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Supernatural Strength Chart
Breakage from Supernatural Strength
Supernatural Strength from Powers
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Supernatural Strength Chart
Resistant Punch/Full Strength Punch/Power Punch (Counts as Two Attacks).

51 >

41 - 50

36 - 40

31 - 35

26 - 30

21 - 25

16 - 20

15 <

Breakage from Supernatural Strength

With the new Heroes Unlimited book, and the introduction of Supernatural Strength it has become important to know just when strong, is TOO strong. When dealing with a person with extreme strength of any kind, you have to take into account that not all weapons and equipment can take the kind of damage they will dish out. There are some rules you must take into account when these mega strong characters use weapons to hit things. There are several types of quality ratings that must be taken into account when dealing with supernatural, and extremely high strength levels. Below is a quick reference list, and explanation.

Poor: These are easily broken objects, or old and damaged ones. Example: Glass, wooden chair, rusted sword, ect.
Damage Factor: x1.

Average: These are your standard K-Mart type weapons, or light metal objects. Example: Kitchen knife, metal folding chair, most factory manufactured swords and knifes, baseball bat, ect.
Damage Factor: x2.

Fine: These are medium strength metal objects. Example: Most hand forged metal swords, police billy-club, old fashion meat cleaver, ect.
Damage Factor: x3 or x4.

Excellent: These are heavy metal objects, or reinforced. Example: Craftsman tools, Flex-Steel weapons, steel I-beams, ect.
Damage Factor: x5 to x7.

Exceptional: These are the hardest to break, and hardest to find. As close as you can get to indestructible. Example: Depleted uranium rods, diamonds, ect.
Damage Factor: x10.

To determine if the object will break if the character uses it, you first must determine the quality. The based on the quality of the weapon, you then take the maximum possible damage the weapon can do, and multiply it by its damage factor listed above. (Example: An Average K-Mart hunting knife does 1d6 points of damage, it would take over 12 points to break it.) To see if the object has broken, roll your damage, and if it is more then the maximum damage the object can do times its damage factor, the weapon drops quality levels. For each time you exceed the maximum damage level in EACH attack, the quality level drops. If the weapon is used to attack again, use the new quality level for future checks.

Example: John has a fine quality knife, so the maximum damage capacity this weapon can take is 24. (maximum knife damage of 6, and a damage factor of x4), John has a Supernatural PS of 45. He takes the knife and stabs Billy, with it doing 73 points, (1d6 + 1d6x10 + 20). 73/24 = 3.04. The knife drops three classes and is now considered to be of Poor quality. The knife has been so damage that it is most likely destroyed.

A good rule of thumb is if the weapon drops more then two quality classes in one attack it is destroyed. Also if a weapon's quality class falls below Poor, it is automatically destroyed. GMs always have the right to determine the quality, and durability of any weapon. Also when people use objects like chairs, car doors, and thing like that you can either use the quality chart, or just use the amount of SDC the object has, and if they go beyond that its destroyed and useless.

Supernatural Strength from Powers

Because of the new Heroes Unlimited book, Supernatural Strength is now just one power away. But I think the power is just too big for my champagne. I am using the suggestion from the Scrapers book for using SN in my game. All the powers are rolled as normal, except that I have removed the Supernatural Strength power from my game all together.

Extraordinary Physical Strength:

Superhuman Strength:
Take the first 30 points of the strength, and for every 5 points after that, add one point to 30 and that is your new supernatural strength. ((PS - 30)/5) + 30
Note: For me, I add the skill bonuses after I raise the PS.

Some powers give you Supernatural Strength, or Superhuman Strength. They are:

APS: Metal or Stone: Superhuman Strength. (Only when transformed)
Invulnerability: Superhuman Strength.
Bio-Armor: Superhuman Strength. (Only when transformed)

Note: Basically if the power does not state it, you don't get it. Only the power house powers give you this advantage. Also if the power says you get Supernatural Strength, you do not get the power Supernatural Strength, you just take their strength as is, but count it as Supernatural.

Robots and Exoskeletons can have Supernatural strength, only if they are larger then man size (they need the space for the extra power). They have to buy the reinforced frame, and they buy their strength starting at zero and not ten, as well as paying three times as much for each point. Also in my game a robot or exoskeleton can not have a total strength of more then fifty, Supernatural or normal.

Strength Checks and Supernatural Strength

Strength checks are simply when two people try to use shear force, or strength to move or break free of an object. It breaks down like this:
If two people with equal strength types try to out mussel each other you roll a 20 sider, and add their PS number to it. Higher wins. In this case a natural 20 means nothing special. When dealing with one person of a higher level then the other, you take it like this:
Normal PS: PS + 20 sider
Superhuman PS: PS*1.5 + 20 sider
Supernatural PS: PS*2 + 20 sider
Note: If you are dealing with a player with Superhuman, and the other has Supernatural you can just treat the Superhuman as normal and the Supernatural as Superhuman. (Lost?) Its easy. For every level above the stronger is above the weaker, you add on an extra .5 of their total PS.

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