to knock the Dark Lord out. Glory was having her hands full with Spike Cubed. Each time she would hit him with her fist, she would impale herself on his spikes. Hacker tossed her his second gun, and she shot the man full of holes.

While those two delt with the leaders, the rest of the group had to fight off the dogs. Viper and Eric had their hands full, but where able to kill the dogs that where fighting them. Hacker's dog had switch its attack, and was attacking Crusher. Crusher was not doing well. She had managed to kill one of the dogs, but at a great cost. She was bleeding badly. The man who stayed by the Jeep had been taking shots at her, and the others hitting her in the stomach. Hacker was doing what he could to keep the dogs off her, along with the others. Viper and Eric pulled the remaining dogs off her, and started fighting it out with them. Hacker used a Bio pack on Crusher in an attempt to help her out, but it was no uses, she was going to die if they didn't get her to a safe place soon.

Agthork had lost his grip on his wooden club during his fight with the Dark Lord, and ran over the bunker to get it. Once he had it, he ran at the lone gun man. Glory had taken a couple shots at him, hit him in and around his armor. Agthork started trying to club him down. The man changed his clip just moments before Agthork got to him. He then went and tried to empty the entire thing into Agthork at point blank range. Agthork jerked with each hit. Glory took aim, and shot the robed man in the head, dropping him to the ground. Agthork was hurt very bad, and was no longer awake.

Glory could see a group of head lights coming toward them, maybe a good minute away. Glory quickly ran out and picked up Agthork. Gomer yelled, that the portal was working again. He had the device strapped onto his back. He switched it on, and a large green vortex appeared in fount of him about fifteen feet away. Hacker picked up Crusher and ran to the vortex. Viper and Eric both pulled back quickly, heading for the vortex. As Glory ran over the bunker, she made a quick turn, and grabbed Gomer as well. The female alien, had returned from the ship holding a very large gun, mounted on a tripod.  As the three where about to enter the vortex, Gomer said that the alien gave him this device. He said that if they ever need anything, to use it. The device was the size of a pop tart, silver in color, and had no visible seams at all. It looked like it was made of metal, but was very, very light. Viper and Eric where holding the rear, so that Glory and the two she had could make get through. When Glory entered the vortex, an energy blast shot across the vortex generator, sparks came flying from the device. Viper and Eric quickly followed Glory as the vortex began to close.  Just before the vortex closed, they could see a huge flash of light as the ship exploded.

On the other side of the vortex the group found themselves in a large forest. The sweet smell of summer flowers filled the air, along with the smell of blood and ozone. Had they made it home? Or was this just a new stopping point on their trip? 1