Reverin Thomas Barton
Real Name: Reverin Thomas Barton
Alias/Code Name: None
First Appearance: Terror in the Mall
Alignment: Aberant
Hit Points: 32, S.D.C. 37
Weight: 200 lb., Height: 5'11", Age: 46
Attributes: I.Q. 19, M.E. 17, M.A. 14, P.S. 20, P.P. 15, P.E. 14, P.B. 21, Spd. 18
Disposition: He is a cold, tackful man. He beleaves his visions of the futre are all that matters, and anyone who doesn't beleave in his vision must be an enemy.
Experience Level: 4
Combat Skills: Basic
Attacks Per Melee: 5
Bonuses: +3 to parry and dodge, +3 to roll, 1d6 Kick, +5 to Damage. When transformed he has supernatural strenght of 30and a Spd of 8. A total of +15 to damage, 2d6 from a resistant punch, 4d6 from a full punch, and 1d4x10 from a power punch.
Other Bonuses: +1 vs insanity, +5% to all skills, PER: 49%
Super Power Category: Mutant
Major Super Abilities: Alter Physical Structure Metal SDC 800 AR 17.
Minor Super Abilities: None
Side-Effect: Small 2 inch horns on his head.
Educational Level: 4 years of College
Scholastic Bonus: +20%
Skills of Note:
Secondary Skills: Athletics, speak Spanish, French, German, Japanies, W.P. Auto Pistol, Navigation: LAW, Piolot Car, Forgery, Piolot Truck, Pick Locks,
Appearance: He keeps his head shaved and smooth, as well as keeping his horns very well polished. Other then his horns he looks like your average man. (See Image)
Occupation: Leader of the Brother Hood.
Weapons: Any he has skill in, but would rather use his own strength.
Vehicle: Any that is avalible to him.
Body Armor: None.
Money: Unknow.