SN-17 Auto Cannon
SN-17 Auto Cannon

This is a weapon that was only possible through the mixture of alien technology and modern knowledge.

This weapon is a very large rifle that holds three-spinning barrels that fire each "round" using a special magnetic system. Each "round" is actually a collection of several smaller rounds that when fired from the weapon will punch a hole strait threw almost any protection. The weapon is so powerful that it is required to use two hands. There is also a knife that will extend from under the barrel. Can be used to parry attackers who have swords or knives.

Range: 1700 ft.
Gun Damage: 2d4x10
Ammo: 20 rounds per Clip
Knife Damage: 1d6+3
Note: The gun requires a Strength of 24 to use with both hands, or a 60 with only one.

Game Note: Skill needed for gun is W.P. Heavy. Gun is always considered to be firing in burst mode, (i.e. +1 to strike with Skill, or -6 to strike without). Also trying to fire the weapon without the required strength will result in a -4 to strike, pull an additional -1 to strike for each point below the minimum strength. NO other bonuses apply. Also each time the weapon is fired the person must make a balance check at -15% plus -5% for each point below the minimum strength, in order to keep from being knocked down by the blast and loosing one attack and initiative.
Example: John has a PS of 18, and tries to fire the gun with both hands. He is a -10 to strike, and has a -45% to his balance roll.