Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose is a drug that is being created by an alien frog-like race called the Sollreotin. Crystal Rose is a drug that is quickly finding its way on to the streets and into the hands of the people of Earth. It is very addictive, as well as have some strange side effects. Users can be spotted by the crystal shine on there forehead. The drug comes in small thing tubs about the size of a cigarette. It is then broken open and the contents are smeared over the forehead. This gives the user a slow and steady stream of the drug. It is the belief of S.N.A.I.L. that this drug is being used as an attempted to undermined the strength of the human race.
Duration: 2d4 Hours
Cost: About $60 a stick, sometimes more.
1. Insanity: Unsettles the psyche, resulting in temporary insanity. At first, the craziness wears off when the drug does, but frequent and long-term users of more then six months, will become permanently insane. All of them tend to be suspicious of others and prone to acts of violence and cruelty (anti-social).
2. Heightened Awareness Reflexes: +1 attack per melee round, +4 on initiative, +3 to strike, +4 to parry and dodge, +6 to save vs. horror factor (fearless unless insanity dictates otherwise), +6 to PS, +10 to Spd, and can leap 10+1d4 feet, fatigues at 20% the normal rate and has additional +1d4x10 SDC. All bonuses and increases are temporary and disappear when the drug's duration lapses.
3. Hyper: The character becomes full of energy and endurance, no need to sleep or eat (this effect last 3x the normal duration). Unfortunately, the need to release the energy usually results in physical violence. Daredevil stunts are also a way these crazies vent energy; leaping from rooftops and speeding in vehicles are common.
4. Addiction, Side-Effect & Penalties: Crystal-Rose is instantly addictive to humans, requiring daily fixes. Permanent insanity occurs after six months of use. The user also has trouble sleeping and must eat more frequently to compensate for the energy that is burning up. Penalties: Reduce PB, PE, and MA by 20%. Most addicts will die within 2d4 years. Many aren't aware of this yet, but if they do, it will only add to their reckless and violent life style. 1