Gorkamorka givs ya da oportoonitee to be creeativ. From modelin' and cunvershuns, ta house rulz and new ideeaz. So if yav got sumfing dat yoo 'av made, like rulz and stuff, and ya want ta poot it up ere, den just send me a ledda. Ere ar somfings dat yoo mite like ta yooz, like roolz and gubbinz.

Opshinul roolz by Kruk Krukskul

Da Roll Kage by Fixit

Da Boom Boks by Fixit

Da Skrap Katcha by Fixit

Da Jousta by Fixit

Opshinul Roolz.

You may fix twin linked gunz or 1 big gun to any vehicle as opposed to bikes only. You may not fit big guns to bikes. The weapons work in the same way as for bikes, (i.e. they are fired by the driver straight ahead in a 2" wide corridor). If weapons are mounted in this way then you may not fit any other weapons to the vehicle (although gubbinz may still be fitted as normal).
As with necromunda we roll a misfire die with every to-hit roll. The gun therefore makes an ammo check based on the misfire die as opposed to a roll of 6. We find that this makes for a bit more nail biting excitement, and doesn't punish you for making all of those difficult shots.
WE LOVE TRUKS! And who among us doesn't? If you don't then you're playing the wrong game. The only problem is that with 100 teef to start with, you are pretty much limited to 2 vehicles and a few ladz. Our solution is simplicity itself. Start everyone with 150 teef! This allows for 1 or 2 more vehicles to start with and ensures that you will have a parking lot full of scrap buggies by the end of the game! Well dats all dat me squigbrain can come up wiv on short notice. Yer gots a swell mekshop here. So keep up da good work or me ladz'll be round ta exsplain it ter ya!.

Bak Too Da Top


Da Roll Kage was made by Da Mekboyz to give the Orks a bit more konfidents as they hurtle around at top speeds in their vehicles. By using all different sizes of piping and tubing, they were able to create a 'Kage' around any vehicle that it was attatched to. By bolting, or prefereably, welding the kage to the vehicle's chasis, it would reduce the amount of damage that would be sustained, boyz included, if the vehicle rolled upside down.

If Da Roll Kage is added to any vehicle, then the Driva may add +1 to any Leadership test when making a turn after using the Thrusters. He seems to think that the vehicle will have less chance of rollong/spinning with a few bars over his head.

If hit in Da Gubbinz, Da Roll Kage is destroyed on a 4+.

Bak Too Da Top


Da Boom Boks is a very loud Orky invention. It consists of 2 large speekerz which are both connected to some sort of ordeeo eekwipmunt. It is then connected to the vehicles powercells. Da Boom Boks may be fitted to any vehicle, but requires 1 member to operate it. Da boy usually has a bag full of tapes or compact discs whish he uses to put into Da Boom Boks. Once he has got the thing to start playing, the volume dial is usually pumped up to as high as it can go. The sound of the Orks favourite music blasting across the wasteland puts much inspiration into their green hides.

To operatde Da Boom Boks, the player must declare so at the begining of your movement phase. Before any vehicles or troops are moved, roll on the following table:


1-Fizzle- Da Boom Boks has got it'z wires crossed, and has unfortunately melted the insides. Da Boom Boks can not be used for the rest of the game, but can be repaired at no cost when Da Boyz return home.
2 Oops, da rong tape!- Da Boom Boks has been filled with the sounds of moozic dat da boyz just 'ate. All friendly models within 12" must take and pass a Leadership test, other wise they may do nothing for the rest of the turn. They are too busy looking for something to block their ears with. If a driva of a vehicle fails the Ld test, then on a roll of 4+ they will be so nausiated by the sound that the vehicle will spin. The vehicle may not move in the following movement phase.
3-4 Groovee!- 'Not bad, but ya cood av turn'd up da volume a bit more'. All friendly models within 6" of Da Boom Boks are inspired, and with that, they may add +1 to any Leadership and Initiative based tests for the duration of the turn. This includes psychology, thrusta tests, pinning, etc.
5 Boomin'!- 'Eggzellent volume, but da graffic eekwulizerz ar out of wak'. All friendly models within 12" of Da Boom Boks are inspired, and with that, they may add +1 to any Leadership and Initiative based test for the duration of the turn. This includes psychology, thrusta tests, pinning, etc.
6 WAAGHH!!!- 'Datz more like it!' All friendly models within 12" of Da Boom Boks are inspired, and with that, they may add +2 to any Leadership and Initiative based test for the duration of the turn. This includes psychology, thrusta tests, pinning, etc. They may also add +1 to any close combat and shooting 'To Hit' rolls for the duration of the turn. NOTE: This does not apply to any 'Wound' or 'Damage' rolls.

If hit in Da Gubbinz, roll 1d6.


1 Woosh!!- Da Boom Boks is still up and runnin'.
2-4 Pzzzt!- One of da speekaz has been hit. All ranges in the results on the above table are reduced by half.
5-6 Eeeech, Ka Boom!- Da Boom Boks is hit and explodes, rendering it useless. All models within 2" of Da Boom Boks will suffer a S3 hit on a roll of 4+.

Bak Too Da Top


Da Skrap Grabba is a very daring orky invention. As they are always on the lookout for 'Da Skrap', this device has made the whole process of getting the scrap from the battlefield so much eezee'r. It is comprised of a winch device, attatched to a very long pole. At the end of the pole is a 'kustom seet', which can hold one Grot. The whole contraption can only be mounted in the center of a Trukk, as only 'it' has Da Stengf to hold the strain. The winch allows the operator to lower the pole to either side of the vehicle, similairly to a Boardin' plank. But the main exception to this bizarre construction is that the Grot that is sitting in the chair at the top end of the pole will then be seen skimming along the battlefield floor. To what end you ask? Well, the boy in the 'ot seet' is usually armed with a box that they use to scrape along the ground. Why? Ta grab da skrap!

In order to use it, a mob'z spanner must operate 'Da Wintch' and a Grot must be in the seat. Da Boyz think that this is to low a job for them to do, however exciting it may be. These memberz may not shoot or fight in Hand to Hand combat in the same turn.

This is where it can become a bit tricky. If the vehicle is moved into a position so that the end of Da Skrap Katcha with the Grot in the seat is within 2" of a skrap counter, the Grot can attempt to catch his booty in his box. This is where you need to make a test. If travelling under Gas Engines roll 1d6. On a roll or 1-4, the Grot has missed the skrap, with the Driva and Spanner giving him a dirty look, as they will have to make another pass to try it again. If using Thrusters, the skrap will only be picked up on a 6. 'Da Trukk iz just goin' too fast for da Grot'. If a Slaver is present in the back of the Trukk, egging the Grot on, you may add +1 to the dice roll, for either engine types. Da Skrap Katcha will not be used when performing Slow Speed Maneuvers. 'Ya may aswell juzt get out and walk ta get it'.

If hit in Da Gubbinz, roll 1d6.


1 Mizzed Me!- Da Skrap Katcha is unscathed.
2-4 Woohoo!- The Grot in Da 'ot seet is knocked out of his seat. He is blown away in a random direction suffering a S3 hit on a d6 roll of 4+. If he becomes Down or Out of Action, the box and any skrap inside scatters d6 inches in a random direction as well, seperately. A further Grot, if available, may climb into the seat with a new box. Da Skrap Katcha can not be used until the following turn.
5-6 Krunch!- Da Skrap Katcha is hit and falls apart into several pieces. It has become useless. The Grot and Spanner will take a S3 hit on a roll of 4+

The enemy may target the Spanner as per the normal shooting rules. If the Grot is shot at, the shooter is at a -1 penalty as the Grot is bouncing along on his typical orky limber. When the Grot has picked up some skrap, he must spend the next turn, climbing down the pole and putting it in the back of the Trukk (some memberz may have to get out, to make room). Da Skrap Katcha may be used on the turn after. If the Grot is shot at and pinned as per the normal shooting rules then on a roll of 4+ the Grot manages to hold onto the box with the skrap inside (if he survives). On a roll of 3 or less, the Grot has let go of the box, which scatters d6 inches away from the seat, and he must then climb down the pole to get another one and then climb back up. This will take the rest of the turn. If the Grot becomes Down or Out of Action, then he, the skrap and the box, go scattering d6 inches away, seperately, from the seat.

Bak Too Da Top

DA JOUSTA: 10 Teef.

Da Jousta is a large spear or lance like contraption, mounted to the side of a vehicle, used for poundin' da green stuff outta da boyz. Any vehicle may carry one. A mob member must operate Da Jousta. This is usually the driva. They can not shoot or fight in Hand to Hand combat in the same turn that they joust. Da Jousta can be used if the vehicle gets into a position to rake or sideswipe another vehicle, or if they are going to joust an enemy model on foot. The player must nominate if he is going to joust or do the normal rake or sideswipe in the case of vehicles. It can be used before the enemy vehicle can swerve out of the way. If a joust is performed, then the rake or sideswipe can not be attempted. Da jousta is used to pick out enemy orks, and drive them into the dirt. The most targeted member is usually the driver of an enemy vehicle. Its even more fun if they both have Joustaz.

This attack is made like squashing models on foot or a ram (in the case of vehicles). If the enemy is on foot, then they must make an initiave test to dive out of the way. If they fail they take a S4 hit if the jouster can roll less than or equal to their WS. If they are in a vehicle then the same applies as on foot, but, if they fail the WS test against a vehicle member, then the jousta must roll 1d6. On a roll of 4+ the vehicle has been hit instead. Roll on the appropriate Hit Location Table. If 3 or less is rolled, the joust has missed completely. After the joust has been performed roll 1d6. On a roll of 6 da jousta has snapped (if they hit the enemy member, in both cases, or the vehicle), and may take no further part in the game. In all cases, the enemy model (not vehicle) is thrown d3 inches in a random direction. Follow the rules for 'Drivers and Bikeriders' on page 44 of Da Roolz if the target was the driva of a vehicle.

If two vehicles have joustaz, then both may nominate to joust, choose their targets and follow the rules above. NOTE: Both memebers get to perform the joust maneuver before results are applied.

A hit in Da Gubbinz will destroy Da Jousta on a roll of 4+.

Bak Too Da Top

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