Unfortunately, Faunia will no longer be updated or maintained. I am only leaving this site here for any rare wanderer that may get some entertainment out of it, as well as for personal attachment reasons. Thank you, for when it was at its peak, it was a delight for my imagination as well as others.

Welcome to Faunia
As you were walking down the path to the market, you find a trail to the right that you hadn't never seen before. Deciding that the market can wait, you go over to the trail. Seeing some tracks on the dirt path, you kneel down to study them. The prints are huge pads of someone kind of feline or canine. They remind you of a lion's paw prints that you once saw in a museum. Wondering what kind of animal it is and where the path leads, you begin to walk down it. After a few minutes, you take a step and then feel a little funny. After another step, the feeling is gone. You are surrounded by a thick and green jungle. Diffrent animal noises are heard from everywhere. You look back and see nothing familair. The path continues and you no longer here the chatting of other people going to the market.

Glancing off to the side, you see a flash of black and silver. Suddenly, you hear rustling in some bushes nearby. Holding your breath, you wait to see what creature steps out. A jet black creature steps out daintly. You gasp, it's a panther! But this panther is diffrent. It has silver wings that are neatly folded at it's side and a single golden earing is on the panther's left ear. You also notice the golden bracelet around her foreleg and the three rings on her tail.

The winged pantheress looks you over as if studing you. Then you realize, she IS studing you! You are even more amazed when it speaks.

"Welcome, outsider, to Faunia."

You stare at the pantheress. She chuckles and smiles at you.

"Do not be afraid mortal. I am Brook. I would be... ahh... the Leader of Faunia, as you humans would call it." The pantheress grins once again. "Tell me your name stranger."

"" you whisper softly.

"Ah yes! Greetings ! Welcome to my world where anything can happen.." world? but your on earth! Aren't you?

The pantheress seems to sense your confusion and she laughs again.
"You have stepped through a portal and now you are no longer on earth, but on Faunia. The only human's here are from your world, but they have decided to stay. Here, on Faunia, anything can happen. here is where unicorns romp and dragons play. Where gryphons soar and pegasus' glide. This is where a child's dream's come true. Perhap's you'd like to explore this world? At least untill another portal shows up. A portal only shows up when a person that's worthy is near. It let's worthy people in. You are lucky to be here. Not many humans find their way here. Now enough of my blabbering! Choose your path wisely. Oh yes, I am almost anywhere at anytime so if you need me, I may just show up." The pantheress smiles gently and then turns to leave, but you object to this. She simply picks up a huge paw and point in the direction of diffrent paths. She then leaves you alone.

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The far left path leads deeper into the jungle while the far right leads out into an open meadow. If you continue on the path your on, you'll eventally be led to a desert. Or, if you go to the path on your right, it keeps on going but your not sure where. Also, you could take the dirt road that seems to lead to the far off mountains. You could also take a diffrent path that leads into the jungle.