SN-17L Auto Cannon Light

Auto Cannon Light

This weapon is smaller, lighter version of the SN-17. This weapon was specifically built for use in space, and to be used by the S.N.A.I.L. Shell Armored Battle Suit. The weapon is so powerful that it is required to use two hands. There is also a knife that will extend from under the barrel. Can be used to parry attackers who have swords or knives.

Range: 1950 ft.
Gun Damage: 1d4x10
Ammo: 40 rounds per Clip or 200 per belt and drum.
Knife Damage: 1d6+3
Note: The gun requires a strength of 20 to use with both hands, or a 45 with only one. If an ammo belt and drum are used, the user will only need a 30 strength to use the weapon one handed because the drum and belt are mounted to the armor of the user, and reduce the weight on the weapon.
Game Note: Skill needed for gun is W.P. Heavy. Gun is always considered to be firing in burst mode, (i.e. +1 to strike with Skill, -6 to strike without). Also trying to fire the weapon without the required strength will result in a -3 to strike, plus an additional -1 to strike for each point below the minimum strength. NO other bonuses apply. Also each time the weapon is fired the person must make a balance check at -15% plus -5% for each point below the minimum strength, in order to keep from being knocked down by the blast and loosing one attack and initiative.
Example: John has a PS of 18, and tries to fire the gun with both hands. He is a -5 to strike, and has a -25% to his balance roll.