The Average Warrior

First Appearance: Crash Landing
Alignment: Most are evil or selfish.
Hit Points: P.E. plus 2d6 per level, S.D.C. 1d4x10 plus that gained from skills.
Weight: 100 plus 2d4x10 lb., Height: 6 ft. plus 2d6 inches
Average Life Span: 80 years
Attributes: I.Q. 2d6+4, M.E. 3d6, M.A. 2d6, P.S. 4d6+4, P.P. 3d6, P.E. 5d6, P.B. 3d6, Spd. 6d6 (x2 swimming)
Disposition: They are a cold calculated warriors, not really trusting anyone, but always following orders, no mater what the cost to them.
Super Power Category: Hardware, Physical Training, or bionics. Less then 4% are psionic. There are no real mutants, because of the governments genetic breeding.
Natural Abilities: Nightvision 300 ft, swimming 88%, and can hold their breath for 3d4 minutes.
Special Weapons & Vehicles of Note: They can get a hold of almost any type of laser or ion weapon. Most warriors do not have vehicles of there own, but a squad might be assigned a hover transport, or a copy of an Earth ground vehicle when on Earth. Most Warriors are used as troops on ground defense or abroad transport space craft.
Educational Level: Equal to Special Military Training
Body Armor: Special Nonmagnetic Armor, SDC: 100/220 AR: 16/17.
Familiarity with Earth: They see Earth as a stepping stone. The average warrior knows little about the life on Earth. They know only what their leaders tell them. Most never really see the Earth outside of the base at which they are stationed. What the average warrior knows is that most of the Earth is covered in water that is unsuitable for their life, and that it is infected with ape-like creatures that waist what they have, and should be destroyed.
Appearance: (See Image) 1