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Mulder, Scully...and Chris Carter
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  • I can't help but think of Obi-wan saying "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine" when the first elder or whom ever [CSM, WMM both do] says "Kill Mulder and you risk turning one man's quest into a crusade." I know it's a strech, but hey, it's me! Also, have you noticed that Mulder is Force sensitive. I mean he's always going on feellings, and he's always right! Oh, and if you've read Antibodies by Kevin J. Anderson, you'll remember that the boys dog was named Vader.

    [submitted by Spooky Jaina Solo of Coruscant]

  • After seeing the movie and being an avid SW fan, I immediately jumped on several elements in the movie, which my best friend heartily denies. Did you notice the relationships between Kurtzweil and Mulder and between Strughold and Mulder--another Obiwan/Luke dynamic. Also several scenes including the opening one (heavy snow, monster in a cave elements), Mulder spying on the Antarctica complex (white shirt, vest, hood-just like Han Solo in Empire). The desert scene-where is it located?-Foum Tatouine, Tunisia [which, as I wrote Michael, is a true tribute to Star Wars, as indicated in magazine articles]. Also Scully is frozen ala Han Solo [and saved by who other than her Mulder?]. And has in Empire is there not an interrupted kiss? Although Mulder's and Scully's lips don't touch, I think everyone knows they would have gotten it on if not for the bee. And FEMA- the secret govt. sounds a lot like prequel lore--a republic being overthrown in a state of emergency and replaced by martial law.

    [submitted by Michael Lawler.]

  • "The Erlenmeyer Flask"--Mulder tells Deep Throat to "cut the Obi-Wan Kenobi crap." Deep Throat is killed in the same episode, attempting to save Mulder, who is returned to safety. Compare: Obi-Wan sacrificed his life for Luke's escape from the Death Star. Both Obi-Wan and Deep Throat return to Mulder and Luke in apparition form (X-Files "The Blessing Way"). And when Mulder gets pissed off at Deep Throat for lying to him ("E.B.E"), it reminds me how Luke got worked up when he found out that Obi-Wan had lied to him about Darth Vader.

  • "Small Potatoes"--Who could forget? Amanda Nelligan, a fervent Star Wars fan, claims she was impregnated by Luke Skywalker!

  • Jodo_Kast: In "Small Potatoes", I think we are missing the best quote . "I think there's more going on here then Luke and his Lightsaber" --Mulder.

  • "Jose Chung's From Outer Space"--StupidMarcus (Visit URL): Remember the opening sequence? We first see the night sky and that Roky's working platform descending from above, that is an exact duplicate from the beginning of the Star Wars movie when we see an enormous Star Destroyer appearing from the top of the screen. Marita: Which reminds me, Blaine Faulkner has a model of the Millennium Falcon in his room.

  • "Kitsunegari"--Linda Bowman turns out to be Robert Modell's twin sister. And both possess a power included in the Force, though much stronger in a concentrated area (mind control, alter). And they would probably be on the Dark Side. Though Leia's Force powers are strongly suggested in the movie trilogy, more of that is explored in the novels. And Kevin J. Anderson writes books for both the X-Files and Star Wars.

  • Well, CSM could be Mulder's father. And Spender (though male) could be his brother... maybe even his twin ("The Red and the Black"--CSM writes "twin war gods"). CSM seems to be a major enemy at first, but we can see him protecting Mulder when meeting with the Council... almost like Vader protecting Luke from the Emperor. And CSM offers Mulder a job with him ("Redux II"), like Darth Vader offers Luke to join the Dark Side. And how about how CSM told Spender, "I am your father" ("The End")!

  • This is a farther stretch...but Marita Covarrubias and Alex Krycek remind me of Leia and Han in "The Empire Strikes Back." They seem to talk roughly to each other at first, then are seen later in "The Red and the Black" to be kissing passioniately. Even later, like poor Han who is frozen in carbonite, Marita contracts the Black Oil Thing. Too bad it wasn't Alex who saved her directly...but he was the one with the antidote, no? Although really, Han and Leia don't break up so soon over some betrayal, I suppose.

  • The whole clone thing. Though in Star Wars, the clone thing is merely suggested and will probably be explored more in Episodes II or III.

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