Heavy Armor

Heavy Armor


PTic-Steel, or Plastic Steel is a direct cousin to Flex-Steel. The two types of armor are made from similar stuff, but come out with different ends. PTic-Steel is not as strong and can not be made used in as many ways as Flex-Steel. It is just as light weight if not lighter, and will still give a good amount of protection.

PTic-Steel was actually a by-product of Flex-Steel, more of a waist product that just happened. It is not ment to replace Flex-Steel, but to be an additional part to the choices any team might have. The main reason it has been brought into major production is the results of a request from team Alpha.Twenty-Four.Seven. This team encountered a human with the ability to manipulate magnetics, and there-for the team was helpless agenst him, as everything they had on them was made of some kind of metal that could be used agenst them.

Currently there is only one form of PTic-Steel in used, and that is the heavy version. It is not yet strong enough to me molded into weapons, or cybernetics. Special ammunition is even being made from it as an alternative to metal rounds. One unseen bonus from the armor is that it has a natural heat dampening effect. Thermal imagers and other devices that would track a person by heat are some how blocked by this armor. It is in the works to make a special coating of the PTic-Steel for armor, vehicles and other equipment to help reduce its heat admissions.

PTic-Steel Heavy Armor: The Heavy armor is similar to the Heavy Flex-Steel, except that it is not as form fitting. But it does cover every inch of the body in order to maximize its special properties. A helmet is a standard part of the armor, along with a facemask of some kind. The armor is almost fully environmental. It was not seen as an important aspect of heavy combat armor on Earth.
S.D.C.: 200 A.R.: 18 Weight: 12 lb.
Special: The PTic-Steel has a special property that it can not be seen by any type of thermal imagery.
Cost: Not for Sale. No one outside of S.N.A.I.L. has ever seen or heard of it.
Note: The armor takes about twice to three times as long to put on as it does Flex-Steel, because of all of the plates and pannels that have to be put into place. It is not unlike putting on a suit of knights armor, without the added weight.