Foreign Super Villians
FOREIGN:  Non American (USA); I'm not a geography major;  The characters belong to their respective companies, I own the list (copyright), but if you want to link to it just ask.
DR DOOM is considered both a hero and a villain, so I listed him twice.  
I didn't include many {WWII} villains, some were just doing their duty, 
although I did include those that were war criminals or are still 

If you have Additions mail them to me, if there is a debate, post it, 
and Majority wins. Please notify if there are any dead links;

(d)  Dead      (cl) cloned     (ud)   Undead
%Power from Foreign Power       (**) Evil Society     
(@) was evil, now unsure; not truely evil, but misguided or under  
    someone elses control. Or turned Insane

APRIL: Maiden Japan; Dr Bonsai; Dubbed One; Salary Man; Zen Man; 
Fiddler Crab
JUNE: Mako;
JULY: Slag
OCTOBER: Blackdeath; Deluge; Gualicho; Scimitar

  Marvel: Deluge    (d)
          @Midnight Son
    Marvel: Emplate, sisters M and Penance
    Marvel: Bushman
    Marvel: Hawkshaw of the Magistrates  
            Piecemeal II  
            Pipeline of the Magistrates  
            Punchout of the Magistrates  
            Sunbeam/ 8711 of the Street Fighters
            Wipeout of the Magistrates  
    Marvel: Bedlam III of Exemplars
    Marvel: @Icon   
            Killmonger (d)
            Man Ape/ White Gorilla of the Masters of Evil VII   
            Solomon Prey (d)

  Marvel: The Master of the World of Omega Flight II 

    Defiant: White Crane 
    DC:      The Cambodian 
    Marvel:  Angkor 
             @Firewall of the Forces of Nature 
    Chaos!: Jade
    DC: Buddha    {Kingdom Come}
    Marvel: Ching of the Exiles (d?)
            Doctor Sun (d)
            Dog with the Kingpin, formerly with China Force
            Fu Manchu, father of Shang Chi 
            Horse with the Kingpin, formerly with China Force
            Monkey with the Kingpin, formerly with China Force
            Radioactive Man formerly of the Masters of Evil 1,2,3;
               the Titanic Three;
            She-Devil, formerly of China Force
            Yellow Claw    
    UNForce:  Komodo of UNForce 
    Wildcards: Little Mother of Immaculet Egrets, bro Phuc Kien  (d)
               Phue Kien of the Shadow Fist, sis Little Mother (d)
    Other: Shedder <?/ TV/ Movies/ Archie>
    Comico: @Monolith I formerly of the Elementals
    Arcane: Rage of the Five Horsemen, once with Red Ninja Dragon Sect
    Crusade:  Tomoe of the Nara Six   
    DC:  Catseye, a Yakuza Clan
         Dragonking      {WWII}
         Kamikaze of Axis Amerika            {WWII} 
         Mountain Storm             {WWII}
         Nippo of Mr Mind's Monster Society of Evil     
         the Quiz of the Brotherhood of Dada 
         Sumo the Samurai      {WWII}
         Jihi of the Twisted Trio
         Kirai of the Twisted Trio
         Ryoku of the Twisted Trio
    Marvel:  Agent Axis formerly of Super-Axis (1/3)  (d)
             Decay of the Exemplars 
             Die'ode of the CyberSamurai    
             Dragonwing of the Rising Sun, sister Spoilsport 
             Ele'trix of the CyberSamurai     
             Fu'se I of the CyberSamurai       (d)
             Fu'se II of the CyberSamurai     
             Iron Fist II of the Hand
             Jet Black of the Rising Sun
             Katasu'ta'ro of the CyberSamurai       (d)
             Kirigi of the Yakuza     
             Lady Deathstrike of the Reavers
             Lady Lotus of Super Axis     {WWII}
             Lord Tatsu'o of the Tatsu Clan     
             Matsuo Tasurayaba of the Hand     
             Nightwing of the Rising Sun
             the Silver Samurai of Big Hero 6, once with the Yakuza; 
                 cousin is Sunfire  
             the Sign of the Rising Sun
             Spoilsport of the Rising Sun, brother Dragonwing
             Steel Samurai       (d)
             Toshi of the CyberSamurai       (d)
             Toughlove of the Rising Sun
             Vibrato of the CyberSamurai     
             White Ninja of the Yakuza       (d)
             Yak of the CyberSamurai       (d)
    Marvel UK: Tattoo of the Tektos, brother is Base   
    Marvel 2099: the Specialist of Stark/Fujikawa Corp 
    Milestone: Slag of the Shadow Cabinet, formerly of the Star Chamber
    Tick: Dr Bonsai
          Dubbed One
          Maiden Japan
          Sagan the Wolf  (d)
          Salary Man
          Zen Man
    Wildcards: Zero Man of the Yakuza     (d)
    Marvel: @Red Mirror of the Poisoned Memories     (d)
            Scrambler of the Marauders  
    Marvel: Silence of the Magnificent Seven (d)
    Tick: Pineapple Pokapo, leader of the Polynesian Underground
    Marvel: @Tyger Tiger  
    Marvel: Stonecutter of Exemplars
  Former USSR
    Arcane: Morbid of the Five Horsemen, former KGB
    DC: Allegro, Anton
        Bolshoi of Red Shadow, formerly of the People's Heroes         
        Christina/Lady Flash of Red Shadow, formerly of Blue Trinity,
           former disciple of Savitar  
        Gregorvich, Gregor of Red Shadow, formerly of Blue Trinity  
        Lamia of Red Shadow 
        Mad Maestro
        Molotov of Red Shadow, formerly of the People's Heroes  
        Mrs Gradenko of Red Shadow  (d) 
        Pravda of Red Shadow, formerly of the People's Heroes     
        Shreck of Red Shadow
        Stalnoivolk/"Steel Wolf" of Red Shadow 
        Uminski, Boleslaw of Red Shadow, formerly of Blue Trinity   
        Whirling Dervish
        Yerosha of Red Shadow  (d)
    Image/Awesome: Hot-to-Trotsky of the Russian Mafia  
                   Poison Ivan of the Russian Mafia 
    Marvel:  Airstrike, formerly Crimson Dynamo V, in the Peoples 
             Chameleon, brother Kraven the Hunter 
             Cold Steel/ Joseph Stalin of the Lethal Legion III
             Cold Warrior II   (d)  
             Crimson Dynamo II     (d)
             Crimson Dynamo VI of Remont 4
             Devastator I  (d)
             Devastator II
             Electro, with Yellow Claw        {40s-50s}
             Firefox formerly with Remont 4
             Gargoyle, father of the Gremlin  (d)
             Hammer III, partners with Sickle, with Ivan the Terrible
             Kraven the Hunter, brother the Chameleon  (d)
             Krushki of the Exiles    
             Mikula Goluben of Bogatyr    
             Mind Wolf of Peristrike Force    
             Omega Red
             Presense, father of Darkstar and Vanguard
             Prof Piotr Phobos of the Sovier Super Soldiers  
             the Red Ghost     
             Shattershot of Peristrike Force    
             Siberon of Peristrike Force    
             Sickle, partners with Hammer III, with Ivan the Terrible
             Soul Skinner    (d)
             Svystogar of Bogatyr    
             Titanium Man I   
             Unicorn II of Remont 4
             Vladimir Orekhov of Bogatyr    
             Volga Belle of Peristrike Force    
             Zuezda Dennista/ "Morningstar" of the Pacific Overlords   
    New Universe:  @Rodstvow/ "Kinship" of Crasniyee Soileetsi/ 
                      "Red Sun"  
                   @Toocheetsh/ "Obese" of Medusa's Web 
    Nifty Comics: Red Giant formerly of Unlimited Class Wrestling 
    "Superheroes"/Ace Books: Bolshoiman;
    Ultraverse:  Werewolf (Apocaloff)  
    UNForce:  Sputnik of UNForce 
    Wallywood:   Arsensal the Jannisaries
                 Styx the Jannisaries          
      NOTE: more Jannisaries: Cyborg werewolf, Big Green Strong Guy, 
              2 Guys with Guns, and a female and male Martial Artists
    WildStorm: Kruchev  (d)
               Rostov   (d)
               Silver   (d)
    TV: Comrade Red   [Dexter's Lab]
  Homage: the Gunslinger

    DC:  Captain Boomerang of the Suicide Squad
    Fair Dunkum: Dr Mensa
                 Invisible Avenger
                 the Scorpion
    Marvel:  Boomerang of the Masters of Evil VII
             Boomslang of the Serpent Society   
             Kangaroo      (d)
             Pyro of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants    
    Wildcards:  Fleming, Eric of the Card Sharks   
                Murga Muggai    (d)
    WildStorm: Flashpoint formerly of Stormwatch   (d)
    Unknown:  Earani 

  Catfish Comics: @Putta
  Comely Comics: Bluefox
  DC:  LeClerc Brothers (Remy and Pierre) 
  Marvel:  Ajax III/the Attending from Weapon X Project;
           the Beaver  (d)
           Bedlam the Brain Blast of the Derangers  (d)
           Deadly Ernest, daughter is Nemesis I  (d)
           @Firebug     (d)
           @Gemini of Zodiac III, formerly Box IV of Alpha Flight   
           Jaxon, Jerry/ Box II of Omega Flight I     (d)
           @Flashback of Omega Flight I    
           @Marrina of Avengers (Honorary Member), husband Namor  (d)   
           @Scramble/ Omega, brother Box IV  
           @Smart Alec of Omega Flight I, formerly of First Flight
              and Gamma Flight I    
           Snake Marston of the Enforcers    
           @Wendigo I--III    
  Montreal Mirror/Montreal Gazette:
      NDG Ninja/Snowdon Ninja of the Red Leaf Clan
      Power Chin
  Tick: Fiddler Crab
  Viking Comics: The Fogg with the Nazi Party
  Wildcards:  Shroud of the Jokers for a Just Society  

  Marvel: Calypso  (d)

  "Flying Island"   
     Untraverse:  Zara with Pilgrim  
    DC:  Houngan of the Brotherhood of Evil  
    Gettosake Comics: Wigout
    Marvel: Calypso 
    Wildcards:  @Ezili de Rouge  
                Taureau Trois Granines   (d)
                Ti Malice   (d)
  DC:  Bat Hombre 
       El Bolo
       Mayoor (Mayan god) 
  Fleetway:  Diablo
  Marvel:  Jaguar  
           Kukulcan/El Tigre/ "The Tiger"    (d)
           Tarantula I of the Brand Corp     (d)
           Tarantula II   

  ARGENTINA: DC: Gualicho 
    Homage:  Senhor Tecnico/"Mr Technical"
    Marvel:  Stiletto of the Magnificent Seven     (d)
             White Rook I of the Hellfire Club       (d)
                father of Sunspot
    DC:  the Mouth of Outrage
    New Universe: Relampago/ "Lightning" of Medusa's Web    (d)
    DC: El Espada   
        El Papagayo  
    L. Miller & Sons/Quality/Eclipse:  Dr Gargunza    (d)
    Marvel:  Cheetah      (d)
             Lobo, Carlos of the Lobo Brothers  
             Lobo, Eduardo of the Lobo Brothers    (d)
    Unknown:  Baron de Sader   
    UNForce:  @Feugo/ "Fire" of UNForce 
    Archne of Death-Web
    Marvel:  Machete, formerly of Batroc's Brigade  (d)
    DC:  El Dorado      
    Marvel:  Tequila of the Magnificent Seven   (d)

  Eastern Block Robot Cowboy    

    Marvel:  Unicorn I    (d?)
    Wildcards:  Maxim Tranicek    (d)
    DC:  Dala, Monk's assistant
         the Monk 
    Marvel: Blizzard I (d)    
            Viper II, husband is Wolverine    
    Marvel:  Doctor Doom  
    DC:  Blackstarr   
         Kraklow    {12th Cen}
    Marvel:  Gypsy Moth  
             Varnae     (ud)
    DC:  Baron Bedlam    (d)
    DC:  Sonar
    Marvel:  Puppetman   
    Marvel: Baron Mordo 
    DC:  Count Vertigo   
    Marvel:  Man Beast/Lord Karnivor/ false Lord Anon   
             Count Tagar of the New Gods   
    Marvel:  Abomination   
             Purple Man   (d?)
    DC: Baron Blood 1-7 of the Church of Blood, father to son   (d)
        Twister formerly of the Church of Blood

  DC: Hugo Strange    (d) 
      Dr Silvana  
  Marvel: Agamemnon of the Pantheon, most of Pantheon
          Cyana/ Lucrezia Borgia of the Lethal Legion III
          Eternal Knight (Undead)
          Basenji of the Litter   
          Icicle of the Crime Champions  
          Master in Omega Flight II  
          Pitbull of the Litter  
          Selene/Black Queen of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle
  Ultraverse:  Rex Mundi/ "King of the World" 
                  NOTE: where are the Ural Mountains
    DC: Mammoth of the Fearsome Five, sister Shimmer  
        Shimmer of the Fearsome Five, brother Mammoth  
    Marvel: Destiny of Freedom Force    (d)
            Ringmaster of the Circus of Crime  
    Marvel:  Commander Courage      (d)
    Tick:  Fortissimo Brothers   
      Queen of Beasts 
  ENGLAND     Note: some are parodies
    Anti-Matter Press: Chronos Rudolph
    Catfish Comics: @Brittania
    Chaos Comics: Chastity
                  Lady Death
    Dark Horse: Ham the Weather Wizard   <also Capital>
    DC:  Blackbriar Thorn   
         Bowman (a bad guy who impersonated the British Green  
             Arrow of the World)    
         Gentleman Ghost 
         The Hood
         Lady Vic of Tartarus
         Lord Kalesque
         Lord Malvolio of the Green Flame
         Lord Shilling   <DC, 1700s>
         the Love Glove of the Brotherhood of Dada  (d)
         Phobia of the Brotherhood of Evil  
         Purple Pimpernel
         Sleepwalk of the Brotherhood of Dada 
         Toad in the Hole of Eurocrime  
    Fleetway:  the Android Emperor 
               (**) Brotherhood of the Air   
               (**) the Dark Legion of Mardarax   
               the Fly   
               Kalak the Dwarf   
               Mirror Master 
               Mister Mastermind 
               The Sludge 
               Von Hoffman 
    Gerald Swan: Karlas the Hunter of Humans
                 Varda the Human Bat 
    Homage: Aunt Acid
            Clever Dick
            Headmaster of Crime
            Mock Turtle               (d)
    L. Miller & Sons: Delerium, Duke of Dreams  
                      Young Nastyman  (d)
    Marvel:  Baron Blood, brother Union Jack I; nephew Union Jack II;
                niece Spitfire; nephew Baron Blood III    (ud)
             Baron Blood III; mother Spitfire; uncle Union Jack II;
                Grandfather Union Jack I; Grand-Uncle Baron Blood I (d)
             Black Knight II of the Masters of Evil    (d)
             @Bloodwraith, former squire of the Black Knight III 
             Cane of the Magnificent Seven    (d)
             Fogg of Knight and Fogg  <Marvel>
             @Garokk's avatar  
             Hammer, Justin  
             Knight of Knight and Fogg  
             the Mad Merlin 
             Mastermind I   (d)
             Morgen le Fay 
             Mr Sinister 
             Plantman of the new Enforcers
             Scratch of Black Air   
             Scribe/ Red Rook of the English Hellfire Club 
             Sir Raston of the Anachronauts, in Black Knight Lineage
             Toad of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants  
             Union Jack I formerly of Freedom's Five, the Invaders (d)
                 brother Baron Blood I; son Union Jack II; 
                 daughter Spitfire; grandson Baron Blood III;
             Union Jack II/the Mighty Destroyer IV, formerly of the 
                 Invaders; father Union Jack I; uncle Baron Blood I;
                 sister Spitfire; grand-nephew Baron Blood III
             Union Jack III formerly of the Knights of Pendragon 
             Zaran the Weaponmaster, formerly of Batroc's Brigade
    Marvel UK: Braddock, Jamie, Brother to Cap Britian and Psylock
               Childs former Super Soldier  
               Coco the Clown of the Crazy Gang   
               the Conjurers of the Crazy Gang     (d)
               Crowe, Algernon of Mys-Tech     
               Doctor Synne 
               Dormouse of the Crazy Gang    (d)
               the Executionor of the Crazy Gang    
               the Fury  (d)
               Gryffin of Mys-Tech   
               Jack of Hearts of the Crazy Gang   
               Lord Hawke 
               Mad Jim Jaspers  (d)
               Magpie of Bane/Mys-Tech
               Queen of Hearts of the Crazy Gang 
               Porlock of Mys-Tech   
               Rathcoole of Mys-Tech  
               the Reaver 
               Slaymaster  (d)
               Tyburn of Mys-Tech   
               the Vixen 
               Wychwood, Ormond of Mys-Tech/ Bane  
    New Universe:  Skybreaker of Medusa's Web   
    Quality/ Eclipse:  Johnny Bates  (d)
    Top Cow: Nottingham, once wielded the Witchblade
    Torg (Terra Dimension): Blackpool with Dr Mobius 
    Wildcards:  Balthazar of the Twisted Fist     (d)
                Bowler of the Twisted Fist   
                Christian, Leslie of Shadow Fist    (d)
                General Horvath of the Card Sharks    (d)
                Herne the Hunter of the Twisted Fist  
                Highwayman of the Twisted Fist   
                Keys of the Twisted Fist   
                Slumber of the Twisted Fist   
                Snailfoot of the Twisted Fist   
                Two Face of the Twisted Fist    
    Unknown:  Spring-Heeled Jack
              (**) WAM ("War Against Mankind")
    DC:  Duc D'Orterre 
         Madame Rouge of the Brotherhood of Evil   
         L'Escargot of Eurocrime   
         Monsieur Mallau of the Brotherhood of Evil    (d)
         Warp of the Brotherhood of Evil  
    Marvel:  @Batroc the Leaper of Batroc's Brigade
             Briquette of Hell's Belles  
             Cyclone I (d)
             Cyclone II of the Masters of Evil VII
             Flambe of Hell's Belles    
             Frog Man I of the Ani Men    (d)
             Gargouille of the Acolytes
             Garrotte of the Magnificent Seven    (d)
             Grey Gargoyle formerly of the Masters of Evil 4
             Poodle of the Litter  
             Shrew, formerly of Hell's Belles    
             @Tarot of the Hellions II, formerly of the Hellions    
             Tempest of the Exemplars 
             Tremolo of Hell's Belles    
             Vague of Hell's Belles    
             Electrique of Medusa's Web  
             le Miroir      (d)
   AC:  Lady Luger  {WWII}
        Valkyra of Fearforce, formerly Panzer during WWII
   Acclaim Comics: Teutonic Knight   {WWII}
   Casterman:  Otto Lindenburg
   DC:  Alias the Blur of the Brotherhood of Dada  (d)
        Baron Blitzberg    (d) 
        Black Assassin    {WWII}
        Blutwurst of the Wurstwaffe/ Eurocrime   
        Bratwurst of the Wurstwaffe/ Eurocrime   
        the Brain of the Brotherhood of Evil  (d)
        Brother Mawzir of the Lords of the Gun   (d)
        Captain Nazi of Mr Mind's Monster Society of Evil  
        Colonel Zahl		
        Commandant Sturm of the Kriegsgrupper Donner   {WWII}
        Death Mayhem of the White Lions     {WWII}
        Fledermaus/"Bat" of Axis Amerika, son of Grosshorn Eule {WWII}   
        Fog, sister of Night  
        Grosshorn Eule / "Horned Owl" of Axis Amerika, 
            son is Fledermaus  {WWII} 
        Gudra of Axis Amerika     {WWII}
        Iron Fraulien of the Kriegsgrupper Donner   {WWII}
        Iron Hammer, Nazi   {WWII}
        Killer Shark     {WWII}
        Knockwurst of the Wurstwaffe/ Eurocrime   
        Leberwurst of the Wurstwaffe/ Eurocrime   
        Mr. Morden/Mr. Nobody/"Herr Neimand" of the Brotherhood of 
          Evil/the Brotherhood of Dada    (d)
        Night, brother of Fog   
        Plasmus of the Brotherhood of Evil  
        Red Panzer   (d)     {WWII}
        Sea Wolf of Axis Amerika            {WWII} 
        Ubermensch/ "Overman"  of Axis Amerika            {WWII}
        Weiswurst of the Wurstwaffe/ Eurocrime    
        Zyklon/ "Cyclone"   
   Fleetway:  Monarch of the Missles  (d)        
   Galaxy Heroes: Chaos I in Nazi Military; son is Chaos II
   Image: Das Booty
          Maiden Germany, Mistress of the Master Race 
   Marvel: Agent Axis formerly of Super-Axis (1/3)  (d)
           Agent X of the Vernichtungs Commandos    (d)
           Baron von Strucker of Hydra    (ud)
           Baron Zemo I  (d) of the Masters of Evil 1, Father of 
              Baron Zemo II, turned into Baronesse Zemo??
           Baron Zemo II formerly of the Masters of Evil 4, formerly 
              Citizen V of the Thunderbolts; Son of Baron Zemo I
           Blitzangriff/"Lightning" of the Vernichtungs Commandos (d)
           Brain Drain of Omega Flight II  
           Cadavus of the Exiles     {WWII}
           Geist    {WWII} 
           Gruning of the Exiles     {WWII}
           Hate Monger I  (d)
           Iron Hand Hauptmann of the Exiles    {WWII}
           Killer Shark I of the German Army     {WWII}  (d)
           Libra of Zodiac I, daughter is Mantis     (d)
           Master Man I (maybe American), wife Warrior Woman  (d?)
           Master Man II of the New Reich, wife Warrior Woman 
           Red Skull 
           Saurespritze of the Vernichtungs Commandos    (d)
           Sky Shark     {WWII}
           Teutonic Knight  {WWII}
           Warrior Woman, husband was Master Man I,
              new husband Master Man II
           Zahnmorden of the Vernichtungs Commandos    (d)
           Zyklon/ Heinrich Himmler of the Lethal Legion III
    New Universe:  Thunderhead of Medusa's Web  
    UNForce:  @Warhead of UNForce  <UNForce>
    Wildcards:  Mac the Knife     (d)
                Rhino of the New Joker Brigade  
                Rudo, Dr Pan of the Card Sharks    (d)
    WildStorm: Jackrabbit 
    DC:  Aegus    
         Black Widow   
         Gyro of Eurocrime  
         Manticore I of Jihad     (d)
   Fawcett:  Oggar 
    Harrier/ Darkhorse:  Argyron of the Telchines  (d)
                         Chalcon of the Telchines  (d)
                         Chryson of the Telchines/ The Evil Society of 
                           You, Me, and Him  
    Marvel: Avalanche of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants  
            Carnivore the Hunter of Exemplars
            @Elektra     (Dead?)
    New Universe: Babel of Medusa's Web  
    DC:  Badb of the Jihad
         Dubh Magus, "the greatest villain in all Ireland!" 
         Jack O'Lantern II  (d)
         Silver Banshee   
    Fox Features Syndicate: The Scorpion
    Marvel:  Black Tom Cassidy, cousin Banshee, 2nd cousin Siryn  
             Human Meteor of Battle Axis
             Conquest of Exemplars
             Plasma, a Tracker, niece of Living Monolith   
    Wildcards:  Cara of the Twisted Fist   
                King Brian of the Twisted Fist   
                Scarlet Will of the Twisted Fist   
                Standin of the Twisted Fist   
                Trio of the Twisted Fist   
    Albinu Uragano:  (**) Club of Five    
                     (**) Gang of Panthers   
    Casterman:  Carlo Gelati  (d)
    DC:  %Bombadier  
         Duke of Deception   
         Earl of Greed  
         Il Calimari of EuroCrime   
         Lord Conquest   
         Usil of Axis Amerika            {WWII} 
    Dark Horse:  Eva Destruction of The Evil Society of You, Me, 
                     and Him  
                 the Fate Bandit of The Evil Society of You, Me, 
                     and Him   (d)
    Fleetway:  Count Varga
    Image: Overtkill of the Twistelli family of the Mafia
    Marvel:  Agent Axis formerly of Super-Axis (1/3)  (d)
             Baldini of the Exiles      {WWII}
             Count Cagliostro  
             Count Nefaria
             Gambonno, Ernesto of the Circus of Crime, brother Luigi  
             Gambonno, Luigi of the Circus of Crime, brother Ernesto  
             Madame Masque  
             Tyndat the Trojan of the Anachronauts  
             Unus the Untouchable, father of Unuscione and Radius (d)
    New Universe: Gatto di Sangre/ "Blood Cat" of Medusa's Web    (d)
    Disney: Coldsteel/Iago formerly of Wyvern Clan;
            Demona/ Dominique Destine formerly of Wyvern Clan; daughter 
               Angela by former mate Goliath, Married Macbeth, Delilah 
               a clone her and Eliza Maza
            Gillecomgain, the first Hunter; descendents are Robyn 
               Canmore, Jason Canmore, and Jon Canmore/John Castway;
            @MacBeth, married to Dominique Destine (Demona)
    Marvel: Mutant X/ Proteus/ Piecemeal I, son of Moira MacTaggert (d)
            Terrier of the Litter  
     Marvel: Silvermane  
     DC: @El Espectro/ "The Ghost"
     Marvel: Brass Bishop   (d)
             Fire Eater of the Circus of Crime  
             Gideon of the Externals    (d)
             Roc of the Magnificent Seven    (d)
      DC: Twister  

  America's Best: Fatwah Arbuckle, the Guzzlin' Muslim
  DC:  Ashtoreth 
  Marvel:  Amahl Farouk/ Shadow King (Alive in Astral)
  WildStorm:  Jihad of Heaven's Fist  
              Muezzin of Heaven's Fist  
              Sand Devil of Heaven's Fist  
              Saladin of Heaven's Fist  
              Scud of Heaven's Fist  
              Sinbad of Heaven's Fist  
    Marvel: Fassaud   
    Chaos Comics: Purgatori
    DC:  Amen-Hotep 
         Black Adam of the Monster Society of Evil <also Fawcett>
         R'as al Ghul   
         Silver Scarab II 
         Sitok, Green God of Evil <also Quality>
         Wizard of Philae          
    Image:  Astarte   <also 1963>   
            Cheops of Heaven's Fist  
    Marvel: Apocalyse   
            Asp of B.A.D. Girls   
            Living Monolith
            Sphinx I    (d)
    New Universe:  Potiphar of Medusa's Web  
    TV: Scarab of Mummies Alive;
    Marvel: Scimitar (d)
    DC: Asmodus, formerly a Spectre (the first one)
        Bela Jat <Quality -> DC>
        Jinx of the Fearsome Five  
        Kobra of the Cobra Cult   
    Marvel:  Rajah of the Circus of Crime   
             @Star Thief, ally of the Inhumans  
    Comico:  Divity with Saker    
             Supremacy with Saker    
    Marvel:  Aminedi of Desert Sword     (d)
             Black Raazer of Desert Sword    
             Sirocco of Desert Sword   
             the Veil of Desert Sword     (d)
    Marvel:  @Legion      (d)
  MOROCCO (where it Middle east or Africa?)
    Marvel:  @Jetstream of the Hellions    (d)
    DC:  Djinn of Jihad     (d) 
         Jaculi of Jihad   
         Ravan of the Suicide Squad, formerly of Jihad   
         Rustam of Jihad   (d)
    Image:  Sahara of Heaven's Fist  
    Wildcards:  al'Muezzin of the Nur  
                Nur al'Allah of the Nur, sister Kahina  
                Sayyid of the Nur, wife Kahina    
    Marvel: Kaluu  
    Will Eisner Studios: P'Gell 

    DC:  Lutfiske of Eurocrime   
         Søtrold the Sea Troll 
    Marvel:  Cobra of the Serpent Society  
             Dane of the Litter   
    Marvel:  Klaw of the Masters of Evil VII

    DC:  Icicle of Axis America  
         Sven Scarface 
    Marvel: Amphibus of the Savage Land Mutate    
            Barbarus of the Savage Land Mutate    
            Brainchild of the Savage Land Mutate    
            Equilibrius of the Savage Land Mutate    
            Gaza of the Savage Land Mutate    
            Lorelei of the Savage Land Mutate    
            Lupo of the Savage Land Mutate    
            Piper I of the Savage Land Mutate    
            Vertigo of the Savage Land Mutate    
            White Out of the Savage Land Mutate    
            Worm of the Savage Land Mutate    
            Zaladane of the Savage Land Mutate      (d)
    Marvel:  Armin Zola
             Bruno the Strong Man of the Circus of Crime  
             Flag Smasher (d?)
    Tick:  Bernardo of "The Swiss"   
           Franz of "The Swiss"   
           Hilda of "The Swiss"   
           Klaus of "The Swiss"   

   DC: Arion's nasty brother 
       Ocean Master, half-brother of Aquaman
       Thaumar Dhai   {before Atlantis sank}
   Marvel: Attuma  
           Crab of the School  
           Mako       (d)
           Minnow of the School  
           Mussels of the School  
           Seahorse of the School  
           Seaweed of the School  
           Squid of the School  
           Vyrra the Vanquished  

     Marvel: Eelak the Agile of the Crimson Cadre  
             Falconna of the Rebel Inhumans  
             General Ator of the Crimson Cadre  
             Glaboo of the Crimson Cadre  
             Leonus of the Rebel Inhumans  
             Margoyle of the Crimson Cadre  
             Maximus of the Royal Inhuman Family/ of the Rebel Inhumans  
             Pulsus of the Crimson Cadre  
             Rootar of the Crimson Cadre  
             @Skybreaker of the Force of Nature  
             Stallior of the Rebel Inhumans  
             Timberius of the Rebel Inhumans  

  "LAMURIA upper"
     Marvel:  Bristle of the PeaceKeepers    
              Brother Tode, leader of the Deviants    (d)
              Enigmo of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation  (d)
              Lady Trident of the PeaceKeepers   
              Maelstrom (Half Inhuman)
              Pandora of the PeaceKeepers   
              Schizo of the PeaceKeepers, sister Touchstone   
              Toxin of the PeaceKeepers   
              Wraath of the PeaceKeepers  (maybe he was Mammoth)   

  "LAMURIA lower"
     Marvel: Llyra   
             Naga       (d)

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