This section contains small snippets or "scenes" that I have used while running a game. These come in handy to distract the PCs long enough for you to figure out how to get them back into your well planned adventure once they have gone astray. As a personal note, I almost always run a game by the "seat of my pants" using these types of situations as filler.

A man is tied or duct taped to a chair holding a barbell above his head with weights. His hands are taped firmly to the barbell at shoulder width. A cabel runs from the barbell to a small pulley in the roof down to a shotgun taped to a chair in front of him. The barrel of the shot gun is taped to the mans head with the barrel actually in it. The cable is arranged so that if the weight drops, the gun goes off.

Variations: The gun could be replaced with explosives or handgrenade. The shotgun could be placed in wife/girlfriend's mouth (or other part). Or it could be a child. Also, the gun does not have to be loaded, it could be used as a warning.

The characters can discover this scene when one of the Empathic ones suddenly picks up on the terror eminating from the subjects. This scene could be staged by one of your favorite minions (Dark Elves come to mind quickly) or it could simply be a criminal element such as loan sharks.

A group of PCs are waiting for an elevator. The elevator opens and a man with a large briefcase quickly steps out and leaves the area. Foreboding rolls for bad feeling about getting on the elevator. Once on, observation checks (easy) to detect loose ceiling tile and more importantly, a loose screw on the button panel (difficult). There is some type of device in the panel that will be triggered once a button is pressed. The type of device and effect I will leave up to you but I like the idea of either a napalm device or if the elevator is at sufficient height, a shearing charge on the cables.


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