S.N.A.I.L. O.C.C.
Special Pilot

In order to get any troops to any place, you must have someone to take them there. Space is the hardest place to get to, so a dedicated flyer was required. This is not simply an auto pilot, but has to be someone who can evade enemy fire, as well as return it.

These are not your normal run of the mill pilots that you might find working at the airport or even for some militaries. These guys and gals spend every waking hour training in flight simulators, doing combat drills, and getting to know their vehicle. They are fearless in dog fights, and would do maneuvers most would be afraid to even try. They have become one with their craft.

A minimum IQ: 10, PS: 12, PP: 12, and PE: 14. A strong mental and physical stature are required for this kind of work. A High ME and MA are recommended, but not required.

Because of the nature of the work, and the special training that is involved agents get the following bonus:
+1 PS, +2 PP, +4 PE, +4 vs. horror factor, and +15% to PER.
Starting SDC: 35.
Squad Type(s): GamaBetaAlphaOmega

Special: Because of their years of training with vehicles, they get to add in their PP bonus to dodge when using one specific vehicle. It takes at least six months to break in a new vehicle. Untill it is broken in they get no extra bonuses.

O.C.C. Skills:
Swimming: Advanced
Radio Basic (+10%)
Computer Operations
Vacuum Survival*
Zero Gravity Movment*
Orbital Navigation*
Interplanetary Navigation*
EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) (+5%)*
Body Building
Pilot Space Craft: Advanced (+15%)*
Shit to Ship Combat (+10%)*
Pilot: Hover Craft (+15%)
Pilot: Select Two of Choice (+15%)
Read Sensory Equipment
Weapon Systems
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Knife
W.P. One of Choice
HTH: Basic
Note: HTH: Basic can be exchanged for HTH: Martial Arts at the cost of two other skill.

* If you don't want to be a Space Pilot, replace the marked skills with: Wilderness Survival, Navigation: LAW, Pilot: Combat Driving (+10%), Pilot: Combat Helicopter (+15%), Pilot: Jet Fighter (+15%), and two "other" skills of choice.

O.C.C. Related: Select four "other" skills.
Communication: Any. (+5%)
Computer: None.
Domestic: Any.
Electrical: Basic Only.
Espionage/Military: None.
Mechanical: Basic Only.
Medical: First Aid Only.
Physical: Any except Gymnastics and Wrestling.
Pilot: Any. (+15%)
Pilot Related: Any. (+15%)
Science: Mathematics: Advanced.
Technical: Any.
Wilderness: Any.
Weapon Proficiencies: Any.

Select six Secondary skills, two more at 3rd, and 6th, one at 9th and 12th. All secondary skills start at their base level. 1