"Oh great," you say, "another crackpot conspiracy theorist."  But wait.  Read on before you judge.

I too accepted the suicide theory for the last five years, but, recently, my thoughts turned around 180 degrees.  I watched the movie Kurt and Courtney, looked up Private Investigator, Tom Grant?s investigation on the web, as well as many other websites, and read the book Who Killed Kurt Cobain by Ian Halperin and Max Wallace, and I was awestruck. 

Here are the basic points that turned my attnetion ?
1.  There were no fingerprints on the shotgun found with Kurt, nor on the pen found with the "suicide" note, or the box of shotgun shells found beside Kurt.
2.  Toxicology revealed over 1.5ml of heroin in Kurt?s system.  This is three times the lethal dose for a heroin addict such as Kurt.  Injecting this much heroin into his system would have caused him to lapse into a coma within seconds.  Also, the highest dose of heroin found in the system of a suicide victim up to that point is .93ml.  Sounds to me like someone Kurt knew and trusted gave him some particularly potent heroin and then shot him.
3.  The
"suicide" note can be interpreted differently.  If taken in the context of being a retirement note it makes MUCH more sense.  In fact, one line says "I have it good," not HAD, but HAVE, implying that Kurt was not suicidal, but simply disappointed with the state of his career.  When taken in this context, combined with the fact that nowhere in the note does KURT write that he wants to kill himself, it makes much more sense.
4.  Now, like I said above, nowhere in the note does KURT write he wants to die, but there are four lines at the end which do allude to suicide ? 

Please keep going Courtney,

for Francis,

for her life will be so much happier

without me.  I LOVE YOU.  I LOVE YOU.

Now, that seems pretty clear.  But when the note was given to two independent, professional          handwriting analysts they both determined that the handwriting was NOT KURT?S!!
5.  Eldon Hoke, aka, El Duce, lead singer of the Mentors, claimed he was offered $50,000 by Courtney to kill Kurt.  He passed a lie detector test with 99.7% certainty that he was telling the truth.  He told his story to Nick Broomfield, maker of the movie Kurt and Courtney.  A week later he became very nervous and told one of his friends he was scared for his life, and that he found out who killed Kurt.  The next day he was seen with a man that no one knew, and later that same night, he was found dead, killed by a train.
6.  NONE of Kurt?s friends and family thought Kurt was suicidal at the time.  In fact the only one who ever said Kurt was suicidal was Courtney.  In fact, the previous month, in Rome, when Kurt overdosed and was hospitalized, it was never seen as anything but a simple overdose, until after Kurt died when Courtney claimed that was also a suicide attempt.
7.  Shortly before his death Kurt was looking to get divorced from Courtney.  Due to a prenuptial agreement, Courtney would have only received a small percentage of Kurt?s millions.  Since he was killed, she got it all.

This is just a short synopsis of what I have learned, and consider to be the key points.  I encourage you to research it for yourself and draw your own conclusions about the mysterious death of one of the most powerful voices of a generation.

This LINKS section will send you to some pages with further info on the Kurt Cobain Murder Theory.  Keep in mind, however, that this all has to be taken with a grain of salt, for a few reasons.  First, no one out there knows the whole truth except the person who killed Kurt.  Second, the motivations of the people involved with this are known only to them.  They may be, and probably are, completely noble, but always be careful.  Third, some of the info on some of these pages is of a questionable nature, but just because there's false information out there, doesn't mean there isn't real stuff.  Lastly, make your own judgement.  Gather all the info you can, then take that info and weigh it in your head and come up with your own opinion.  But remember, your opinion (heck, mine too, but I doubt it) may be wrong, because there is only one fact.

Tom Grant's Investigation

This is the guy that started it all

Antagonizing the Murder Theory

This guy, David Perle, originally didn't believe the Murder Theory.  Now he does.

This girl KNOWS HER STUFF!!  She takes all the info and organizes it into a nice format!

Frances Barnett's Page

"Official" Murder Investigation Site

A very well formed, and informed, albeit paranoid, page.

*** ALERT ***

Due to recent actions involving mistruths and strange crusades, I would advise anyone against looking to Andrew Amirault as a source of informatrion.


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