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Welcome, You have found the Elite. Here you can learn simple back round info on the members of the Elite

Here you will aslo find out about the rest of the elite, not known to the rest of the galaxy........YET......

Bounty Hunter Registration And Log

Name of Hunter:
Name of Ship:
Species of Hunter:
Favorite Weapon(s) of Hunter:
E-Mail Address:

current list of bounty hunters
Hunter's Name Hunter's Ship Hunter's Species Hunter's Weapon(s) Hunter's E-Mail Address
Joesob(Leader of the Elite) Entity 1 Shasdbainian Z-38 Protect Rifle and Lightsabor
IG-88 IG-200 Droid Pulse Cannon and Neural Inhibitor
Bossk Hounds Tooth Trandoshan Motor Gun and Blaster
Boba Fett Slave 1 and 2 Human Blaster Rifel and Various Others
Brisk Dragon's Fire Corrillian Imperial Reptor
Raze Crash Only! human Blastech A2-80 N/A
CRKTX-7 CRKTX-5076 Assasain Droid Built-in blasters, concussion rifle
Nerk Snarltooth Rodian concussion rifle, thermal detonators

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