The Philadecion (Fil-a-dess-eon) are a group of plant like humanoids, ranging in size from 4 to 7 feet tall. They once lived on a huge green planet that was teaming with life of all kinds. Now they travel the galaxy in a giant space craft that holds the remaining inhabitants of their planet. It is not really known why they had to leave the planet, it was believed that they where an exploration craft sent to colonize a new planet, or that there planet was doomed to be destroyed and they had to leave in order to survive. The second reason is more wildly believed, but it is still not known if the doom was because of what they had done to the planet or because of some force they could not stop. Which ever story you choose to believe, they are still travailing the galaxy, planting there seed of destruction and deceit on any planet they come across.

The Philadecion developed a drug that is highly addictive to most humanoid races. (See Crystal Rose). They use this drug to gain accesses to the planet. They will arrive with one of there smaller exploration crafts, land, and plant the drug. First giving it to who ever they can find that are willing to take it for free, normally the underworld types, always willing to take something if it will make them money. This is what they did on Earth. They made contact with several promising drug dealers, and made them an offer they couldn't refuse. When dealing with the Sollreotin Empire, they came during a great war, and decided to use there advanced technology to take control of the planet. (See Sollreotin Empire for more information). The Philadecion have taken control of many planets and many races. They are really a group of business man, and see fighting is a waist of profits. They use the Sollreotin troops to do there fighting for them. They are one of the most violent, and warlike races they have ever encountered.

The Philadecion have a great knowledge for business, and technology. They really are not the greatest for creating there own equipment, but they do know what is good, and will either steal it, buy it or just conquer the planet to get it. Earth, like all other planets will soon fall to them. There are no real male of female members of the Philadecion race, they do not need or require a partner to reproduce. The Philadecion have also developed an ability to clone themselves, but not other races. Threw the use of cloning they have been able to create specialized sales men. These specialized salesmen often have some kind of mutation giving them unusual powers. It has become important to have one or two of these type in hostel areas to provide a show of straight. The only draw back with clones is there short life spand.

The Philadecion main adversaries at this moment in time are the K.A.T. as well as the Naruni Enterprises. The K.A.T. have not yet taken the Earth, but do pose a problem for them and there take over of the planet. The Naruni have a bad habit of selling to the other side whenever they try to take over a planet. The Naruni see the Philadecion as a block in there attempt to sell there products through out the galaxy. The Philadecion are pleased that the Naruni have shown no interest in the Earth as of yet, and seem to be unaware of its even existence.