The Coin has Two Sides

Moving down the main street, heading toward the castle, all the group could see was the burring, and crushed remains of the village and surrounding lands. Very few buildings had been untouched. Almost all the buildings that led to the castle had been crushed or burned. Upon reaching the king, the group was informed that a great and powerful silver dragon had come and attacked the village. The king also told them that Gomer and the wizard, Lotus, were also among the missing. The healer was very weak, and it was believed that he would not make it. The king gave a great apology, but he said there was little he could do for the group. He said there was a herbalist in the village who was helping to treat the wounded, and that they might find help with her. He also gave them a special coin that had his personal seal on it, he said to take it to the next kingdom, Antiock, and King Marcous would give his help as well. They thanked the king and then took Viper to see this woman.

The group broke up into groups to try and get some equipment for fighting a dragon, as well as to gather some information. Hacker and Glory where taking Viper to were the herbalist had once been, but her shop was totally destroyed. They asked about, but no one seemed to be able to help them, or where too upset to try. Agthork had gone to the local pub and inn to try and get some whiskey or something to help Viper with the pain. When he got there he saw that it was one of the few buildings that had not been burned very bad. This was also the place where they had set up a make shift hospital. He radioed the others, and told them what he had found. Hacker had agreed to stay with Viper and make sure he was treated right.

... MORE TO COME ...