Space Armor

Space Armor

Specialty Armor

Specialty armors are suits of armor that have one main purpose in mind, and are normally utilized in that one area. They are not as universal as normal Flex-Steel, but are extremely functional in their one area of design.

Flex-Steel Environmental Armor or Space Armor: This is something that was developed first as space combat armor, but has also great applications on the ground in toxic environments. Like a normal space suit, this has a separate oxygen supply that can last up to 2 hours, as well as radiation and temperature control systems. The suit has five separate layers, so that if the first layer is broken, then there are still four more that can protect the user.

This is also the first suit to combine PTic-Steel and Flex-Steel together. The suit has been given a special outer coating as well as an inner coating of PTic-Steel in order to make it more thermal resistant. The suit will help to mask the users heat signature from anyone using thermal optics or scanners.

The suit also uses two separate helmets. This is, if the first helmet is damaged or gets broken the person will not have there face exposed. The suit is self healing, and even if punctured it can seal the hole very fast, preventing any damage to the user. Unlike most space suits this armor is less bulky, and is slightly easier to move in.
S.D.C.: Main Body 175; Dome Helmet 25; Second Helmet 15 A.R.: 17 Weight: 17 lb.
Note: A called shot to the Dome is -3. To the second helmet is a -4 because it is a small target.
Special: When in combat in space or toxic environments if the A.R. is penetrated, that means the suit has been breached in some way. As long as 50% of the armor remains, the suit can still seal the small holes, protecting the user from exposure. But once you go below that, every time the A.R. is penetrated the user will suffer from exposure.
Cost: Not for Sale. No one outside of S.N.A.I.L. has ever seen or heard of it.
Note: The suit is large and requires about an hour to two hour to put on properly because of all the special seals and locking rings. There is also a -15% prowl penalty in the suit, as well as a -2 to strike, parry and dodge. This is a small price to pay for the great reward it gives. A special oxygen pack can be added that extends the air supply to about ten hours, as well as jet packs can be added, but these will also add weight.

Submersible Aquatic Attack Suit (SAAS): This armor is the exclusive armor of S.N.A.I.L.s Special Aquatic Combat Units, or SACU. It looks like a normal wet suit. The armor itself covers the entire body including the hands, feet and head. The suit is treated to allow almost total silent movement within water, as well as great speed. This same treatment has given the suit an unique ability to be almost totally invisible to thermal sensors and optics when traveling in or out of water. It gives the person the ability to stay comfortable in temperatures of -60 to 150, but offers no extra protection from cold or heat attacks. The armor is also acid resistant giving the warier extra time to escape.
S.D.C.: 55 A.R.: 17 Weight: 7 lb.
Cost: Not for Sale. No one outside of S.N.A.I.L. has ever seen or heard of it.
Game Terms: The suit gives a person a +25% to their prowl skill when moving in and out of water. There is also a +30% to their swimming or SCUBA skill when using the suit. Because the suit is almost friction less when in water, the user's swimming speed is doubled. Thermal optics and sensors can not see the user as long as the suit retains at least 75% of it original armor.
Note: As long as the suit is at least 35% intact then the user will keep the above bonuses.