Voice Augmentation System

This device was created as a means to alter human vocal cords, so that they could sound like someone else. The original model was a small handheld unit about the size of a modern pager. This was good if the person you where talking to couldn't see you. But this provided a problem for agents that had to interact with someone, but needed to keep up this illusion. The new V.A.S. unit is about the size of a quarter, and it has a hole running threw the middle. Many of the agents who have to use them reefer to them as the lifesaver flavor that will make you loose your lunch. This is because the new unit must be swallowed; apon which time it will lodge itself in the thought of the user, and stay there. For first time users they have the natural reaction to want to gag or throw-up. The current unit can only be programmed with one type of voice pattern at a time. To remove the device, simply place your thumb and forefinger on either side of your thought and squeeze, this will cause the V.A.S. to release and come spitting out of your throat.

The unit can be programmed with any number of human accents, or vocal quirks. It is most commonly used to make a woman sound like a man, or a man sound like a woman. It can also be used to imitate a voice, but only one that has been studied for a great deal of time, and with large supply of audio recordings of the voice. Voice prints are as unique as finger prints, so if anyone does a voice annualizes on a person using the V.A.S. they will know it is not really the same person.

Game Terms: The device give an agent a 89% to imitate a type of voice that has been programmed; i.e. man to woman, woman to man, French or English accent. There is only an 80% to imitate a real person if there is small amount of recordings of his/her voice. There is a 92% to copy the voice if there is 100 plus hours of vocal recording on that person.

Note: The longer one uses the device the greater chance they have of coughing it up. An agent should not use the device for more then two or three minutes of constant talking. It also can not be switched on and off, once inside it is on. Drinking water or other fluids will help to keep the irritation of the device down. An agent should not use it for more then four to five hours of total use, because it could cause permanent damage to the vocal cords.