New Super Powers

New Major Powers
Alter Physical Structure: Demi-God

New Minor Power
Body Spikes
Energy Expulsion: Energy Weapon
Kinetic Resistance

New Major Power
Alter Physical Structure: Demi-God

This power gives the person the ability to transform himself into a powerful god like being, of great strength and speed.

1. Winged Flight:
Speed: 180 mph + 10 per level
+4 to dodge when hovering or flying less then 80 mph.
+6 to dodge when flying over 90 mph.
Wings Look:
Good Alignment: White Feathered Wings
Selfish Alignment: Insect Wings
Evil Alignment: Dark Leather Wings
Note: See Winged Flight; Minor, for details on penalties and SDC of wings.

2. Aura of Good/Evil: This is a radius of the character's power of good/evil that comes from within.
Effect: This power creates an effect not unlike the spell Fear. The only real difference is that the power is targeted, around the character, and will follow him wherever he goes. There is a 20 ft. radius around the character, and when anyone entering this area who is considered an enemy, or attacks the character must save vs. a horror factor of 16 or suffer the same effects as the spell Fear. But those people friendly to the character will gain a bonus of +1 to strike, parry, and dodge, and a +1 to all saves, but only as long as they remain in the area of effect, and are known friends. When activated, the character will shine with a glow that will radiate out to 20 ft.
Note: Activating the aura does not cost an attack.

3. Energy Discharge: The Demi-God has three different types of energy discharge. Each one is different and the effects are the same weather the character is good or evil.

Stun Ring: This is a small light blue ring of energy that come from the characters hands, and will shoot out and strike its target.
Range: 110 ft.
Damage: 2d6 SDC
Duration: 2d4 Melees
Attacks per Melee: Equal to character's number of attacks.
Special: Target must save vs. Non Lethal poison or suffer a -1 to attack, -3 to strike, parry, and dodge, and -10% to speed. Effects are not cumulative.
Bonus: +1 to strike.

Electrical Bolt: A bolt of electricity that comes from either the hands or eyes.
Range: 600 ft.
Damage: 6d6 SDC
Attacks per Melee: Equal to character's number of attacks.
Bonus: +3 to strike.

Discharge of Devastation: A gigantic bolt of bright white energy that comes from either the hands or eyes.
Range: 1100 ft.
Damage: 3d6 * 10 SDC
Attacks per Melee: This attack uses all the character's attacks to use, and must be done at the beginning of the melee.
Special: Once this attack is done, the character is so drained, that he is unable to defend himself from any attack, he can not dodge or parry. And in addition he has a -6 to all saving throws.
Bonus: +3 to strike.

4. Superhuman Strength: Same as Minor Power.

5. Minor Regeneration: Will heal 2d6 SDC/HP per Melee. That's 8d6 per minute!

6. Physical Change: The characters physical features will change to match the new found power that comes with the transformation. The character will gain 2d6 inches in height, gain 50 lbs. of mussel, the body will be that of physical perfection, and the characters face will even change. He will no longer look like the person he once was.
Good Alignment: Raise PB to 20 and add 2d6
Selfish Alignment: Reduce PB by 1d4
Evil Alignment: Reduce PB by 2d6

The character will take double damage from cold iron (pure iron), holy weapons or rune weapons of a different alignment, and weapons or wounds from millennium trees.

Other Bonuses:
The character also has the ability to do damage to creatures, like vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc., that can only be hurt by special things, (Fire, silver, magic), but he will only do half damage.
+140 SDC
+1 Attacks
+5 to Strike
+4 to Parry and Dodge
+4 to save vs. Poisons/Toxins
+6 to save vs. Psionics
+2 to save vs. Magic
+9 to save vs. Horror Factor

Note: These powers and abilities are only in effect when the character is transformed into the Demi-God. Like all A.P.S. powers, it takes one attack action to transform.

New Minor Power

Body Spikes:

This minor power covers the persons body with large bony spikes. The power is activated by the user when ever they want to. As will all transformation powers, it costs one attack to change. The spikes will rip through clothing, armor, or anything else the person has on. The spikes are EVERY place. The only section that is not covered is a small section on the face. The user does not have control of where the spikes will come, they just come. If the user has a shape change, alter physical body, or alter physical features, then the mutant can effect where his spikes are at anytime, but he will not have the full AR.

The good part is that anytime someone attacks you, they will be hit by the spikes. For every physical hit roll 2d4 to see how many spikes the person hit, and then roll that damage to the person. If mutant was hit with a weapon, the weapon will take the damage. Metal swords, knives, ect are not effected because they are too strong to be broken by the spikes. The metal weapons will skip off the spikes more easily, so when using a metal weapon the mutants AR is +2. Wooden weapons will become stuck or attach to the mutant. This is good and it is bad. If the attacker fails a strength check, then the weapon is stuck, and he must spend an attack to retrieve it, if he makes it, then no attack action is need. Spikes have an effective PS of 1/4 the mutants with a minimum of 15. If a spike is broken off, one instantly grows back to take its place until the mutant is dead or knocked out. Once knocked out the mutant will go back to normal. The mutant can not take off his spikes, that would hurt, as well as doing damage to himself.

SDC: +35, AR: 13
Horror Factor: 13
Damage: 1d4 points per Spike
Body Block: 2d4 Spikes + 1d4 (Body Block damage) + PS Damage Bonus
Arm Swipe/Close Line: 2d6 Spikes + PS Damage Bonus
Grab/Squeeze: 6d6 Spikes + PS Damage Bonus (First attack). PS Damage Bonus (All Others). *
Punch: 4d4 (4 spikes) + 1d4 (Punch damage) + PS Damage Bonus
Power Punch: (4d4 Spikes + 1d4 (Punch damage) + PS Damage Bonus) x 2 (Counts as two attacks).
Penalties The spikes make it difficult to perform skills that require a delicate hand, -25% to any such skill.
Note: The extra SDC is at all times, but the AR is only when all the spikes are out. The punch is a closed fist, and not an open palm like most martial art strikes. The power punch is a double fisted attack.

* The Grab/Squeeze will only do the spike damage from the first squeeze, but a grind attack can be done for 4d4*10 per attack! Basically this is a meat grinder. The victim can try and escape at anytime (Like with any normal Grab attack), but they have an increased chance, because the attack isn't holding them as tight Give them a +10 bonus to their escape/strength check roll. At this point only natural AR apply (Roll attack as normal, but without any strike bonuses), all damage will first be subtracted from the armor, and then from the person. People of good alinements will never use the grind attack. When the mutant is using this attack, if he wants to do any defensive action, he must let got of his victim.

Energy Expulsion: Energy Weapon:

This character can form powerful melee weapons out of pure energy! The weapon can be any type of normal hand held melee weapon, from a small knife to a large axe. As long as the weapon remains in the hands of the character, the weapon will stay, but once he drops it, it is gone, and must be recreated.
Range: 1200 ft. (bow only).
Damage: 2d6 + 1d6 per level.
Special: Like all Energy Expulsions, at 3rd level the character can very the amount of damage. And depending on the amount of damage will determine the size of the weapon. A small dagger like weapon will do 1d6, a large axe might do 5d6. At level 4 the character can create an energy bow to fire large bolts of pure energy. But the damage of the bolt is half the maximum damage (round down). But you can still do damage with the blunt bow part as well. At 6th level the character can create two weapons splitting the damage between the two weapons The user is considered to have Paired weapons with them. In this case, the damage of the weapons can be split in anyway the user wants.
Example: A 6th level hero can do 8d6, she creates a bow that can do 4d6 with the bolt, but if she used the bow to smash down on someone, it would also do 4d6.
Duration: As long as the character holds onto the weapon it will last, until he drops it, or is knocked out.
Attacks per Melee: It costs one attack to create the weapon, but at 6th level it no longer does. When making the split weapons will always cost one attack. Once the weapon is created the character can use it for as many attacks as the character has.
Bonuses: +3 to strike with the weapon, as well as any other HTH strike bonuses or parry, and any WP bonuses. Starting at 3rd level the character can add a +1 to strike at the cost of 1d6 of damage, to a max. of an additional +3 to strike. When dealing with the bow or the split weapons, the attack that loses the damage, is the attack that gets the bonus to strike.

Kinetic Resistance:

This power makes the mutant extremely resistant to all kinetic based attacks. They take no physical damage from the first 20 points of kinetic attacks in a melee round. Kinetic attacks beyond 20 points does only half damage. The mutant is resistant to kinetic attacks like punches, kicks, falls, explosives, projectiles, ect. He will take full damage from energy, psionic, and magic attacks. (Telekinetic attacks are a physical manifestation, and are considered a kinetic attack).

Created by: WhytRavn

This power increases the life span by a factor of 7 (ex: avg. human life span is 70 yr., therefore the person with this power will live an avg. of 490 yr.). This power also increases resistance to disease and natural toxins.

PE +1
ME +1
PB +1d4
Half damage from natural toxic gases and poisons; effects last half as long
+6 to save vs disease
+1d4 * 10 to SDC
+2 to save vs Horror Factor


A character with this power has the strange ability to be able to achieve the most impossible odds.

The power itself gives the character the natural ability to operate any vehicle or device, perform any skill, even if untrained, and break several laws of physics. The character has a 20% +4% per level, to perform any skill, or just have a "lucky" chance to do something. (IQ bonus does apply).

The power also lets the player effect or alter dice rolls. Basically this means the player can chance his to-hit roll, damage roll, a to save roll, a dodge or parry roll, any roll that takes place in combat. The player can use the power to re-roll any roll once per melee, plus an additional time at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15. When the roll is made the player has the option to re-roll it, but if they do not use their re-roll, it is lost for that melee. As always the player gets the choice to pick the better of the two rolls.

When dealing with skills, the player can not re-roll, but gets the option to use the power to "switch" the dice positions, i.e. If he rolled a 92% for a skill, and used the "luck" option, then the skill roll would now be a 29%. This can only be used once per attempt, and a failure is still subjected to the normal rules. This means if you have to make three successes, you can only use it once. In the event that the roll is doubles, like 55%, then the player can re-roll, but can not "switch" the positions on this new roll.

Note: The power to change die rolls can also be used on the GMs rolls when dealing with this character. The player can take the option to use his re-roll to re-roll the effects of something the GM did to the character.
Example: Johnny has the power of Luck. David tries to shoot Johnny from across the room. David rolls a 20! Well, Johnny uses his re-roll to have David re-roll his strike. David re-rolls and now he has rolled a 3. Johnny gets to pick which roll he wants, and he picks the 3.

All critical strikes done by the character are at x3 and not at x2 as normal. A critical failure will never result in something tragic for the character. Characters with this power will always get some kind of defensive action, most likely a dodge, even when surprised or from behind. It will always be the right kind of defensive action. They do not have time to tell anyone what is going on, but they will still get a chance to dodge out of the way.

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