Stun Nightstick

Most of the police force of New Hope Minnesota is run by undercover S.N.A.I.L. agents. And it became evident that a special weapon for these agents was necessary to help them subdue, or apprehend dangerous individuals. The Stun Nightstick, or "Night Night" Stick, as it has been called by some agents, was mainly engineered as a tool agents superpowered or chemically enhanced people. People under the effects of Crystal Rose become extremely strong, as well as agitated, and in order to help these people without killing them, this weapon needed to be created.

The Stun Nightstick looks like a normal police nightstick in every way, even with close examination, you would be unable to tell. With in the handle of the weapon are several pressure points, when squeezed correctly will activate the stun abilities of the weapon. This some what complex activation was developed so that any normal person not used to the weapon, or told how it functioned would be almost unable to activate it. The power supply comes from a specially modified E-Clip. This E-Clip is actually the small bar that comes away from the nightstick. This E-Clip is screwed into the weapon, so that it can not be pulled out, or damaged during use as a normal nightstick.

When activated, the Nightstick will glow a light blue color from the tip down to about the E-clip or T-bar. The glow is not totally obvious, unless you are holding it, or it is very close to you. This glow is the stun field that it produces. Any person coming into contact with this field will feel the effects of the stun.

Damage: 1d8 + PS bonus from club. See Special for stun effects.
Ammo: 15 rounds per Clip.
Bonus to Strike: It is so well balanced that there is a +1 to strike, plus any PP bonus or bonus from W.P. Blunt.

Special: If the target or victim is struck or the stun field comes into contact with them, they will have to make a save vs. non-lethal poison (16 or Better) or become dazed and suffer a -10 to strike, parry and dodge, as well as loosing two attack per melee. The effects last for 1d4 melees. All additional effects are cumulative, including the duration. Once the victim no longer has any attacks left he will fall unconscious. The stun field will penetrate any modern armor, as well as exoskeletons. Only full body armor that have been radiation shielded will not be effected, normal radiation suits, as long as they are full body, also apply. Once the suit has been breached, or the person inside is exposed in some way, then the stun field will take effect. When dealing with cyborgs, they also have a chance of being stunned, but they get a +4 to save sence most of there body is replaced with cybernetic parts. (GMs may want to raise or lower this bonus based on the amount of cybernetic parts a player has).

Note: Trying to parry an active stun nightstick is possible sence only a small portion is not effected by the stun field, but it is difficult. If parrying with a weapon of some kind there is no chance of being stunned, but if one tries to parry with an arm or leg, there is a good chance of still suffering from the stun field. (-4 to parry the field, if the victim does not parry the field, but does parry the club itself, they will only take the chance of being stunned, and not the 1d8 + PS damage.)

Example: Johnny is being attacked by a S.N.A.I.L. agent who has a stun nightstick. The agent, using the stun field, strikes at Johnny. Johnny goes to parry with his arm. Johnny rolls a 15 with bonuses, the Agent gets a 13 with bonuses. Sence Johnny has a -4 to parry the stun field he is struck by the field, but sence his roll was over that of his attacker, he does not take the damage from the nightstick itself. Johnny now must make a save vs. Non-Lethal poison. Johnny rolls a 14 with bonuses. He is stunned. The GM secretly rolls for how long. He rolls 4 melees. The combat continues until Johnny is unconscious, wins or runs away.