Time Line of Team Beta.Six.Two

It Fell from the Sky - March 15th, 1997
Team Beta.Six.Two is formed after Beta.Six.One was wiped out during a mission that went wrong. Team encountered its first alien. They also saw their first user of Crystal Rose, Johnny Showanga. Agthork lost his left arm up to the elbow, and Mephisto's face was scared. Agthork later suffered from fear of Aliens because of this.

Can I have a Cherry Squishy?? - April 3rd, 1997
The Viper and Mephisto where on leave, waiting for Agthork to get better. They stopped a robbery of a Quickie-mart. The people attacking where all teenagers who where on Crystal Rose. They learned that the New Hope Police are controlled by S.N.A.I.L.

Crash Landing - May 5th, 1997
The team gained a new member, Hacker, and they took several members of an Alpha team, and captured many members of some frog race. Later they would learn that the race was called Sollreotin. The team would also see what unrefined Crystal Rose looked like. Hacker would volunteer for genetic enhancement, and live threw it.

Terror in the Mall - May 20th, 1997
Team would enter a horror movie. Meet Captain, and later have him join the team. They also met a reporter who had mutant powers. They would get their first taste of the Brotherhood, and the great Reverend. After the mission the team would go threw debriefing, and the reporter would be considered too dangerous to let live, and would be destroyed.

The Big Hunt - June 20th, 1997
The team would gain a new member, Menagerie. They would go and investigate the home of the Reverend, but would hit a trap. They would loose the van, as well as Agthork loosing his left arm, and his left lung. The team would now see what a great threat the Brotherhood can be. Later a second team would be sent in to retrieve the van and destroy the town. They would not be able to retrieve all the items.

Wrong Turn - June 27th, 1997
Hacker and Captain where sent to investigate a possible alien landing. On there drive back, they experienced an event that knocked out all the power in there car. When they went to investigate the event, they found several large man sized bird-like things coming out of a man made portal. They stopped them, but are still unsure how it happened. The company SyroFlex was responsible. Investigations are still on going. (Solo Mission).

Super Who? - July 21st, 1997
The team is sent to find out about a strange super hero in a small town of Springfield. The team meets its new most hated enemy, Spike. Spike tears into the team without stopping. Viper is possessed and manages to cripple Menagerie before he is released. The entire team is almost lost, if it hadn't been for Power Force showing the team would have been lost. Super Guy is never brought in. The team takes some needed rest to heal.

What's in the Box? - September 3rd, 1997
The team gains a new member, Crusher. The team is sent to retrieve an unknown item, which turns out to be a biological weapon. They run into Spike again, and do there best to kill him, but fail. Captain meets Sergeant for the first time in his new form, and has to find out what he knows. After the mission, Captain abandons the group when they return home, and he is now some where looking for Sergeant.

Night of the Body Snatchers - September 17th, 1997
The team gets a new member to replace Captain, her name is Glory. The team is sent to find out about some unusual deaths. When the team gets there they discover that an undead zombie is killing people with the help of some gremlins. They also find clues that point to a vampire's involvement. The team also finds an open grave that seemed to belong to Captain.

One Boring Night - October 2nd, 1997
The team is sent to stakeout a man who is believed to be involved with selling strange and unusual artifacts to the Brotherhood. The team watches and then capture the man, but before they can get information from him he is killed by an invisible foe. The team work through some puzzles and clues and find the location for the artifact. Before they can open the box that holds that artifact a new foe, calling itself The Crimson Overlord, attack led by a woman called Lady Death, they steal the object that they clamed to be theirs. The team exscapes, but without the object.

Belly of the Beast - October 31st, 1997
The team is sent to take out a Crystal Rose plant run by the Sollreotins, with the help of one of the members they captured. The team invades, but discovers that there are almost no people here, only a fraction of what should be. Hacker and Kermit discover some very important information, as well as a strange device. An accident happened there, that removed all the people. On there trip back after setting the explosives, they crew is involved in an accident that sends them to another dimension.

Threw the Looking Glass
The team is forced to travel threw time and dimensions in order to return home. What they see is unlike what they know, but still holds a moment of truth.

Ashes to Ashes - May 20th 2072
The team finds itself at the same place they where when the accident happened, but not at the same time. The sky is dark and strange, there are monsters and demonic creatures. Everything they have lived to protect is now gone, or may have never been. They find a man who seems to be from there time, a temporal physicist who says he can get them all home. They meet people they know from there time, but should not be here in this one. The team has set its sights on going to Area 51, the place where they think they can get the help they need.

A Trail Between two Cities - May 24th 2072
The team has started there trip toward Area 51, not knowing what they will find, or what is even out there. On the trip out there, the team's truck breaks down, and they are forced to find help to fix it. They meet a man from their world who has also become trapped here. The team plus there new friend make there way to a small village that has been having its people taken by unknown forces. The village's leader's son was taken by someone, and the team goes to find him. Menagerie is taken to the shaman, and discovers the shaman is him! Menagerie gives up his life so that the gift of Coyote can be past on to his own grandson. Crusher looses her arm to some blob like monster and Agthork takes her back to the village. The rest of the team fines a man-made lake, and a strange stone building. Inside the building they meet there old friend, Ventrail and his master, the vampire Angous Casanova. The team defeats the vampire, and saves the boy. The team is repaid by getting their truck fixed, and they stay a week so that the team can be fully rested.

Plays from the Past - May 31st 2072
The team returns to their quest to get to Area 51. Eric joined them on their trip. Fu Tung left, because he did not want to deal with the capitalist anymore. On their drive, they are run off the road by a car. That car crashes, and when the group searches it, they find a dead man, a strange glowing green orb, and strange symbol that looks like a cat's face. The group then comes across a blocked off area. They enter the area, and are surrounded by hundred of thousands of cats. The group finds something that looks like the sphinx. Entering they meet a humanoid cat that asks for the orb they have found, so they return it to him. The group sees a falling, burning space craft. They meet, and talk with the occupants of the craft. They help the wounded members of the space craft as they use their technology to fix the portal device. They are attacked by this worlds Captain, and the grandson of Spike. The group manages to escape through the portal, but it is damaged. Crusher dies during the trip through the portal.

The Price of Salvation - June 12th 934 PA
The group has found themselves in some kind of medieval age, in the middle of a strange forest. Agthork is about to bleed to death, and they are surrounded by many armed men and archers. The group surrendered to the men, and they where all taken back to the castle. While they where in the dungeon, a man came and told them the king wanted to speak with one of them. Viper talked with the King, and the King asked him if he would help him retrieve his lost love who had been kidnapped. He agreed and in return they would be given 1,000,000 in gold as well as there wizard would help them get home. The group was given food, equipment, and armor. On their trip to retrieve the future queen, they met a strange small green man, who gave McQuin an amulet that let them track down the girl. They also met a small slimy goblin who was being attacked by some Orcs. They saved him, and he showed them how to get into the castle where the girl was held. They managed to save the girl by attacking a dragon, and a troll. Viper lost his left arm in the fight.

The Coin has Two Sides - June 16th 934 PA
When the group returned they found the castle and the village burning. Asking what happened they where told a silver dragon attacked, killing and burning everything. Gomer was missing, and believed to be taken by the dragon. They team decided they need to find the dragon, and get Gomer back if they ever want to get home. The group talked with the King, and he said he could not give any real help, sence thier wizard had gone missing, and there healer was dead. He did give them a coin with the King's special seal. They took this coin to the next town where they where able to get some help, equipment, and information on the dragon's home. They found the dragon's home was a forgoten city barried within a mountain. Searching the moutain they found many strange things, and an old friend. The fight with the dragon lasted only a short time, with no loss of life. The group had to run for thier lives when the mountain exploded, tapping all the history and valuables inside.

A Friend in Need - June 22th 934 PA
Gomer is very sick, and needs help. The young healer they found can do nothing for him, they need to return to the wizard and see what can be done. Without Gomer no one can work the equipment that can bring them home.(Mission hasn't happened yet).