Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels

The persona of Jack the Ripper is unknown to most agents and Jack spent 5 years of psychological therapy to loose his killing nature. He kills now only when ordered, not for pleasure or sport. He gave up the name when he was exicuted for the murder of 125 victems which occured in the span of only 3 years. He was sentenced to death, which was faked by S.N.A.I.L. and was then reformed to become an agent. Legally, Jack Diamond is classified as deceased. The persona, Jack of Diamonds is a well known Jewel thief who was captured and imprisoned for 2 days until he escaped. The Persona, Jack Daniels, is a reformed Killer. He follows his orders and has no problems killing. He is unstable as a team player, but will not hurt the team in anyway if possible. His future is limited and he must make sure that he doesn't make any mistakes. Jack is very unstable. S.N.A.I.L. monitors his action to make sure he doesn't go overboard with the wetworks.

Real Name: Jack Diamond
Alias/Code Name: Jack Daniels
First Appearance:
Alignment: Anarchist
Hit Points: 33, S.D.C. 178
Weight: 240 lb., Height: 6'5", Age: 35
Attributes: I.Q. 21, M.E. 22, M.A. 19, P.S. 35, P.P. 34, P.E. 29, P.B. 12, Spd. 52/310
Disposition: Enjoy hunting down and killing his prey. Is mentally unstable, but a cold heartless killer.
Experience Level: 2
Combat Skills: Expert
Attacks Per Melee: 7/8
Bonuses: +12 to strike, +23 to dodge, +22 to parry, +14 to roll, and +20 to damage
Other Bonuses: +8 to inish, +4 vs. Psionic/Inscanity, +48% vs. Coma/Death, +10 vs. Poison/Magic, Trust/Intimidate 55%, and PER:69%. Jack has supernatural strength and does 2d6 on resist punch, 5d6 on full punch, and 1d6x10 on a power punch.
Super Power Category: Mutant
Major Super Abilities: None
Minor Super Abilities: Heightened sence of hearing, healing factor, Ext: Strength, Ext: Speed, and Ext: Physical Prowess.
Side-Effect: Ambidextrous
Educational Level: Military Specialist
Scholastic Bonus: +20%
Skills of Note: Wrestling, Gymnastics, Boxing, Tracking 92%, Concealment 72%, Detect Concealment 82%, Escape Artist 82%, Intelligence 92%, Forgery 82%, WP: Heavy, Paired: Knives, and Target.
Secondary Skills: Body Building, Athletics, Prowl 72%, Running, Land Navigation 48%, Computer Operations 70%, Wilderness Survival 50%, Pick Locks 45%, Pilot: Car 88%, and Pilot: Truck 68%, WP: Auto Pistol, WP: Rifle, WP: Knife.
Appearance: (See Image)
Occupation: S.N.A.I.L. Agent
Weapons: Guantlets with Claws 3d4, Throwing Flex-Steel Blades (5) 1D4+1 (+1 to Strike when Thrown), Throwing Flex-Steel Knives (5) 1D6 +3 (+1 to Strike, +2 to Strike when Thrown), Stun Nightstick 1D8 (See Stun Nightstick for special effect.), Long Sword 3D6 (+2 to Strike), SN-21P: Explosive, Slugs, Standard (See SN-21P for ammo damage.), and CCG: 5D6
Vehicle: None
Body Armor: Either Light or Heavy Flex Steal armor.
Money: Standard S.N.A.I.L. pay; $2000 Bi-Monthly. Also $85,000 in diamonds stolen over 10 years ago and place in a Swiss Bank carried account, under the name: J.O.D.