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Hi, I'm Richard Dengrove and this is rdengrove's Home Page. I signed up on 10/21/97 06:45:03, and have ever since been placing my curious research and opinions on it. You can find them and letters of comment in the web issues of my JOMP, JR., JOMP, JR. #17 and JOMP, JR. #18, which I will continue to publish in hard copy. The research includes a history of giants and dwarfs; why we say "God bless you"; and info on the witches of ye olde days. When I upload JOMP, JR. #19, there will be articles on the final discovery of the Northwest Passage and the Welsh Indians.

So what does this have to do with science fiction? My readers. Science fiction is more than science fiction.

If you have a hankering to get the hard copy JOMP, JR free, or be in my Letters of Comment, you can Sign Guestbook ; send email through the link at each issue's end; or to dengrove@erols.com or richd22426@aol.com. Also, you can send by snail mail to 2651 Arlington Drive, #302, Alexandria, VA 22306.

If you want, you can also View Guestbook.

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