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Order Dark Conspiracy Proto-Dimension Vol.I
A must have book for Dark Conspiracy. This books explains in detail the mechanics behind how proto-dimensions work and gives examples of ready-to-run dimensions. With this book you have the knowledge to create any proto-dimension your sick little mind can come up with.

Order Dark Conspiracy Dark Races
Another great book for referee's to have. Running out of things to challenge your player's with? Use this book and they wont know what hit them.

Order Dark Conspiracy: Evil Ascending by Michael A. Stackpole
Order Dark Conspiracy: A Gathering Evil by Michael A. Stackpole
Order Dark Conspiracy: Evil Triumphant by Michael A. Stackpole
These are the books in the Dark Conspiracy trilogy by Michael Stackpole. While not a game resource (not by intention anyway) these books are a fantastic read. I can't recommend them highly enough for players and refs of DC and also for people who have never even heard of the game.

I got this message a few days ago so I thought I would pass it on.

I saw where you recommended the Stackpole trilogy on your web
 site.  You might want to put a note with it that the entire
 trilogy is available from Flying Buffalo Games for $10 plus
 shipping until the current stock is depleted.  After that,
 there are no plans for them to be reprinted.  Here's the URL
 for Flying Buffalo:   http://www.flyingbuffalo.com
BTW, great site.  
Wayne Brown

Here is a clickable link to Flyingbuffalo. Thanks for the info Wayne!

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