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Tile Jumper
8 9 10 3 1 1 0 6
Move Skill/Dam HITS # Appear
30 6/1d3 15 2d6+4
As its name implies, this creature is tile shaped, roughly in a 12 by 12 inch square and 1/4 inch thick. Normally grey in color, they look like ordinary floor tile. Movement is by curving itself into a half cylinder and the snapping back into its flat shape. Once attached, its movement is more like water, "pouring" up and around its target. Created by Tentacular ETs, this creature is a perfect guard for research labs. The ETs will implant these creatures on the floor of a lab that they want protected. Authorized personnel wear shoes that have a chemical on it that the tile recognize as "friend". Lab equipment that rest on the floor is also treated with this chemical. There can usually be found near by a spray bottle with this chemical in it in case of accidental triggering, such as dropping your car keys on the floor. Tile Jumpers are triggered by pressure and will attempt to surround an object. Once surrounded, the object is dissolved, or more accurately, absorbed by inserting part of itself into any cracks or crevices and then expanding to break it apart, turning it into fine dust and "eating" the dust. If the object is too large for the jumper to surround, it flows over the object looking for the largest crevice to insert itself in. Needles to say, this would cause severe discomfort to any Minion Hunter unlucky enough to encounter one of these things. Once a target is "hit", it takes one phase for the jumper to locate a suitable place of attack. The damage occurs every phase after the first successful attack with no need for addition "hit" rolls. The jumpers are like living mouse paper, once attached, they are practically impossible to remove. Damage applied to them is also applied to their target if the case warrants it. If sprayed with the "friend" chemical, the tile jumper becomes inactive and releases itself for one minute.

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