Special Energy Weapons

Energy weapons are a very useful weapon, but can easily be picked out from any normal fire arm. So the development of special disguised energy weapons was not far off. S.N.A.I.L. took the standard fire arms and had them changed to energy weapons. Currently Laser weapons are the only ones that are available. The are easier to convert in looks, as well as they do not require such great power demand. They may look like normal fire arms, but once they are fired it is easy to tell that they are not your normal weapon. One additional advantage with some of the weapons, notably the rifles, is that standard extras can be added. Such as a grenade launcher or large scope. One draw back is that they require specially built E-Clips, that must look like the normal clips you would find in the gun.

Laser Weapons

9 mm Bereta "Look" Laser Pistol
Range: 800 ft.
Damage: 3d6+5
Ammo: 10 rounds per clip.
Rate of Fire: Single.

Sniper/Hunting "Look" Laser Rifle
Range: 4000 ft.
Damage: 4d6+5
Ammo: 20 rounds per clip.
Rate of Fire: Single.

M-16 "Look" Laser Pulse Rifle
Range: 4000 ft.
Damage: 3d6+5 or 1d4x10+10
Ammo: 21 rounds per clip, (a triple pulse uses 3 shots).
Rate of Fire: Single or three round burst.

Note: Only on a complete physical examination of the weapon will reveal that it is a laser weapon, and not a normal fire arm, or until it is fired.