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This page is dedicated to all Palladium RPG's EXCEPT Rift's. There's a new idea! On the following pages you will find stories, campaign notes and past missions my group has fought. So far my group has played for almost a year, real time, and , in game, the campaign has gone for 2 years, five galaxies, and three dimensions.

It just might change your life! Or end it...*NEWSFLASH* Happy Holidays and a Happy New Years too, to all my friends and buds you helped S.C.A.R.A.B. be the awwesome ride it's been; Joe, Dan, Larry, Alex, mark for his web help, everybody else! Let's hope it continues to the next century.

Code named S.C.A.R.A.B., this agency was established on Earth about thirty years ago by a international organization who soon after, went interstellar. Dealing with aliens and all things extra-terrestrial, the agents of S.C.A.R.A.B. work to keep Earth out of the galactic limelight. Whenever something is detected in the solar system, S.C.A.R.A.B. will make contact and wish to know the identity of the craft, alien, or whatever. If it lands, a squad of agents investigates. If the alien is hostile, it is usually destroyed or extradited if possible. On occasion the aliens will be cooperative and in extremely rare cases, willing to help out. In these cases, the aliens undergo orientation, are implanted with a head chip if possible, and given a new identity. Many of the agents are such aliens. Here is the breakdown of the agency:

Agency Point Breakdown

  • Outfits: Gimmick Clothing 30
  • Equipment: Unlimited Equipment 50
  • Weapons: Arsenal 30
  • Vehicles: Spy Cars 20
  • Communications: Satellite Network 30
  • Offices: Inter-dimensional 45
  • Military Power: Militia 10
  • Sponsership: Intern'tl Organization 20
  • Budget: Large Loans 25
  • Administrative Control: License to kill 35
  • Internal Security: Impregnable 50
  • External Infiltration: General Infiltration 25
  • Agency Credentials: Unknown and Faceless 3+5
  • Agency Salary: Succesful Completion 5+10
  • Total Agency Points: 393

    Standard equipment for the average (aka. first level) agent is as follows:
    1) 1 Laser Pulse Rifle 3D6 per single shot or 1D6x10+10 for triple pulse
    2) 1 Ak-47 Russian assualt rifle 4D6 per single shot
    3) 1 Heavy Weapon of the agents choice or 1 Machinegun of the agents choice
    4) 12 assorted hand grenades of the agents choice. (Can include DIP grenades)
    5) 1 Multi-optics helmet
    6) 1 suit of Class 4 Stealth Armor A.R: 16 S.D.C.: 250 Weight: 15lbs. Fits under most types of clothing and does not restrict movement.
    7) 1 "Head Chip" psionic dampener. A implanted micro-processer that gives near immunity to passive psionics. (+7 vs. Psionics)
    All weapons come with 20 units of ammo (clips, shells, etc.) and additional equipment will be supplied if deemed necessary for the mission.

    S.C.A.R.A.B.'s policy is very frank and to the point. It states: "In the event of capture or death, the agency will deny everything and will even leave the agents to fend for themselves if captured. If the occasion arises, the agency will attempt a rescue. Please note such missions have a 95% success ratio. The agency does not forget it's agents."

    S.C.A.R.A.B.'s official symbol is a crimson scarab beetle. This appears on all S.C.A.R.A.B equipment and weapons.

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