Star Wars

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The real deal on the Empire and the Reblion

  • Real Facts about the Empire:
  • In the Story The Empire were tht good guys!!!!:

  • How is that possible??? Well the name The Reblion says it all. Rebels are always chalanging the power in the galaxy. All ways rebeling agienst the order in the galaxy. If you disagree my E-mail address is at the bottom.

  • Real facts about the Reblion:
  • The Rebelion is not all it was cracked up to be!

  • How is that possible??? The Rebels are theves. As skilled as the Rebels are, they were lucky! If the Empire had beeten the rebels to the punch to get the good pilots that Rebelion has now, they would be unbeatabul! "hens" the Rebels were lucky!

  • Owen Lars and Obi-wan are related

  • Owen Lars always new Luke was sensitive to the force and that was why he delayed Lukes regerestation to the Allinance.

  • R2-D2 and C-3P0s' owner befor Luke was Captain Antilles. Not Wedge but his father.

    I know I haven't worked on this section in a while!!!! give me a break!!!!!

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