Da' Spikey Bitz..............................5 teef

Spikey Bitz iz smal ballz or kubez wiv sharp vishus spikez stickin' owt allz arown' dem. Dey iz carreed in a kontaina' at da' bak ov da' vehikul an' releesed by pullin' a kord or flippin' a leever dat drops down a droppa' fingy dat spreds spikey bitz 'hind da' vehikul.

When the driver releases the spikey bitz, any tailing vehicle will take a possible D3 hits. Roll for each hit, and on a roll of 4+ the tailing vehicle will take a S3 hit to its Wheels/Track location.

Smoke Skreen.....................5 teef

A Smoke Skreen iz a devis dat injekts dirty, krood oil inta' da' eksost, makin' a clowd ov blak oily smoke 'hind da' vehikul. Da' Smoke Skreen iz turned on an' off by da' driva' pullin' a leever or kord or turnin' a nob (handul, not big guy).

All driving Ld tests for tailing drivers are at a -1 Ld. All shooting at the vehicle's rear facing is at -1 to hit.
To model the smokescreen, make a tank for the crude oil and connect it to the muffler with some tubing. You can add details like a filler pipe to the tank and a valve to the tubing. Just make it crude and Orky looking.

Da' No-Tilty Bar...............................5 teef

Da' No-Tilty Bar iz a swaybar konnekted ta' da' suspenshun ta' keep da' vehikul from tiltin' wen makin' a turn.

The driver of a vehicle with Da' No-Tilty Bar gets a +1 Ld for driving maneuvers when driving this vehicle.

BammaRamma.....................6 teef

A BammaRamma iz a 'evvy spiked ram set in a 'evvy iron toob wiv an eksplosiv charge behind it in the toob.

The driver can fire the explosive charge on any one ram in the game. The ram will be fired forward into the rammed vehicle doing D3 S6 hits. If the driver does this, there will be no actual ram, as he will immediately swerve away after firing it. The driver of the ramming vehicle must make a Ld test with a -1 penalty to keep control of his vehicle due to the tremendous recoil from firing the ram. If he fails this test, the vehicle will immediately spin out of control. This is a single shot only, for the entire game. The driver can opt to also make a normal ram at the same time. If he does this, work out the ramming rules as usual. If he makes the ram, no Leadership roll will be needed.

Supercharga'.........................5 teef

A Supercharga' iz a devise dat makez mor fuel go inta' da' enjun an' makez da' vehikuls go fasta'.

A vehicle that has one of these fitted to its gas engines gets an extra D6" to its gas engine move each turn before using thrusters.

BoomaThrusta'.....................6 teef

BoomaThrusta's iz large, lowd rokkits dat iz strapped to the vehikul.

BoomaThrusta's add +D6" to the normal Thrust movement for each Thrust, but they also add +1 to the Thrust test and to the Thruster Buster Table. BoomaThrusta's cannot be used on bikes or traks. If the BoomaThrusta' is hit and penetrated, the rockets will explode, doing D3 random S3 hits to the vehicle/crew that it is part of.

Pintle Mount.........................5 teef + cost of gun

A pintle mount gives a fixed weapon a 180 degree arc of fire instead of the normal 90 degrees. If the mount is positioned in the center of the floorboard so that the gunner can walk all the way around it, it will have a 360 degree arc of fire. A vehicle with the mounted in this way cannot carry any passengers in the rear compartment other than the gunner.

Heavy Fixed Weapon Mount.............5 teef + cost of guns

You can mount twin-linked heavy shootaz on this mount, but it must be mounted against the forward bulkhead of the passenger compartment and will have only a 90 degree arc of fire.

Bike Sidecars

by Wesley K. Taylor

Bike Sidecar......................5 teef

A sidecar can be added to any bike on either side (only 1 sidecar total, however). As well as increasing the number of models that can be carried by a bike, a sidecar may mount a heavy weapon (limited to 'eavy shootaz only) or it can mount 2 linked gunz. This is in addition to the fixed weapons that may be attached to a bike. Note, however, that if a sidecar is attached, you may only mount one gun on the bike itself, and this may be mounted only on the opposite side from the sidecar.

Special Rules:

As noted above, a sidecar may mount either a 'eavy shoota or 2 linked gunz. These weapons are mounted on a pintle mount, and therefore have a special arc of fire. This arc is a cone that starts at the front of the bike and extends 90 degress to the side that the sidecar is mounted on. These weapons are fired by the sidecar's occupants rather than the driver. The bike may still mount a single gun on the opposite side. This weapon is controlled by the driver and follows the standard rules, but they are modifed slightly. Instead of a 2" wide corridor of fire, this weapon may only be fired in a 1" wide corridor, measured out from the side of the bike that the weapon is mounted on.

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