Superhuman Secret Containment Prison

In response to the growing number of mutants and alien activity on the planet Earth, it became evident that some kind of containment area was needed in order to house them for save keeping, as well as for further studies.

The prison was built off the coast of Texas. It is designed, from the out side, to look like a normal oil rig. The "rig" is far enough away from sore as to not cause suspicion from on-lookers. The "rig" staff are all trained in the proper use and operations of an oil rig, and work at it each day as if it was functioning. Only upper staff really knows where they are, most of the guards do not know their own exact location. The staff that works here, lives here. New staff and crew are not brought on a constant schedule, but are brought randomly in order to simulate a normal goings on, but not to draw too much attention from onlookers. There is a helicopter pad on the upper deck from where they receive most of their deliveries. It is also capable of receiving boats and other sea transports. The rig also has several hidden gun implements and anti-insertion defenses.

The main section of the complex is stored under the sea bottom. The only ways into the complex are from the oil rig above or from a hidden underwater docking port. The underwater port is only used when large specialized equipment must be brought to the base. It can also be used in case of emergency escape if the base would be compromised. The access from the rig is a long pipe that runs from the platform to the station. From the outside this would look like the drilling equipment. From inside it is a high speed elevator system. The actual system has been modified and designed around the internal transport systems found in Sollreotin installations and vehicles. The elevator can take a person from the top to the bottom in a matter of seconds, rather then several minutes with normal elevators. Also with the great speed, there is no fear of the sudden stop. A special dampening field, also taken from the Sollreotins, is used to stop the elevator while at the same time keeping the passengers from being crushed by the force.

Location: Just South of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico.