The Watcher

The Watchers are a group of very old, and very secretive aliens. It is believed that they have been watching the Earth sense the moment it was created. None of these facts can be proven, but the first recorded image of the them was back in 1947 when one was spotted on an old photograph of the Roswel sight. No one who was there can remember seeing the strange looking man, but there is a photo of one of them in the background, watching. During one of the early space missions, one of the astronauts claims to have seen one, but later, publicly, would claim it was nothing, per S.N.A.I.L.'s request. During the Gulf war one of them was caught on film again. It is our belief that they want to be seen, maybe as some kind of guardian angle, or something. What ever their reasons, they have shown no hostel intent to S.N.A.I.L. or it's activities.

What information we do have on them is sketchy, and mostly gathered from old texts, and books about a strange man who dressed in dark clothing, and would always be just out of eye shot, just at the corner, watching, listening, and understanding. Several agents have clamed to have see them from time to time, but it is unknown if it was them, or just a figment of their imagination. Each time they have arrived, their clothing choice has changed to try and match what is around them, but it would seem that now they have stuck with the classic dark trench coat and hat, like those from the old movies, or private detectives. They are truly the mysterious "Men in Black".

Alias/Code Name: The Watcher
First Appearance:
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hit Points: PE plus 1d6 per level, S.D.C. 25 plus that gained from skills.
Weight: 110 lb, Height: 5'8", Age: Unknown, Sex: All look Male
Average Life Span: Unknown.
Attributes: I.Q. 5d6+4, M.E. 5d6, M.A. 4d6+2, P.S. 2d6, P.P. 3d6, P.E. 3d6+1, P.B. 7, Spd. 3d6
ISP: ME x2 + 3d4x10, plus 3d6 per level.
PPE: PE x2 + 1d4x10, plus 1d6 per level.
Disposition: They are the Watchers. They watch all that goes on around them, but their strict code prevents them from getting involved in anyway.
Attacks Per Melee: 7; Psionic or Natural Abilities
Super Power Category: Master Psionic and Magic Users.
Natural Abilities: Teleportation (Superior); always 100% accurate, Astral Travel; (Special: This power allows the Watchers to walk in the astral plane and move without being see, except by those who can see into the astral plane, or other astral travelers. They also can never become lost, because the other watchers will lead them out. Also they do not leave their body behind, but they take on a complete astral form.), Escape, Natural Prowl 98%, Shadow meld, Levitation, Nightvision, Psi-Invisibility, and special mental link with all the other Watchers. All of their natural powers cost NO ISP or PPE to use, and can be used as many times per day as needed. Also the Watchers do not need to eat, sleep or even breath. They can survive in a total vacuum, or at the bottom of the ocean.
Psi. Abilities:
Magic Abilities: They only use spells that will help them observe, move without being seen, or remove and trace that they have been there. Tongues, Eyes of Throth, Teleporte Object, Animate Object, Mystic Portal, See Aura, and Armor of Ithan.
Educational Level: Unknown, considered to have the combined knowledge of all the other watchers.
Appearance: They all dress in long dark trench coats, and have very pale faces. (See Image)
Occupation: They watch the universe and record what they see.
Weapons: No known weapons, they do not believe in fighting.
Vehicle: None, they seem to be able to travel without them.
Body Armor: None visible
Money: They have no need for money. 1