Kizmet's Bookshelf
Longer more fully developed stories, includes "Strength vs. Weakness".
Shorter, one or two scene pieces such as "Sunshine".
POV pieces from various charaters throughout the show.
Basically me coming up with excuses to explore Angel's past.  In the present the story blends with 5th season
Through Time and Space
A cross-over series with "Forever Knight".  Following Nicolas' death LaCroix moves to LA.  Post-1st season on "Angel"
Angelic Knight
A New Begining
Post-"The Gift" series.  Life goes on even after Willow's news.
I think it's time I admited to myself that I'm done writing BtVS/AtS Fanfic.  Quite simply I don't enjoy the direction the shows have going in since BtVS season 6 and AtS season 3 and my current dislike of the characters shows in how I write them.  My apologies to anyone who was reading my series in progress.  I have no intention of taking the stories off the site, but I won't be adding anything new to this section of my webpage.