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Cum Saxum Saxorum In Duersum Montum Oparum Da In Aetilbulum In Quiatum Draconis
- Archaic Latin, these words make up a Druid summoning spell-"The Grand evocation of the Dragon." To comprehend this you, must first understand what is meant by "The Dragon." The Druids viewed the entire energy system of the earth as a single manifestation of The Dragon-calling the magnetic leylines (see research) which run along the surface of the globe "Dragon Lines." The Earth itself generated these lines of force and the whole of Earth was viewed as the Body of the Dragon

Come of Fire, Fire of Oak, Oak of Knowledge, Wisdom of Wealth, Sword of Song, Song of Searing-edge
- a Druid invocation of the realm Fire, these words would evoke elemental forces and open doorways to the elemental worlds-hence the fire drake.

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Bedd Ann Ap Leian Ymnewais Fynfydd Lluagor Llew Ymrais Prif Ddewin Merddin Embrais
- Translated from Welsh this reads, "The grave of the nun's son Newais Mountain: Lord of Battle, Llew Embrais, Chief Magician, Myrddin Emrys. This "chant" (referred as such because it is ritually repeated in order to have effect) is what has been used by mystics of all persuasions to summon forth the "shade of Merlin the Magician" for counsel. The chant has been taken from a sixth century tombstone from the supposed site of Merlin's grave on Newias Mountain. Newias Mountain is now known as Newhill, near Carmathen Town in England--you can find it on any map.

lp 2 Hear, Kerunnos, lord of animals, the voice of the bard. Spirit of the land, I invoke you! The wooded vale. The shining, shining sea! The fishful, fishful lake! The abundant, abundant in water! The fertile, fertile hill! Spirit of the land, I invoke you! Erce, erce, erce, I invoke you, powers of Earth, kingdom of stone! Behold Falias, Mordessas, Ghobas!
- This is the invocation of the powers of the earth. The Druid magic was based on the four elements (fire, earth, water and air). In the first issue, Guinevere used the Druid sword Excalibur to invoke the powers of fire (see above). Here, Merlin uses his own arcane abilities to invoke the power of stone. Kerunnos is the Druid name for the God of the forest and lord over all the animals.

Astaroth, Asmodeus, princes of amity, return to us that which we demand. The sword thrice damned! Draconis
- This is a spell that Matt wrote based on the "How to write a spell?" section in Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft. Astaroth and Asmodeus are associated with the Dark Arts (they are both Demons with lust for sex) and the spell is formatted in a basic summoning/conjuration format. Matt looked throught tons of occult books and couldn't find one that He thought sounded cool, so he made this one up.

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I call today on the swiftness of wind and the speed of lightning! Erce, erce, erce, I invoke you powers of air, kingdom of wind. Behold: Glorias, Esras, Paraldas!
- This is the invocation of the powers of air. It summons lightning and wind to vanquish every foe.

I conjure and command thee, O ye fallen. I conjure thee by him to whom all creatures are obedient, by the ineffable name tetragrammaton Jehovah by which name the elements are overthron, the air is shaken, the sea is turned black. Fire is quenched, the earth shudders and all the hosts of things in Heaven, of things in earth, of things in Hell, do tremble and are confounded.
- This is a dark summon spell, it is used to arise the dead from their graves. The Spell caster gains complete control over the ghosts and they obey all of his commands

Anail Nathrock, Uthvass Bethudd, Dochiel Dienve.
- Those of you who have seen Excalibur the movie will recognize this as the charm of Making. In doing his research Matt discovered that this was an actual spell used by the druids and has been around for thousands of years. It's origins are believed to be linked to the fabled Atlantis. The Charm of Making is linked to the Arthurian tradition through Merlin and his Druidic ties. It's significance to Lady Pendragon will continue to be revealed over time.
Guinevere and Merlin

Aquerra Goity, Aquerra Beyty. Sanguis Eius Super Nos Et Filo Nostros.
- A spell of force, it creates a windfall or a sort of force field that can push things away rather violently.

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To Bathe In The Waters Of Life, To Wash Off The Not-human, I Come In Self-annihilation And The Grandeur Of Inspiration
- This was the Druid Rite of Inspiration. It was enacted whenever confusion reigned on an important issue. Merlin is trying to use this ancient verse to divine the true nature of the Spear. This is how he discovered it was a forgery.

A Elfyntodd Dwyr Sindoyn Duw. Cerrig Yr Fferllurig Nwyn
- This is one of the three Spells of Making the Druids used to become one with nature and divine the true meaning of it all. The chant had a specific phonetic breakdown that was used to gain mastery over fear. Once the Druid overcame his fear he was able to have authority over the spirits and shades that he feared in the first place. This specific charm was used for the realm of stone.

At This Time Of Year The Gates Between The Worlds Are Open. We Call Upon Our Ancestors, Our Loved Ones, To Pass Through And Join With Us At This Time. We Invite Them To Delight In Celebration With Those They Love.
- Samhain, All Hollow's Eve or Halloween, as we call it now, is a powerful time of change for the occult arts. It is the tranference from the sphere of the Goddess (summer/life) to the God (winter/death). This passage in the script is part of a ritual enacted to celebrate this time. The intention of the Samhain festival as practiced by the Priestesses of the Goddess is to welcome in a time of change. There are lots of other myths attached to Halloween (walking of the dead, etc...), but that's a subject for another day (for more information click here). Anyone interested in reading more on Ritual Magic should check out a book called Buckland's Complete Book Of Withcraft. It's a little freaky in places, but very intersting.
Women at Avalon

Quod Superius Est Sicut Quod Inferius Est Sicut Quod Superius Ad Pertranda Miracula Rei Unis
- This is archaic Latin for "That which is above islike that which is below and that which is below is like that which is above." This "As above","So below" mentality is a fundamental building block of magic. The ancients believed that everything that happened in the heavens had a spill-over effect to the earth. Events in the Sky signal events on earth--this is where the idea for astrology came from. They saw many of the heavenly bodies (planets, stars) as Gods and based their own lives around the movements of these "Gods."
Old Woman

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