Major Spoilers!!!
Do not read on if you wish to be surprised


Welcome to the section for those of you who dont want to be surprised. But since the movie hasn't premiered, this is completely unofficial.

As My sources revealed this information is semi official about who gets killed and who kills them.

Ben Willis is back as the killer, but now he is being helped by his son, Will Benson. Note the name resemblance. This was a pretty obvious turn to take. I dont find it a surprise to see Will Benson as the killer. He was the perfect choice. But too obvious Im afraid. If this rumor comes out to be true, it confirms my theorie about several killers. But a family member as the sequel's killer doesnt work. (Kevin, you should remember the SCREAM 2 fiasco!!)
I also reveals that the shower scene at the ending of I Know What You Did Last Summer is nothing but a dream. Julie James is not slashed in the first scene.

As I expected, both Mekhi Phifer and Jennifer Esposito die. Brandy will survive

Ray will be constantly set up, (like in the first film) but he is totally innocent.

Ray and Julie get married, but as Wall revealed, this is not the ending.....there's a plane scene that will shatter the happiness of these two characters.

Everyone remember!-- This is strictly unofficial information about the movie!.

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